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    Science Podcast

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    We will have guests Shareef Jackson and Danielle Lee discuss all things Science!  If you're a Science geek as well as a fan of the hit primetime series Cosmos, then this is the show for you!

    Shareef Jackson: 

    Shareef views on science and technology have been featured on sources such as NPR, Scientific American, NASA TV, and This Week in Blackness. His science blog at ShareefJackson.com has won the Black Weblog Award for Best Science and Technology Blog in 2012 and 2013. By using the tagline #ScienceLooksGood, Shareef speaks breaks down science in a way that the average person can understand. Shareef has been able to attend several events including the Consumer Electronics Show and the final launch of NASA’s space shuttle program. 

    Danielle Lee:

    Danielle is an American biologist. Lee completed her BS in Animal Sciences at Tennessee Technological University, her MS in Vertebrate Zoology at University of Memphis, and her PhD in Biology at University of Missouri-St. Louis. Lee is currently doing post-doctorate research at Cornell University, formerly at Oklahoma State studying African giant pouched rats.  Recently, Lee was named as one of ten White House Champions of Change in STEM Diversity and Access.  In addition to her lab and field research, Lee is passionate about science outreach and is well known for her science promotion and outreach in social media. Lee authors The Urban Scientist on the Scientific American Blog Network.

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    Norse Code #31: Slow News Week

    in Football

    This week, Arif & Dusty are joined by erstwhile producer James Pogatshnik for a meeting (and spring cleaning) of the minds.  On the clipboard this week: AP's groin surgery, more draft rumors, and some fun thought experiements surrounding whether or not draftees should be paid and what one should pay them, as well as what constitutes a "character problem" so serious that a draftee might not be worth drafting?

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    Church of Reality 20: Government Human Experiments

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    This episode of the Church of Reality will focus on Government Human Experiements. Special guest is Elaine Riddick who was forcibly sterilized. 

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    Zombies And The Living Dead #2

    in Paranormal

    Zombies, part of modern pop culture and folklore, may be more real than most think. True accounts of the dead rising from the grave have been documented for centuries. The team will continue to discuess these sightings on this episode.
    New evidence supports that the U.S. government has experimented with zombies and the living dead in the past. Exactly what happened during these experiements? Tune in to find out!

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    The Detectors Hosted By DAnne Burley

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    Tonight we will talk about new movies one called HANA which was shocking good, and then one to be released called the Debt both are about human genocides and experiments used to either genetically modify and or create super soliders for the Nazi Army. In fact the Nazis created a virus that was to murder all races other than the master a virus which operated by racial coding.
    The codes within are that these events happens on various dates but there was also a very odd thing that happened whereby on March 11th 1945 was the being of a Super human racial experiment. It seems that those who were within the death camps used DNA from a metero which weight was over 75 mega tons which crashed landed on the earth. The metero had alien DNA. And this metero caused a great measure of radiation ( now on March 11th 2011 we had a tsumani but what caused it? its the same date so could is be another alien metero?
    The nazi experiment went south but created creatures that killed many of the nazi soilders.
    So what ever happened the the experiements and those who were hramed by them
    Tonight 6p -7p central time

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