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    Paranormal Kool-Aid Meets "The Situation Room"

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    Take a sip of the Kool-Aid! What's your flavor? Join us for a very special episode where we will meet Rocci Stucci: Public Speaker, Radio Host, Paranormalist.

    Rocci is an accomplished public speaker who lectures on Addiction, Bullying, Universal Laws, and ALL aspects of Paranormal.  He shares his personal battles with addiction and a very dark past, a gripping story of survival, hardship, and the power of love and family. Rocci also speaks on the power of OUR thoughts, and his amazing spiritual experiances.  His work regarding his research in the Paranormal fieldand his interests in the paranormal include: psychology, the human body, the universe, religion & personal belief systems, spiritualism, ancient beliefs, and tools in the field.

    Rocci Stucci is the host of EBN Talk Radio, Co-Host on "The Situation Room," and will feature the cast of PKA on their show Thursday February 26, 2015. Your not going to want to miss this one!

    Discussions on Paranormal Phenomena: Ghost/Spirits, Psychics/Mediums, Hauntings, Demonic Possession, Ufology, Alien Abduction, Time Travel, NDE's, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Conspiracies & All Things Unexplained.

    Website: http://www.paranormalkoolaid.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ParanormalKoolAid

    Twitter: @ParaKoolAid https://twitter.com/ParaKoolAid

    Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/paranormal-koolaid

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    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/pkaradio

    Email us with your Questions & Suggestions: pkaradio@gmail.com

    Listen LIVE or talk to our Hosts & Guests: 1-646-929-2384

    Paranormal Kool Aid Radio is brought to you by #PKA2015  Belinda Clarke-Ache, April Abercrombie, Cara Davidson, Victor Cruz, Sid Vineberg, Dawn Gomez, Scott Gruenwald and Chris Medina with Kevin Allen. OHHH YEAHHH!!!!! YYEAHHHH!!!!

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    Experiences From the Light w/Keidi Keating

    in Entertainment

    KEIDI KEATING experienced a sudden spiritual awakening at the age of 30, after a series of transformational healing sessions. One night, an orb of glowing white light appeared in her bedroom and instructed her to put together a book of Light to assist and support others on their journeys to enlightenment. So following Divine guidance, which showed up as white butterflies, auspicious number combinations, and intense dreams, she gathered some of the planet’s greatest spiritual teachers and authors to contribute chapters. Three years later, after a lot of hard work and synchronistic magic, The Lightspilled its rays to readers, attracting international publishing offers almost immediately! Keidi now speaks at spiritual related events, and she continues to write books that empower people to awaken their Divine inner Light. Originally British, after living in Spain for 20 years, she now lives in Ketchum, Idaho.   www.keidikeating.com

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    PSHRadio Introduces you to Charles Banks Author of Paranormal Experiences

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    Charles Banks Also known as Chuck for short it the author of Paranormal Experiences: Death the Final he has had several Paranormal Experiences of which some he can explain and some he is unsure about the reason he decided to write Paranormal Experiences: Death the Final was so he could tell people his story and the Experiances he has had. He has had activity at all 3 residences they have lived at in the past 13 years. 

    He has visited places as Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota and Villisica axe murder house in villisica Iowa. He has not writen this book to get to "Fame" he has written it so the readers can understand some of his occurences he has had through his life and make your own mind up and to better understand things.

    If you would like to ask any questions to Chuck you are more than welcome to rind in or speak to us via the chat room also tweet us 

    You can Follow us on twitter @PSHRadio also you can Follow Chuck @ChuckBanks1

    If you would like to purchase his book here is the page on Amazon its available in a Kindle version or Paperback http://www.amazon.com/Paranormal-Experiences-Death-Final-Frontier-ebook/dp/B00PF3C4I8/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1415649349&sr=1-1&keywords=paranormal+experiences

    You can also like his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paranormal-Experiences/823386777683312

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    Sam Welcomes Phil Whyman onto PSHRadio

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    Join Sam as she speaks to Phil Whyman about his paranormal Experiances as well as what interested him to become interested in the paranormal itself if you have any questions for Phil please tweet us at @PSHRadio or contact us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/PSH-Paranormal-Spirit-Hunters/310330195789965 so please listen in and lets see what Sam as well as Phil Discusses 

    'A well known figure within the paranormal genre, Phil Whyman is perhaps best known for his role as the former expert/investigator on TV's 'Most Haunted' series; prior to this he appeared in the popular ‘Scream Team’ series. Having been investigating the paranormal world for over 25yrs his knowledge of ghosts, hauntings and the unexplained has been called upon numerous times within the media.

    In 2012 Phil released the first episode of his personal project 'Haunted Ruins', in which he and a small team of investigators spend 24 hours camped down in a haunted location; eating, sleeping and having to endure whatever the elements throw at them, before heading off into the darkness and unknown armed only with night vision cameras in order to capture documented paranormal activity. It has been well received by viewers.

    In 2012 Phil and his family spent 12 months living in a haunted 16th century former hall, where numerous paranormal incidents were witnessed; Phil has since said that it was one of the few places he believes to be genuinely haunted, and hopes one day to write a book of the experiences.

    He currently has a popular monthly column for 'Chat-It’s Fate' magazine called 'Phil's World'.

    Phil currently lives in South Yorkshire with his wife Sara and their son

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    Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mind Control w/David Shurter

    in Entertainment

    David Shurter is the author of the book Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor's Story,We will be discussing his experiances in Satanism also answering the question of how and why Satanism is so well hidden in America and also the Mind Control used on there victims.This is Strange Surroundings Secret Universe's Halloween Episode and I'm pleased t bring David on and tell his side of the story

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    What it Means to be an Advocate

    in Lifestyle

    Do you think the term "advocating" is used too loosely? What about the emotional toll it plays on those that have been through the same experiences, as those that they are advocating for? When advocating for someone, how much should you share with them about your personal experiances? When letting people know about your advocacy efforts, what is the line between being self-serving or just letting people know what you are doing, so they can help? These are a few of the questions that we will ask during our show.

    Our Guests Include:

    David J. Pollay - Creator and Author of "The Law of the Garbage Truck"

    Larry Enright - Author, Film Producer

    Danny Adlerman - Singer/Songwriter (Live Musical Performance)

    Kim Adlerman - Illustrator and Writer of Children's Books

    Foster Topic Panelists:

    Dr. Greg Manning

    Crystal Schaefer

    Juice Cannon

    Winter Savage



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    Sam talks to Debbie Mcnew

    in Paranormal

    I am married to a wonderful man who believes in what I do.I'm his care giver due to his illness I prefer to investigate alone I know this is But no contamination.

    I live in rural Arkansas A lot of history here..I'm the only investigator here.and its frowned upon here.But they can't explain what i Capture in photos.or that I can see some. I have been investigating for 3 years after living in a home that was terrorizing.

    @DebbieMcNew  @PSHRadio

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    The Dark Secrets of Satanism

    in Current Events

    This show is not for the squeamish.  In this show we are going to talk to a survivor of a Satanic cult.  What he has to say is shocking!

    Kerth Barker is a survivor of a Satanic Cult.  His web site is http://angelicdefenders.theshamecampaign.com/ .  He has written a book about his experiances called "Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers - Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor".


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    PSH Radio Discusses Ouija boards with BlackCats Paranomal

    in Paranormal

    We have had them on the show before its been a couple of months so we welcome back these lovely ladies to speak about there recent investigations as well as their personal experiances with the paranormal so please join us and listen in you find them on twitter @BCatsParanormal  also find them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/BCatsParanormal and subsribe to there youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BCatsParanormal also don't forget to tweet us during the show @PSHRadio.

    Tonight on the show we discuss Ouija Boards have you had a bad experiance with them if so please let us know 

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    PSH Radio introduce all listeners to Indian Paranormal

    in Paranormal

    Founded in 2013, we helped people with quick solutions to their paranormal problems over the internet. As more and more people were satisfied with our solutions the demand for personal visits rose. As the two founders had a decent experience in this field, they started visiting people and healing them. The people saw amazing results and the demand rose. An organisation aiming to help people had gathered attention and we had to live up to their expectations. 

    Carefully selecting its core members through various filters, we now have a core team of 5 members. Each of the members has a God-gift. Some members can travel astrally and heal, while some can read minds. That is not all, we also have brave investigators who do not feel threatened by the energies and communicate with them through psychic medium. We also have a spiritual healer who heals through touch and can heal distantly. He can connect to people anywhere in the world and perform exorcism. Our members have deep knowledge about the various types of energies and what needs to be done to to tackle them.

    We strive to give you all the solutions to your paranormal problems over here.  We investigate all the locations using spiritual and scientific methods only.

    Our services include
    1) Spiritual Healing2) Spiritual Counselling3) Chakra Balancing and Healing4) Reiki5) Exorcism6) Astrology7) Investigation of possible hauntings8) Mind and Face Reading9) Past Life Regression10) White Light Healing 



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