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    In The Moment- The Natural Way with the Child's Eye - Part 2

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    Welcome to "In The Moment" with Adele Arnesen. This broadcast comes to you from the Experiosity Tree House Studio in Gardiner, MT. Near the North entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  Join me at 9 pm Mt time this evening as we not only share ideas but good information and fun stuff for you to do, think about and share with your family as well as friends and colleagues.  This show is for everyone.  We want you to have an Experiosity Day each and every day.  We hope that we will provide some new tools for your Resilience Living Tool Box.  

    As an example of an Experiosity Moment..A School in Calgary shares what they are doing with their children each and every day as they have the children play and learn in the outdoors ...As they share their mission they explain why it is so important for children to tearn outdoors... “They are interacting with their whole bodies, whole minds, whole spirits with the natural world,” Menzies said. “Out of that a lot of curiosity is developed, through that curiosity they have questions that then we work with them to answer.”
    Kudos to Calgary!  

    That is what In the Moment is all about.  This Broadcast Series we are presenting is all about being Curious The Natural Way and viewing the world through the eyes of the children around us. So do join us or archive it at a time that is best for you to listen.  You can also archive this broadcast at http://www.experiosity.com or http://www.brookndellvirtualvillage.com.  

    So, mark this down...This is your invitation to join us at "In the Moment" on March 19th at 9 pm mt time  Share this link with everyone.http://tobtr.com/s/7433809

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    Being In the Moment - The Natural Way

    in Self Help

    Experiencing life the Natural Way....live for the experience of the day.  Each day In the Moment will come to you to share some resources, experiences and the day's happenings.  

    This is an informal time to just share all about life and living with "Nature."  

    Do you have a story to share?..Call in and let us know how nature has brought to you a positive lesson about living life on purpose.  

    In and around Yellowstone National Park people can not wait to go on a day's adventure to experience the Natural World.  Whether it is to look for the wolves, watch for the birds who are migrating or taking time to write in their nature journal.  There is something for everyone.  

    We, at Resilience Living, invite you to be a part of the initiative to make the Natural World around you a place where you can find peace, a place where you can "Live in the Moment. a place where the unknown may come right up to you and say "HI!"  It might bring to you a time and an adventure that will enhance your life.  Many have already experienced this..

    Join us on Experiosity.com as well.  Share your stories about how nature has influenced your life.

    We are all curious people.  Curiosity can open up a new world to each of us.  With our eyes wide open we might just find the most mystical world through our new view. 

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    The Sounds of Nature and Writing- Key to a Wild Adventure Moment

    in Self Help

    We Welcome you to our In The Moment Broadcast brought to you each Monday at 10am from the Experiosity Tree House.  The Experiosity Tree House Project is located at Brook N' Dell Virtual Village. in our Experiosity Tree House Headquarters.

    Our Mission is to Call Everyone to Get Outside and Play and Create with Nature and the Wild all around you.   Building Curiosity as we uncover the "wonders" that only nature can provide is so much fun.  Photography Moments, a bit of Journaling what we find and creating a quiet time are all treasures that our :Natural World" presents to us each and every.day.

    Each week "In The Moment" will share what is happening in and around our backyard, Yellowstone National Park, as well as provide ideas to expand your thoughts on getting more .  Besides guests we would love for you to call in and share what you or your group are doing.  Brook N' Dell has loads of places where you might want to visit.  Great place to share your work and :You."  We have Spirit Mountain and our Ranch.  We also will be building our tree houses where you can come to create among the leaves of Summer.  

    This week we will be featuring a special resource.  This week we are sharing Noodle Tools.  It is all around inspiring ourselves and our young people to have a visual moment that can expand to writing and journaling with drawing and photos and more. Join us!

    We want everyone to have an Experiosity Moment!  The Natural Moment only Nature can provide.  Tune in on Monday morning at 10:00am mountain time or check out the archived broadcasts from previous Mondays.

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    The Sounds of Spring - Have a "Wild Moment!"

    in Self Help

    The Sounds of Spring invite you to have a "Wild Moment!"  So take the time ....turn off the TV,  forget the internet for awhile,  turn off the phones, and open the door, and take that step outside.  

    Set-up a special wildlife corner by the door that leads to the outside.  Here you might have backpack for each member of the family.  Your backpack might contain a journal, some pencils and pens to write and sketch what you and your family member might find on your outdoor adventure.  On a shelf by the door might be a camera and set of binoculars.  Even a audio divice might be great to have.  The Sounds of Spring can easily be captured during your outside walk.

    Listen to our broadcast with Adele and learn about resources that provide ideas on how you can join others and share what you are doing in your area of the world when you go outside.  

    Go Wild...the Sounds of Spring are all around us!



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    In The Moment Invites Everyone to Walk and Connect with Real Life!

    in Motivation

    Join Adele weekly as she explores the world of Yellowstone County and beyond with the ultimate prize...Inviting everyone, young and old alike, to get outside.  The main mission is to fight "Nature Deficit Disorder" in our life.    This month's broadcast is all around taking one step at a time and explore the ourdoors.  An invitation to leave the technology world behind and just learn to realize what life's gifts are right outside.  

    Many resources are provided as a supplemental to each broadcast at Experiosity.com.  From Kid's stuff to creating and expanding ideas in your adult world there is an invitation waiting for you to join the Experiosity Tree House Project.  Become a part of the family and have a place to connect with others from all walks of life in getting on your walking shoes and sharing your adventures.

    We invite you to also listen to many of the archived shows as well.  We are also on twitter @resilientlife and on facebook at Resilience Living Connect.


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    In the Moment in Yellowstone! An Adventure into Bear Country and Beyond.

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    The travels in and around the Yellowstone Eco-System is so unbelievable.  Just the turn of your wheels as you drive your car will bring a whole new look at "Yellowstone Paradise."  

    This broadcast is all about having a new adventure.  Driving your car or riding your bike and than taking a walk around the wilderness or taking a long hike in search of the unknown.  Whatever your age might be you can enjoy the outdoors!  Take a walk only 100 feet from your car or take an extended walk and hike to venture into the wilderness.  

    In-The-Moment Broadcast with Adele Arnesen as host welcomes you to join in on these broadcasts.  The format is all around getting outdoors.  Learning how just being outside can cure many of our stresses of the day.  The curiosity of finding even the most obscure plant or animal takes on a whole new meaning when your focus on just this.

    So join to listen or join in to the conversation about the wilderness, the natural world around you and me.  It is filled with amazing gifts for all of us from kids to Seniors.  

    You can find us on Facebook at Resilience Living Connect and on Twitter at Resilient Life or on one of our two websites at Brook N' Dell Virtual Village and Experiosity.com.  

    To make this show even better we would love to hear from you and receive your story.  If you would like to be on the broadcast just email us at Resilienceliving@outlook.com.

    Archived shows are also available.  Just listen right here at Blog Talk Radio...In the moment or Brook N' Dell Virtual village.  


  • Living The Natural Way!Have an Experiosity Moment!Live from Yellowstone Country!

    in Self Help

    Join Us as we share all good things about living in the mountains and what is happening in and around Yellowstone.  

    As we embark on a new "In the Moment" Broadcast with our live broadcast.  We will also bring to you some episodes that people have been so thrilled about.  

    Today we are going to include in our broadcast an interview tiwh Dr. Bill Crawford.  Dynamite conversation everyone should embrace.  

    Everyone has heard the statistics . . . 75% of professionals describe their lives as “very stressful” and with the pace of change and increased demands on our time, chances are good that it’s just going to get worse! Plus, even though everyone is experiencing more stress than ever, they are also tired of traditional “stress management” and people giving them simplistic answers to life’s complex problems. In this interview, psychologist Dr. Bill Crawford addresses this problem by first explaining why this level of stress and frustration is so prevalent, and why so much of the advice about how to deal with these problems will never work! Then, using a conversational style that is free of psychobabble, he uses the latest research on the brain to outline a concrete, comprehensive system for dealing with stress and accessing the clarity, confidence, and creativity necessary for success in today’s world. Bio on Bill Crawford, Ph.D. In addition to holding a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Houston, Dr. Crawford is a licensed psychologist, author of four books, organizational consultant, and life coach.. He has a unique!  Dr. Bill is constantly referred to as the "Steve Martin" of corporate America. In addition, his two PBS specials which have been seen by over 15 million people, he has been quoted as an expert in such diverse publications as The New York Times, . So, Join us!

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