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    Money Mark Radio - EXPLICIT

    in Wrestling

    J.P. Jones and Chandler Anderson discuss wrestling in the middle tn area.

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    TWX3: Outtakes Part Deux (Explicit)

    in Hobbies

    Some of the funniest and wierdest moments when we've recorded our episodes have had to be edited out of the show for one reason or another. Sometimes they needed to be cut for time, sometimes it was becuase it was a little too vulgar for the normal show and sometimes it was because the segment was just too wierd. This is a compilation of those outtakes curated for you in short bursts. Enjoy!

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    TWX2: Outtakes Part 1 (Explicit)

    in Hobbies

    This week is a fun week. We share outtakes that have been collected from the first 40 episodes. Hope you guys get a couple of laughs. We certainly did!

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    Bibles Traded For "Sexually Explicit Media"

    in Religion

    If you were offered sexually explicit media for your Bible how would you respond? Would it be laughter, anger, hostility or would you trade? These trades are actually occurring in a program called “Smut for Smut”. They claim, “At the very least, what we're doing is trading something that's very, very bad for something that's only moderately bad.” Please visit the Virtual Living Room with your comments on this matter.

    Please feel free to phone into the Virtual Living room with your comments or questions.  We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    EP 30 Music from the gods-Consciousness.. some explicit content

    in Spirituality

    Music has lost great elements. Today we reflect on a few of the greats in our era! As we are created in God's image we reglect our creator, therefore we ar gods.

    Some of our Favorite Conscious Artists:

    E. Badu

    Jay Electronica


    Andre 300



    Talieb kweli

    KRS One

    Public Enemy

    Lauryn Hill

    Mos Def



    Biggie (Christopher Wallace)

    Micheal Jackson


    Music playlist

    Jay Electronica- Victory

    E. Badu - Soldier

    OutKast - Liberation

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    in College & High School

    Clemson escapes a late game rally from Notre Dame

    (contains adult language)

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    Episode #22 Test show for Blog Talk Radio

    in Comedy

    We have been recording our shows in past and uploading to Podomatic, iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay among others. Our listner fan base is growing more and more with every show! We have been asked numerous times if we would consider broadcasting live. Well, here we are! This show is our maiden voyage, our test show. Listen along as we bump through the next half hour trying learn the equipment and format. Please bare with us as we are bound to screw up, but feel free to laugh at our bloopers. Lord knows we will!! We are excited to be here with our new family at Blog Talk Radio and hope yu enjoy the show. We will start out with half hour shows while we get occustomed to the new format and then we will go back to regualr one show format. We have lots of new stuff for you in the upcoming shows. So kick back and relax. Tell a friend and please follow us!

    The # 1 talk show podcast in the Fox Valley. Talk radio the way it used to be with a dangerous twist!

    Explicit, edgy, exciting, funny, informative, captivating, and just down right entertaining! Join your host Richard Awe and his many co-hosts as they talk about anything and everything!

    He’s a blue collar Harley rider with a podcast studio. This could be dangerous! Anything goes on his show.

    Living in the Chicago land area all his life, Richard grew up listening to the best radio market in the world, taking his inspirations from some of the greatest radio personalities ever to grace the air waves.

    So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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    Real Raw-Good Vibes EP 29.. Some explicit content but hear the message beyond the words, PLEASE!

    in Spirituality


    Some days You just want to hear some music that speaks truth to you and life to your situation. Today our show features some music that is raw and uncut but still inspiring. The featured artists are MD Uno & God Hears . MD Uno was born in NY but raised in Atlanta. He pays homeage to metro city area because that is where most of his growth has come...

    God Hears is an artist that I came across on Soundcloud from Hawaii. We are always looking for new artist and rare material that is not being played in rotation. We aim to bring you guys the best of the best and that is what we have done in light today.

    Listen beyond the words used and hear the message! A new thing is being done within this season and GOD is reaching beyond walls and cultures. Its about Kingdom building and anyone that is a part of the Kingdom has the floor and can grab the mic.


    Music Playlist

    So Atlanta- MD Uno

    Last Shot- God Hears U...

    We Winning- MD Uno feat. Emmy da Gem

    Something Inside Of Me - God Hears U

    Twenty Nine- MD Uno

    Otherisde- God Hears U  feat. Hook Magee





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    in Entertainment

    FEB 2NDepisodeof Wrestle Talk on BlogTalkRadio. Go Turnbuckle to Turnbuckle with  Wrestle Talk as we discuss everything professionSal wrestling. We will provide updates the WWE Unified Universe group. Who will speak up this week? Also, WWE Raw, Smackdown






    Please be warned, this is a Rated R show 

    explicate language may occur

     dial 657-383-1521 and press 1 when prompted.

    To join the WWE Universe Unified/ECW Chapter, please visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/404307966321536/

    Chatroom will be open 30 minutes prior to the show. Please follow us on Twitter @WrestleTalkBTR.how is explicit, we do use curse words and we do talk about anything and everything. We are not your regular wrestling podcast. We are guys drinking on a Tuesday Night talking Wrestling.

    Please call in to discuss anything wrestling, 





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    America, the Fourth Reich: The Women of Chiapas

    in Culture

    Ramona and the Revolutionary Women’s Law
    Comandante Ramona, or as the media calls her, “The Petite Warrior,” is the first name that comes to mind when discussing female EZLN leaders and women’s rights campaigns in Chiapas.

    The core changes in the communal life of indigenous Mayan women were introduced by the Revolutionary Women’s Law, which was passed by the EZLN in 1993. Anonymous suggestions collected from Mayan women by Comandante Ramona, Major Ana María, and EZLN activist Susana formed the foundation of the ten sections listed in the document. Although some of the expressed demands were universal, it was clear that many were addressing issues specific to the women’s communities. Some demands were as basic as the right to an education and healthcare, while others were as momentous as the right to freedom from sexual and domestic violence. “For the first time in the history of Latin American guerilla movements, women members were analyzing and presenting the personal in politically explicit terms,” writes scholar Soneile Hymn. The Law’s passage acted as catalyst, inspiring hundreds of indigenous women, many of whom did not know what the document actually stipulated, to break away from a traditional lifestyle and actively engage in their communities.

    Chase Manhattan Bank Memo and the 50 Billion Bailout

    The last violent incident occurred in 2014, with a Zapatista-related teacher killed and 15 more wounded in Chiapas ambush by alleged anti-Zapatista militia.[3] Next Week: Why Donald Trump would be Good For Mexico's Economy, and Why Vicente Fox was not.

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    Show # 63 | Interview of Marie Michaelle {31 Jan 2016}

    in Education

    About Marie Michaelle:


    I am in the business of Poetry. I model as well. I am an artist who believes in the power that art has over human emotion. I write and perform to inspire the voiceless. My delivery is designed to please my audiences verbally, visually and spiritually while exuding feminine power. Through years of observing, learning and teaching I have created and will continue to create works that will impact society in a meaningful and beneficial way. 

    WINDY CITY: POEMS OF LUST & DESIRE (a passionate or overmastering longing or craving) is my first published book.

    These 46 poems and 5 pictures will take you through an explicit journey of lust and desire. This book will introduce you to an uninhibited part of yourself from the very first page you read. By the time you've made it to the last poem you will have taken a well deserved journey of your carnal lifetime.

    I am interested in meeting people in the industry serious about networking. I am interested in meeting models, photographers, actors, producers, directors, singers, designers, promoters and fellow wordsmiths, anyone in the entertainment industry that could use my image or words to enhance their product or interested in some type of collaboration. I am serious about my work and extremely professional. I expect the same from anyone contacting me.

    "I want to wrap my words around you in a hug so powerful you melt into my poem."

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