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    Qualifying Day at The F1 Grand Prix in Brazil, Nico Rosberg On Pole

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    Lewis Hamilton is the Formula One championship leader, but his teammate Nico Rosberg, did not let that stop him, from fighting for the championship until the final race, in Abu Dhabi.

    Rosberg beat Hamilton by the slimmest of margins 0.033 seconds, and when they took the podium, Hamilton reached out his hand to his teammate, for a congratulatory handshake. This is the 10th pole for Rosberg and the best year of his career.  Although teams do not get points for pole positions, Rosberg will be rewarded for his efforts when he receives the inaugural pole position trophy.

    For race leader Lewis Hamilton, his use of intelligence and skill helped him win the Constructors Championship for Mercedes. It also helped him out-perform his teammate by winning 10-races this season. So for Hamilton, the fight for the championship continues until he crosses the finish line on November 23, 2014.

    Interlagos has been on the race calendar since 1974 and it is the second shortest race of the season. The track was refurbished and appears to be rough on tires. According to Paul Hembrey with F1 tire supplier Pirelli, the track asphalt is oily, and if it rain, you don’t have to be an expert to know that oil and water do not mix.

    Rounding out the top five in qualifying were, Williams-Martini Felipe Massa, who is Brazilian and looking for a win at home. Fourth was Massa’s teammate Valtteri Bottas, and fifth was McLaren driver Jensen Button, expected to depart Formula 1 at the end of the season.

    Several drivers did better on the track today, than they have done most of the season. Perhaps it was to raise their standings before the end of the season, or, they may be afraid of being replaced by a younger driver, with the hunger they once had. Whatever the reasons, qualifying at the Brazilian Grand Prix has set the stage for what may be a dream, or a nightmare, for fans and driver.

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    Xiro Xone News and F1 Sport News at the USGP in Austin

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    All motors are running at the United States Formula One Grand Prix, at Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas.  The teams and drivers have all arrived and the action is underway for practice sessions that will start Friday,

    Tune in to Xiro Xone News and F1 Sport News all weekend when our sports correspondent will bring news highlights and exclusive interviews from the USGP in Austin Texas.

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    NASCAR: Young Drivers Advantage? F1: Ferrari Late, Honda Engine Battle

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    Podcast 1-14-15: Join Michele Rahal, Bill Marlowe and Gene Boyer for a one hour race around the auto racing issues of the week. Unfiltered, unbiased and completely unafraid to tell it like we think it is.  

    In NASCAR the rules changes may benefit the young drivers such as Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott.  Chase Elliott joined JR Motorsports in the Xfinity series in a NAPA powered car. 

    In Formula One Honda may be included in the engine rules "Unfreeze" thus allowing it to develop it's engine throughout the season. Ferrari admits that it's late with it's 2015 car and engine development. 

    In Sports car testing at Daytona one of the Daytona Prototypes got airborne for approximately 100 yards, no one was injured, but does this mean the DP's have a problem that needs to be addressed? All Four Ligier cars ran well.





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    Xiro Xone F1 : Hockenheim Germany Ready For Formula One

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    Preview day at the Formula One track in Hoeckenheim, Germany is all abuzz with the news that, Merceses AMG driver Nico Rosberg has signed a news multi-year contract to stay with the team.  German champion Sebastian Vettel, with Red Bull Formula One is a four time World Champion who won last year at Nubering.  Although there are 3-German drivers that will be on the track, Vettel is currently the fan favorite for this weekend's race.

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone News and Xiro Xon F1 Sports

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    Breaking F1 News: Vettel and Alonso Jumping Ship and Qualifying Grand Prix Japan

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    Breaking News: Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel is jumping ship from Red Bull Racing to the Scuderia Ferrari team, and Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso will jump ship and go back to the McLaren team, which he left under extreme controversy. For the past several weeks, rumors were swirling that a shake-up was on the horizon at Ferrari, who made no secret that they wanted to lure Vettel away, from Red Bull.  Scuderia's new management team had not been happy with Alonso's attitude, and track performance, and were willing to terminate the remaining two-years on his contract.  Alonso strongly denied those rumors, but obviously saw the handwriting on the wall and began negotiations, with McLaren.  Sebastian Vettel on the other hand, was accustomed to being the star of Formula One and the press, from 2010-2013, had been relegated in 2014 to a 5th rank driver, and has not won a race all season.  After 15-years with Red Bull, he said he wanted to get back to winning.

       Starting on pole for Sunday’s race will be a 1-2 Mercedes team with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

       The Formula One Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka, Japan is a 53-lap race on the only track laid out like a figure 8, and plenty of opportunity for over-taking. One of the events for the weekend will be an autograph session with former World Champion Nigel Mansell who spent 15-years in Formula One. 100-fans who are lucky winners of a random drawing will be invited to an autograph session that will take place on Saturday October 4th at the Grand Prix Square Special Stage.

    Also, Xiro Xone News and F1 Sports countdown to Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas, from October 31-November 2.  For more information and tickets go to: http://www.circuitoftheamericas.com

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    NASCAR: Why a Testing Ban? F1: Is Ron Dennis Losing It?

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    Join Michele rahal, Gene Boyer and Bill Marlowe for a one hour race around the auto racing issues of the week. This week we look into why NASCAR has instituted a test ban, why they have reduced the horspower of their cars, will Jeff Gordon retire after 2015? Unfiletered, unbiased and completely unafraid to tell it like we think it is.

    In Formula One we have to address the mess that Ron Dennis, the team principle of McLaren has made such a mess of announcing the teammate for the incoming super driver, Fernando Alonso? Why keep two great drivers on the edge of their seats not knowing if either will be alongside Alonso at McLaren in 2015? Has the glorious past of Willimas Formula One finally returned? Great team, great drivers and great engines....it could be the iconic British team is back with a vengeance. Will Formula One allow a relaxation of their engine rules to make the races more competitive?

    In IMSA, the Sports Car series, will we have some clarification of what the rules will be for 2015 or will it be another Daytona Prototype year? Did NASCAR, who owns the series, stack the deck in order for GM to run a Stingray look DP? What will we see when the 24 Hours of Daytona rolls around in February? All of this and much more.



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    Xiro Xone F1 Sports: Grand Prix Monaco Preview

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    Xiro Xone F1 Sports Preview of the upcoming Formula One race. The Grand Prix Monaco is a street race, in the beautiful Principality of Monaco on the French Riviera.  In one of the most popular races on the Formula One calendar, teams will hit the track at break-neck speed.  Championship leader Lewis Hamilton fans, will hope for a 5th consecutive win. Nico Rosberg fans will hope for a 2nd win, and Sebastian Vettel fans will hope for, a win.

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone F1 Sports for, The Grand Prix Monaco: May 23-25


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    NASCAR: Sprint Leaves, Brian Vickers Health F1: Button Stays at McLaren

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    Join Michele Rahal, Bill Marlowe, Gene Boyer and special guest Tyler Sewell for a one hour race around the auto racing issues of the week. Unfiltered, unbiased and completely unafraid to tell it like we think it is. 

    Sprint has decided to end it's sponsorship of the NASCAR Cup series. Where do they go now and with whom? Also...Brian Vickers has heart surgery to repair a hole that was present. Can he continue as a Cup driver?

    In Formula One Jenson Button was finally named to be Fernando Alonso's teammate at McLaren. The story has overshadowed World Champion Lewsi Hamilton's 2014 title. Will Honda be able to produce a powerplant to compete with Mercedes? Mercedes throws out bait to the F1 teams...If they will keep the present engine formula, Mercedes says it will supply all the teams with their hybrid unit. Is this just a Red Herring?

    In IMSA more teams are putting in orders for LMP2 cars in preparartion for the standard formula in 2017. Are they getting in too early or are they being smart seeing the writing on the wall?

    All this and more at Motorsports Unplugged Radio!


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    Xiro Xone Sports F1 News: Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying

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    A recap of todays Qualifying at the Formula One Grand Prix in, Barcelona Spain. Today’s event will determine the driver grid line-up. Fans will find out if their favorite team or driver will make pole position at, the Formula One Grand Prix in Spain. Stay tuned to Xiro Xone F1 for, a different perspective of events on the track, in the paddock, and on the social grid.

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    News and Sports Recap From The Formula One Grand Prix in Bahrain

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    News and Sports recap from the Dormula One Grand Prix in Bahrain

    Late Breaking News: The F1 race in Monza may be hanging in the wings. Like Germany, Monza has money problems.  The German automotive industry VW-Audi, did a study that showed tremendous support for an Audi F1 team, but, they dislike Bernie Egglestone so much, they refused to enter F1 as long as he is in control.

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    Changing Fortunes Shave Points On Slick Track at F1 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    Nico Rosberg got out in front of championship leader and teammate, Lewis Hamilton, at the start of the race, and held on to win the Formula One Grand Prix, in Brazil. The win shaved 7-points away from Hamilton’s 24-point lead.

    The day offered a few surprises that started when, the only driver to win a race other than the Mercedes team, Red Bull Daniel Ricciardo, had car problems and could not finish the race after lap 39.  While 4-time champion and Ricciardo teammate Sebastian Vettel, finished fifth.

    Pit stop delays due to a loose belt and graining tires cost Williams-Martini’s most promising driver, Valtteri Bottas, a third or fourth place finish. However, the Finn still managed to finish tenth.  

    Bottas teammate, the Brazilian Felipe Massa coming in third was a crowd pleaser. He was at home, surrounded by friends, fans and family.  To see Massa standing on the podium, meant a lot to the vibrant crowd and the country.

    Out-going McLaren driver and 2009 champion Jenson Button, had an impressive fourth place finish, while Vettel could not push the car higher than fifth.  After a benign battle on the track with his teammate Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso was sixth, leaving Raikkonen seventh.

    In other on-track action, Sauber driver Nico Hulkenberg, who is not sure if he will have a seat in 2015, finished eighth, and the young rookie Kevin Magnussen with McLaren, was ninth.

    The championship leader Lewis Hamilton, and second place Nico Rosberg, will have to wait until Abu Dhabi on November 23rd, to see who will be crowned, the 2014 champion.