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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents Brandon Garrett

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     Join Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio tonight as we begin the North American Sasquatch Researcher Series with Texas born Brandon Garrett. Raised mostly in Texas with some time in Colorado, Brandon had his first Bigfoot sighting at age 7.  This sighting altered the course of Brandon's life where he not only sought any knowledge of this creature that he could find, but he also studied other mysterious subjects as well. Now 38 years old, Brandon  has acquired much experience in the subject and has an abundance of experieces to share with our listeners. Brandon's major interests included cryptozoology,nature, herbology, ghosts,physics, philosophy and survivalism. Brandon is the director and co-founder at Texas Unified Natural Research. Stay tuned for a truly informative show. Links to Brandon Garrett can be found below:



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    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for Life Styles on Monday's. Maria Iliou is actress, photographer, poet. Maria is play music, encored                       Maria  is photographer, photo's by Maria. 

    Poetry Reading Performances by Maria Ilou

    Maria Iliou is Ambassador for Long Island, NY 

    Life Styles is life experiences, your dreams, your future plans, your passion, your gifts, living independently, Educational, College, supports, supports groups,your writing experieces, live performances, poetry reading Performances, Arts, Performing

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    How Can you Know if Devil, Satan or Lucifer is Real or Imagined?

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    The Devil as an evil influencing entity,
    (1) along with all of the evil varients different religious thoughts have given to such an entity's existence,
    (2) to the supposed 'force of law and validity' of such an influence, and
    (3) its dubiously proclaimed epic powers to cause human's in their frailty to error,
    is nothing short of the greatest debacle of all times.   

    It is a wadded knot of emotions and assumed lies tightly wound around human fears of separation and human amneisa. It is spoon fed to people who are having confused human experieces they are unable to explain due to their consciousness amnesia. So the mind's memory gaps have gottone filled with the worst kinds of definition of what being human is all about. The entire devil/satan axis completely cancels your being a Creator Spirit and replaces this TRUTH with a story about being a slave to evil inclinations to "sin" and be "bad".

    Yes, it is, indeed, highly controversial. Why?  Because blind faith beliefs are filling the gaps of humunity's forgotten knowledge with tales of forbidden empowerment because, as Will likes to tout, "there's no scientific double blind study disproving an existence that is essentially nonexistent!" :)

    Consider this: If you never read about this entity, would you even consider such a force was robbing your consciusness blindly of its power and authority, making you an inept being that is a controlled puppet of pain and doom?   This very idea counters free will as it negates how the Light and Love is the very Essence of existence and Creator.  Can the Creator defy its own nature?  Does that even make sense? 

    Why are so willing to conceive and behold such an evil idea?   What does this fear, pain, and corruption hold for you that you are willing to be enslaved to its terrible outcomes?


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    Business Matters with Mindy Guisewite

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    10 am Thursdays, "Business Matters," host Mindy Guisewite

    Join Mindy at her NEW time, 10 am on Thursdays, to talk about all Matters related to Business!

    Today's interview is very interesting for any business or entrepreneur minded person. Noah Berk, Founder of Fresh Space talks about his experieces and his passion to help solve a problem. Noah has created his own approach to cleaner environments for us to work, play and live in.

    We will discuss why he does what he does, Market Opportunities, Lessons learned and much more.

    Listen and learn from one who has been breaking barriers and improving our environments. For more information on Fresh Space-



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    Maria Iliou is your sitting Host for Keys 4 The Human Condition on Friday's. Music, Maria Iliou ....conversation with Lynette Pelley on Leadership roles with Autistic People, Autistic Voice of Importance for Autistic People be heard and taken seriousely be respected, working together with Wisdom of autism also shared our gifts, our wisdom of tools... life Experieces . Autism Forcusing on positives , Forcusing on Strengths, Forcusing on Gifts, Forcusing on building skills of talents or working skills, Autistic children be apart of shedueling conversation...First Then, Then , Autism with Lynette children, school and programs

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    Maria Iliou is Host for Life Styles on Monday's. Maria Iliou is Interviewing Trent Altman mother Jackie Marquette, Trent Altman is Recipitent  for  Visual Arts 2013 INAPA ...Share his Honor  of his experiences on stage, also Trent and Jackie experieces at Autism Convention & Festival
    Maria Iliou is Interviewing James P. Wagner...Amazing Honored and Congratulation. James P. Wagner is Receipitent for Entrepreneur 2013 INAPA, for James Business Local Gemes Publishing CO.  James has poetry Readings in community for people, people with Autism, people with Developmental and other Disabilities, Diversity and Mental Health, Life Partner, Menues of sites of  Connecting all gifted poets becoming a family and friends,  James he also publishes Anthologies also Books...author,  Anthologies for causes, like Hurricane Sandy, etc.
    Maria Iliou is Interviewing Tim Pylypiuk , Tim Tylypiuk place in 3rd placed for Literary Arts and Tim read his stories he wrote
    Poets: James P. Wagner, Brain Burns, Steve T Licardi, Maria Iliou   

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    Maria Iliou is Host for WORLD AUTISTIC PEOPLE  CONVENTION 2013 4th Annual INAPACF on Wednesday October 2, 2013 from 3:30- 4:30 pm pst connected with JamesP. Wagner, Nick Hale and Marc Rosen Workshop LIVE at  the Convention. 4:30-5:30 PM PST Maria Iliou is Interview Jame P. Wagner, Nick Hale and Marc Rosen about live workshow also their feelings how their did and writing topics of information teaching our listeners. Maria Iliou iis connected livewith April Dawn Griffin live at Autism Convention & Festival, April sharing what is happening, her thoughts, feelings also April Dawn Experieces meeting new people and friends.

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    LETS TALK BEYOND 8 -10 pm pst

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    Maria Is sitting Host for Lets Talk, Bryond The Labled, Beyond  The Doors of Opportunities on Wednesday's. Maria Iliou is Anoucing Sponsors...Sponsoring  ANCA  2013 INAPA and playing 2013 INAPA Theme song sing by Sam E.   Maria Iliou is Interviewing 2013 INAPA Nominee Robert Gagno and Robert life experieces of interest, strengths...Pinball, Gymnastics. Rogger Gagno in one year he will get his full Driving card,  Bullying...Rogger got Bullied in school, Friends 
     our special guest David Johnston,  April Dawn Grifin,  Bill Peters   and Peter Cunnington ...talking about Ignorances, of comunicaton.about people who are autistic's and other Disabilities ...iwho are challengeds...new word is Diversities ...is  forcusing on people strengths, Gifts, Positivies

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    Cosmic Milk and Cookies - Night Owls with Sheri & Lisa

    in Spirituality

    WE'RE BA-ACK by popular demand!  Join Lisa and I every Saturday night at 9:00 PM Pacific Time on NIGHT OWLS where we'll discuss whatever topics seem relevant and important.  We are both empathic energy/light workers with backgrounds and varied interests in the metaphysical world.
    We may talk about the day's top news stories, or our experieces with angels or talking with the dead. Or, we may talk about the challenges and rewards of family life, or the lonely path of the  mystic.  Wherever the discussion takes us, it's certain not to dissapoint .
    Our first show which launched just three weeks ago has reached over 2100 archive listens, which is pretty darn good for a first and relatively unknown Blog Talk show.  You are free to join the conversation by calling in to 347-884-8943.
    So share this link with your friends and join us this Saturday, July 27 at 10:00 PM Pacific time, AND DON'T FORGET TO GO TO THE SHOW PAGE AND CLICK  "FOLLOW" TO GET UPDATES FOR ALL UPCOMING SHOWS.
    NOTE:  Night Owls will take a break on Saturday, August 3, while I celebrate my 60th birthday. (I don't feel a day over 29:) Lisa and I will return Saturday, Aug 10.  Also, don't forget to join me on Sundays at 1:00 PM Pacific Time for my FREE Intuive Guidance show where I offer guidance to  callers about their soul's true path.

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    Todd Sheldon

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    Our guest for tonight will be Todd Sheldon. In late 2006 Todd started his journey in the Paranormal and that would eventually lead him to his calling in life now with his Mediumship. In 2007 it started with a photo taken by Telepathy and would take him on a journey to Maryland in 2008 to see a loving Visionary Medium.
    She would eventually become a life teacher and Mentor for him in becoming someone who wants to make a difference in peoples lives. A converation of that photo and A prediction of Extra Terrestrials was mentioned and that more visitors were coming. Todd and his wife Theresa were not prepared for what came into their lives in 2008 as they both opened up to the other side with Spirits, Dimensional Beings and Ethereal looking Alien looking beings in the night. From 2008-2012 Todd has documented their experiences at home and away diligently in notebooks and on Facebook on his page. One of the gifts Todd was given was digital Photography of human Spirits and non human entities. The photo was taken in their home of a Alien Gray looking Being's head in 2008, both seen by Todd and his wife at different times. The visitations of the Alien Gray looking beings are at this point known experiences by both parties as Todd's wife Theresa has seen them on a few occasions since 2009. Todd has been on a Paranormal radio programs and one of his photos is on display at the Tenney Gate House in Methuen Massachusetts and shown on the tv show Tales Of The Haunted. Long Island Mediums website accepted some of his pictures and the recent showing at the Extraterrestrial Art Exhibit in Nevada of the alien gray looking head taken at his home. he recently was asked to speak at the Experiencers Speak event on September 8 2012 in Gorham Maine on the topic of his experiences at home, along side with some of the most respected Speakers in the field of UFO's and ET abductions.

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    Why we Love Maduro Cigars and the Paranormal

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    All of us on the show are big fans of Maduro cigars. We will be burning our favorite maduros and sharing our thoughts on them. We are hoping to have a few interesting guest but we have no idea how it will work out.
    Being in the spirit of Halloween we will talk about the Paranornal and experieces we may or may not have had. Not sure if the drinking has exected this?
    We will also continue to explore the unique personalities of the members of the show. Somehow this is therepy for us and we hope enjoy our pain! LOL

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