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    “Everything has an appointed time and a designed purpose” Ecclesiastes 3:1:15

    in The Bible

    Inspirational Wednesday - Hosted by Dianne Adams - May 4, 2016 @ 8:30 P.M.

    “Everything has an appointed time and a designed purpose” Ecclesiastes 3:1:15

    There is nothing new under the sun!

    Ecclesiastes 3 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

    Come and join us in the comfort of your Home.

    Call in number 1-347-945-7659

    Prayer line 1-504-289-9501



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    Indie Music Show with Dj Simple

    in Hip Hop Music

    The Indie Music Show is designed in order to play music created by indie artists. The goal is to provide a platform for indie labels and independent artist to showcase their talents. We play all genre of musics ranging from rap, hip hop, pop, reggae, and gospel. Our mission is to provide maximum exposure for the indie artist, which should generate a strong fan based that can be converted into sales and streaming.  Here at the Indie Music Show we understand that it is very competitive for the small labels and independent artist to get radio airplay. So this internet radio station exist in order help the indie artist to get the radio play needed. If you are a indenpendent label or artist looking to sponsor one of our show please email our program director @ jnoel1300@gmail.com

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    The Knowledge Suite: Mother's Day Is Pagan/ Discovering It's Roots

    in Education

    A program dedicated to THE MOST HIGH YHWH, HIS Son YisraEL, and to the other nations desiring to learn of HIS Ways.

    Mother's day, as it is referred to, seen to be a harmless way to wxpress to our mothers that we love them and honor them on a day that's we've thought was set aside for them.

    However we have learned after all these years that this isn't true, as a matter of fact, we have found it to have it's roots saturated in pure paganisn. It is simple the worshipping of pagan gods under claudestine techniques utilized by the wicked of this day. We will explore these pagan rituals in detail on this particular segment.

    Shalom! May YHWH bless your understanding.

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    The Magic 10% - Making yourself more date-able w Doug Lisle, PhD.

    in Self Help

    You might never become a Brad Pitt or Cindy Crawford, but that shouldn't stop you from trying.  In tonight's episode, we will go over the right moves to make to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex.  

    Join Nate G and Dr. Doug Lisle in a show designed to help you find happiness and navigate the modren world with what you've got.  A show where you''ll learn how to outsmart your genes to find true, lasting happiness. 

    We are live every Wednesday at 7:30-8:30pm PST. Callers are welcome to call in at (657) 383-0751 at that time with any questions no matter how "simple" or "basic" you think it is - We'd love to chat with you.  



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    Darrell Gardner's Horsemanship Show

    in Culture

    Darrell Gardner's Horsemanship was founded upon four principles: 

    Showing Your Horse Love 
    By expressing love to your horse it helps to build a good relationship and strong bond. This will lead to a better response from your horse. 

    Gaining Respect 
    If you don't have respect on the ground, you won't have it on the saddle. Respect is an essential part of horsemanship and it begins with good ground manners 

    Teaching Obedience 
    Obedience comes with consistent training. This teaches your horse what you expect and how to quickly respond to the cues given. 

    Loyalty between the horse and trainer 
    It all begins with gaining trust. Your initial approach is extremely important. It takes patience and time to get your horse to gain faith in you.

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    Late Night Parents - #MayThe4thBeWithYou

    in Entertainment

    Late Night Parents 

    805 pm - International Matchmaking Expert Sherri Murphy uses her experience to discuss how to steer clear from these predators and some tips on how to spot the red flags online.

    830pm -  Steve Pack - Inventor of Koala Safe - a simple solution for the endless hours of screen time on connected devices.

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    An Evening with Aaron Evans

    in Entertainment

    Our guest Aaron Evans will be joining us to discuss everything from his music to his glass artwork and more.

    "Hello, My name is Aaron Evans. I make a art. A LOT of art. From Music to Glassblowing to Journalism to Crocheting (And don’t even get me started on DIY craft projects.) there are several simple common bonds which permeate threw each piece I create and I would like to share those with you. A. Each and every piece of art I manifest into this world, contains a small piece of my heart. Literally. Fuck the hype. This is 110% heart. B. I never settle for my latest accomplishment. Ever. I strive to make every piece better than the last. Tho I may not always succeed in that task, I’m convinced that we must alway reached for higher rungs if our aim is rise. C. I believe that art is the most powerful tool in our world in which to affect change. Period. D. I’ve made countless pieces of art. Some of it lies dormant, hidden, and will perhaps never be seen. Other offerings have literally shaken the world and touched millions of lives. ALL of them, have saved me from a life of self destruction and self hate time and time again. ART IS MY SALVATION!!! And I’m eternally grateful for the cyclic semblance and peace I find within my personal creative universe. I could tell you a million other things ABOUT my art, but at this point in life I’d rather leave you with this simple introduction, let my work speak for itself and ask to you EXPERIENCE my art for yourself. Beyond that all I ask is that you keep the motto near your heart. #WeAreRising #WeAreOne Stay Lifted. Brother AE"



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    Who Did It To You? Roundtable Discussion with Sis Pamela and Dr James Jones

    in Current Events

    HOW ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ HAS FAILED ONE OF ITS OWN: THE DECLINE OF DERAY MCKESSON AND WHAT IT TELLS US ALL ABOUT BLACK ACTIVISM The failure of contemporary activists to study beyond the march is extremely important because it is in that failure to extend their inquiry beyond public protests in American streets that leads them into a fit of confusion regarding what occurs after protesters have garnered “the establishments attention.”

    Afrika Bambaataa Issues Statement In Light Of Molestation Allegations "I, Afrika Bambaataa, want to take this opportunity at the advice of my legal counsel to personally deny any and all allegations of any type of sexual molestation of anyone. 

    POLICE STATE - Honour Roll 7th Grader Suspended From School For Trying To Save Her Friend’s Life

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    In The Mix With Doctor A.T.

    in Music

    Host & CEO: PoeEtiq


    Co Host/ Music Director: Raw Dawg

    DeeJay: Doctor A.T.

    Magazine Editor & Chief : Myra MO)


    To call: 213-559-2995

    We now air 6 DAYS a week at 8pm Est| 7pm Cst| 6pm Mst| 5pm Pst   

    24/7 access www.blogtalkradio.com/hiphopnationalradio 


    Mon.|Tue.  Conference Call  (Industry Focused) Raw Dawg & PoeEtiq

    Wed.| Thurs.| Fri.| Sat. In The Mix With Doctor A.T.


    Get Airplay today! It is as simple as 123 upload your radio ready MP3 @ www.hiphopnationalradio.com maximize your exposure now. Help us lift up & build up the unsigned music community by having 100 your fans request your music on twitter @hiphopnational or #hiphopnational 


    "Taking Music From the Studio To the Bank!"

    Hip Hop National is Marketing and Management firm that is assisting Music Artist with preseting a professional presentation and portfolio to the Industry Inside Circle Of The Music Business


    We aim to educate will you help?


    Contact; 954.461.3398 for Booking and Details

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    GJU raps with Elaina Porter of the American Institute of Human Rights

    in Current Events

    Revolutionary Greetings. Free The Land! Tune into George Jackson University Radio Wednesday night at 8est.  We will have Elaina Porter joining us.  Elaina is a member and student of the American Institute of Human Rights . She is a community activist who collaborated on a documentary about the Gullah Geechees of Harris Neck,Georgia in 2015. Elaina Porter is a citizen of the government of the Universal Negro Improvement Organization -Afrikan Community League . She also founded her own organization entitled Indigenous Afro American Community Congress . Elaina's goals consist of  working towards building a Indigenous Afrikan American Confederation where the vote determines the outcome of domestic and international political identity, economy,schools, and criminal justice system . By Elaina Porter being a member of The American Institute of Human Rights, she is interested in working with organizations such as RNA,MXGM,NOI,UNIA and so forth in regards to practicing real politics and engaging into obtaining true liberation and power so that our people can stop sitting under Euro- Amerikkkan settler society's table begging for scraps as a simple minority with no power . The call in number for this broadcast is 347-826-7332.  We wish to see you all as we engage into the people's struggle for land and independence . Uhuru Sasa !

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    Brilliance in Commerce Episode #5 - feat. Taansen Fairmont

    in Legal

    Taansen Fairmont is a missionary spreading awareness about simple ways to get free of debts and taxes which most people do not know about.  There are laws within our own legal system that can empower the individual over the private banks.  He has many years experience as a consultant on debt elimination, natural law trusts, asset protection, and freedom from income tax.  He is a former honorable keynote speaker at numerous international investment conferences worldwide, on ocean cruises and at many exotic tax haven resorts, around the Pacific Rim, Asia, and the Caribbean.