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    Tribute to Maya Angelou: Connecting with her identity and Her Impact on Mankind

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    An Angel Goes Home

    Old age is such a blessing. But what good is it exactly? Methuselah, they say had lived for thousand years. But what for? Many people around the world shares a sense of loss about the recent passing of Maya Angelou. She had been a significant influence for good in world and shall always remain a pride of the African communities worldwide. Weeks before Dr. Maya Angelou's passing, Dr Ezi Mecha was planning to record a video message about her work relationship with Chinua Achebe. Something she had agreed to do. She had a strong sense of belief in her roots as a guide to the present and the future, and what it means to live a purposeful life.

    Pharrell Williams, a brilliant and successful African American music entertainer said in his twitter feed that he is saddened by the news of Maya Angelou's passing: A brilliant woman who contributed so much to the world.” Looking at Dr. Maya's what about her life and her contribution to Africa can we emulate? 

    A collaborative effort to celebrate Maya Angelou’s life and influence has been arranged to take place at 11a.m. to 1:00p.m on Saturday on the AV Teleforum.  We invite all who wish to give tributes and engage in a dialogue about the influence of Maya Angelou – to join this week’s discussion live by phone or Skype as we connect local individuals to the global communities.

    Intelligent discussions are no longer taking place in silos.  If you have anything to say, here is the power to say it. The world is listening.

    Coproduced by African Views and World Ebony Network

    Primary dial-in numbers: (760) 283-0850, press 1 to get to the program director

    To join by Skype — add: Africanviews (mute your microphone when you call during the show to avoid on air echo, background noises or statics)

    Host: Dr. Ezi Mecha

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    Severity of the Ebola Outbreaks and the vulnerability of the African States

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    The Ebola outbreak, which began 9 months ago, has killed nearly 1300 lives in 4 African countries, affected up to 2000 people, shut down borders, and is becoming a threat to local if not national economies. Though ‘The Economists’ reports patchy precautions following Presidency declared state of emergency in these countries, personal testimonies are disclosing their satisfaction at their government’s serious efforts in protecting their citizens.

    Special Guest From Liberia Madam Miatta Fahnbulleh

    Combining a passion for performance with an acute social consciousness, Miatta Fahnbulleh is helping Liberia’s next generation move out of the shadow of war.

    Special Guest From Nigeria

    Dr. Katch Ononuju is man of many interests. He is the Managing Director/ Chief Economist at iordinance, which is into economic consultancy, large scale military hardware supply and security consultancy. He is also a Public Affairs Analyst with a doctorate degree from the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. Interestingly, he is also a politician and chieftain of the ruling PDP.

    See detail here: http://bit.ly/AV-WEN-Ebola

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    Solaris 7: Where Futuristic Warfare goes Sports Entertainment?!

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    I know, we've Battletech'd the Infernos outta Radio but there's Another facet we Haven't covered Specifically, on it's Own, yet. Giant Robot Battling Arena Combat Yeehaw! Sorry, got a bit carried away there, being all Monster Truck Colloseum Announcerly and stuff. Anyways, Tune In!

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    45 - GIANT ROBOTS & Filling The Well with Andy Ristaino

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    Andy's back and we're talking about giant robots! That whatever the heck we feel like. 

    As you may or may not know, Andy works on the awesome show, Adventure Time on Cartoon Network!
    But, we may not go there, I mean, come on, that's work ... right? Well, maybe ...
    And, since he's an artist, we might get a little artsy and talk about "filling the well" ... what's that mean? Listen to the show!

    For more things Andy, click here ...



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    [WEN} Mother Earth Day (Peace Forum)

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    The Role of Women in Con­flict Nego­ti­a­tion and Peace­ful Set­tle­ments Nationally and Internationally in the black community

    What are we discussing? Roughly a fortnight ago, we discussed how women have and continue to contribute to resolving conflicts and bringing peace in the community.

    Since this year, the death toll arising from community warfare has been alarming. In South Sudan alone, over 10,000 people have died. The recent concern addresses the large number of conflicts in Africa compared to past decades. Some organizations have taken the bull by the horn to empower women to play a role in peace keeping. According to a United Nations article “In 1993, women made up 1% of deployed uniformed personnel. In 2012, out of approximately 125,000 peacekeepers, women constitute 3% of military personnel and 10% of police personnel in UN Peacekeeping missions”.

    Why are we discussing it? According to the United Nation, “female peacekeepers act as role models in the local environment inspiring women and girls in often male-dominated societies for their own rights and for participation in peace processes”. We, at World Ebony Network want to know what women did to participate in conflict negotiations and in peaceful settlements in the community and how those traditional practices can transcend in today’s world.

    Our April 4th Peace Talk will continue to explore this topic with the following leader(s) in community:

    Dr. Francesca Nkadi, Ms. Marieme Dembele, Ms. Sandra Knight,  Ms. Yeatoe Mcintosh,  Mrs. Catherine Bradley, Fer­ris D. R. Foote

    Host: Dr. Ezi Mecha

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    WEN| Role of Women in Conflict Negotiation and Peaceful Community Settlements

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    Recent killings in black communities worldwide, especially in South Sudan, reveal black on black crime is becoming a nuisance even in our backyards here in America and in 2014, "the death tolls are huge and the individual incidents gruesome. One estimate says nearly 10,000 people have been killed in South Sudan in a month of warfare, while in neighboring central African Republic combatants in Muslim vs Christian battles have reported a significant amount of children casualties). The articles say that "compared to decades past, Africa and its people are suffering from fewer conflicts today, but several recent outbreaks are cause for concern" and I say "were people of African ancestry always like this? What happened to Ubuntu, or peace chants of the African people? Or could it have been the case of who gave these people the ammunition and weapons of mass destruction and these weapons ending up in the wrong hands? We know women have played a huge role in bringing solutions, such as the Aba women riot in 1929. However, could the approach they used be considered peaceful? Should it be used today or should explore other traditional practices used?


    We believe certain African traditional practices can be applied in our communities today and used to deal with conflicts today .i.e., Bokom-Haram, South Sudan situations. Black on Black crime in America, African American and Black immigrant relationships, relationships among our kind here in America. What do you think?

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    PEACE TALKS: African Amer­i­cans and Black Immi­grants

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    The diversity of African people is defined by their uniqueness, which is one of their most important characteristics as a people. In the US, Black or African American is one category. Together they comprise approximately 14% of the population in the United States. One would expect synergy from the various groups that constitute the Black society in America. This includes Black immigrants from Africa, South America, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and African Americans. Current reality as revealed by pundits and mere public observation show that relating to one another in their respective communities is a common challenge.

    The existing conflicts are both recent and antiquity based myths such as claims that African Americans don't like Black immigrants because they are reaping the benefit of their struggles for freedom with disregard for the experience of slavery while Black immigrants are said to think that African Americans are aloof of the opportunity of their circumstances. Other myths include the Willie Lynch’s effect and conspiracy theory of who might have been responsible for slave trade.


    Click here to read detail 

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    Celebrity Interview - Jose Prendes

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    He is a man of incredible talent - writer, producer, director, father, husband, and screenplay composer - he is Jose Prendes. Join us today for an introspective look into his career, the challenges involved with entertainment and all of his accomplishments to date and to come. Please join us.

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    Guest:Bruce King/Picture Editor at Warner Bros. Animation

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    Bruce King has been the picture editor at Warner Bros. Animation for past three years. Credits:  SCOOBY-DOO!: StageFright, Menace of the Mecha-Mutt, Haunted Holidays, Spooky Games, Mystery Incorporated - Warner Bros, RICKY GERVAIS SHOW - Wildbrain, GOLDBUTT - Titmouse, Inc. FREAKNIK THE MUSICAL, METALOCALYPSE, STUART LITTLE 3: Call of the Wild - Sony Pictures/Red Wagon (CGI feature) SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN - Sony Pictures Television (26 episodes for WB/Disney) SIT DOWN, SHUT UP - Sony Pictures Television (Pilot) THE BOONDOCKS – Sony Television Television/Cartoon Network (30 episodes), ASTRO BOY - Sony Pictures Television (50 episodes) SPIDER-MAN (MTV) - Sony Pictures Television (13 episodes) JACKIE CHAN’S ADVENTURES – Sony Pictures Television  MAX STEEL - Sony Family Entertainment Group (9 episodes) HEAVY GEAR - Sony Family Entertainment Group (40 episodes) Online Editor:STUART LITTLE (HBO Family Series) – 13 episodes (also Color Corrected) HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON – 13 episodes DRAGON TALES – 42 Episodes ROUGHNECKS: STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES - 37 episodes MEN IN BLACK: THE ANIMATED SERIES - 39 episodes SAMMY (featuring David Spade) – 9 episodes GODZILLA: THE ANIMATED SERIES – 40 episodes to name but a few.  You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com Link: www.123FilmEasy.com. Follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    All About Eva

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    Just about anything & everything you ever wanted to know about the anime/manga classic "Neon Genesis Evangelion".  (You can hear part 2 of this topic on Tai's "The Faerie Continent".

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    We will discuss Godzilla films!

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