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    Dissecting Villa's FA Cup win over Liverpool and looking ahead to Manchester Cit

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    Welcome back to the Holtecast: the official podcast of a website that blogs about a team who are now FA Cup finalists! It's practically like having Christian Benteke whispering in your ears if Christian Benteke were white and American. But Jack and Robert are here to talk extensively about the incredible semifinal win over Liverpool. We also delve into the fact that Tim Sherwood now has the best winning percentage of any Aston Villa manager ever. 

    And of course, we have injury news. We say of course because this is Aston Villa and injuries are just a normal part of life. This week it isn't so bad, though! Even baby steps are still steps. In between all of this we've also got answers to your questions on twitter as well as a preview of Saturday's Manchester City match.

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    FA Cup: Fulham. vs. Norwich City

    in Soccer

    This is our preview show of Fulham vs. Norwich City in the FA Cup

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    FIFA Elections, FA Cup, USWNT, and the U20 World Cup

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    On the newest episode of The Total Soccer Show, we pack in a loooot of coverage:

    0:00-30:10 - FIFA elections and continued corruption coverage

    30:10-34:47 - Leo Messi scores a beauty in the Copa del Rey Final

    34:47-48:56 - FA Cup Final review, as Arsenal obliterates Aston Villa

    48:56-55:11 - Discussing the US Women's National Team's 0-0 draw with South Korea

    55:11-1:18:10 0 - Breaking down the US U20s defeat of Myanmar in the team's opening match of the 2015 U20 World Cup

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    Arsenal v. Aston Villa FA Cup Final Preview, U-20 World Cup, FIFA Scandal Update

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    0:00 – 8:30 FIFA scandal fallout

    8:30 – 10:30 Toulon Tournament

    10:30 – 20:00 Arsenal vs. Aston Villa FA Cup Final preview

    20:00 – 31:00 Reasons to watch the US in the U-20 World Cup

    31:00 – end: TSS Scouting Network


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    Does FA Cup Matter? Will BPL team win Champions League? Arsenal v Chelsea banter

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    In this third Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show, the panel reacts to the final eight teams in the FA Cup.  Can Arsenal repeat and Arsene Wenger surpass Alex Furgeson in total FA Cups with six?  How do genuine English football fans feel about the prestige of the FA Cup compared to winning  the EPL title, Capital One League Cup, Europa and Champions League competitions? Old Bald Gooner meets Young Bald Gooner as they face off against ScouserCraig and Professor Football chelseaMartin. veepJayne leads a discussion of the Championship League.  BPL fans are familiar with the relegation fight - how do the football wars to determine who gets promoted to the BPL work and which teams are positioned to move up?  The impacts of relegation and promotion may surprise you.  We give frank opinions of Fox Soccer's football coverage compared to NBC and domestic commentators in England.  We discuss all this and more! 

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    FA Cup Replay Preview

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    This is our preview of the FA Cup replay for Fulham

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    Cottage Talk: Fulham vs. Sunderland

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    This is our preview of Fulham vs. Sunderland in the FA Cup.

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    in Women

    Saturday 8a.m. EST #347-996-5568 -Elizabeth Gilbert says in the September edition of the O Magazine that, "no matter what you've been through, it can become beautiful in the retelling". Mona Van Duyn says, "For what is story if not relief from the pain of the inconclusive, from dread of the meaningless?".  I find both of these statements interesting and I want to talk about. 

    What are you doing Saturday morning at 8a.m.  - From the confort of your home, car, gym, walk, whatever COME HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE ON ME! I'm a firm believer that we are writing our stories day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.  The question is; what are we doing to maximize the moments and to live our best life. 

    "Me God and A Cup Of  Coffee" is a show that recognizes that every day must start with a morning conversation with God.  Through sharing your experiences with others we realize that "We are more alike than we are different".  Join us for a morning conversation. Grab your mug and fill it up.  #347-996-5568, Saturday at 8 a.m. weekly.  

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    A Cup of Joe: The Power of ONE

    in Politics

    As The Human Solution International grows at warp speed, people are coming in droves to see what they can do to help our mission to end cannabis prohibition and ensure civil and basic human rights...

    This week we will be discussing THE POWER OF ONE!!

    yes the power that each of us possesses to make the world better or in essence, the power to be the solution...

    Join me and the experts from all over the country and please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts. 

    Defendants or advocates looking to rally support at the next hearing or trial? please call in 646-929-2495 and share your story and how the community can come together to help! 

    a large pot is brewing so stop on by for your "Cup of Joe" from 5-7pm pacific time

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    Do call 347-850-1533 tonight 8/30/15 at 8pm EST to voice your concerns on our discussion ORISHA ORPHANS (OOs): DISPLACEMENT AND STRUGGLES ON TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE. 

    Are you a Lukumi Or Traditional initiate that has been separated from your house of initiation?

    If so, have you been trying to connect to another house to no avail?

    If so, what are the difficulties that you are facing?

    Do you find that you are constantly being subjected to spiritual attacks because you are doing It alone?

    Do you find that you are unable to help yourself spiritually?

    Are you having difficulty learning on your own?

    Do you find it difficult to get spiritual work done for you when you need it? Why?  

    Would you prefer to be in an Ile (spiritual house) or an Egbe (society)? 

    Would you prefer to just be a worshiper in a temple?

    What are some of the things you are expecting from the spiritual Ile (house or temple) that you want to be a part of?

    What do you have to add to the integrity of the house or temple

    Let's talk about finding solutions to help you connect.

    In Unity There is Strength.

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    Sportscast Radio 8-30-15

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    We come to you with a packed show as always. Kyle Barber from www.boltsbythebay.com comes on to talk all things Tampa Bay Lightning. As a favorite from the host, this one should be good.  Follow that up in the second half with the defending Stanley Cup Champions, as Colin Likas from www.blackhawkup.com comes in and tells us why the Champs can repeat.  Shaquille O'Neal is having Kobe Bryant on his podcast tomorrow, and wow are we drooling over this one!  We have a clip that was released as a teaser and it's huge!  We disect the biggest split in sports, as the future could have been wonders.  NFL Week 17 picks are released, as we are finishing up the regular season tonight.  Also we talk Leo Santa Cruz vs Abner Mares, and the awesome fight between Julio Ceja vs Hugo Ruiz.

    Call in and chat it up with us!  1-347-857-1060.