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    Transforming Your Life in Health and Spirit

    in Current Events

    Have you ever said 'something is missing' or 'there is just something out there but I can't put my finger on it'?  Almost everyone has said that and then we go on a fishing expedition to find a thing, people, place or item that will ease that quest for an answer, or to fix the need you have for something to make life grand.  Is your life grand?  What does that look like?  Why or why not?  Is that something of inner bliss, complete perfection or soul seeking that leads us down a path?  Where are you on the path?  Today, perhaps, we can share a new path, a new set of tools to walk the path and what might be the overall concept of a life well lived.

    Nicholas Corrin, L.Ac and author of The Power of Letting Go will be sharing what it means to live a full life by letting go and finding that inner quest of our soul and spirit.  Nicholas is an original thinker and has patented the unique process of Vibropuncture(registered).  As an alternative practitioner, he uses many tools to bring nature, spirit, soul and body together to work in harmony for the health of the being.

    For more information visit:  www.FridayHarborHolisticHealth.com

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    DT Fan Radio - Josh Gates & Expedition Unknown

    in Television

    In the long awaited return of Josh Gates to DT Fan Radio, the explorer, author and reality TV star talks about his new show on Travel Channel "Expedition Unknown"! He will answer submitted fan questions and chat about this new adventure in his life. Check out "Expedition Unknown" on the Travel Channel January 8th at 9 p.m./8 central. Follow @joshuagates & @joshuagatesfans on Twitter. 

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    How to handle life after losing a leg

    in Self Help

    Todd Huston knows how to overcome incredible challenges. When his legs got caught inthe propeller of a boat at age 14, his life was radically changed. He battled to keep hislegs with numerous surgeries, but bone disease eventually forced him to have one legamputated.

    Todd became a psychotherapist and clinical director of the Amputee Resource Center inCalifornia. He also worked in psychiatric hospitals for adults, adolescents and children.
    He used his professional skills and personal experiences to help patients achieve more intheir lives. He also trained health-care professionals and authored articles in working withindividuals coping with disabilities.

    Then Todd did the unimaginable, to prove that you can overcome challenges he
    completed a world record-setting Summit America expedition by climbing to the highest
    elevations of all 50 states in only 66 days 22 hours and 47 minutes, shattering the originalrecord by 35 days!

    Todd has been featured in thousands of publications throughout the world,

    including Sports Illustrated, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal as well as the popular
    book, Chicken Soup for the Soul. A Second Helping. He has appeared as a special gueston CBS Year in Sports and Robert Schuller's Hour ofPower. Todd has been interviewed
    on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TNN, Inside Edition, and Extra plus numerous radio

    Several distinguished honors have been awarded to Todd including U.S. Jaycees' Ten
    Outstanding Young Americans, the Henry Iba Award for Outstanding Citizen Athlete,
    the Class Act Award, The Power to Dream Achiever A ward and the American Red
    Cross's Everyday Hero Award.

    Todd is the author of the book A10re Than Mountains: The Todd Huston Story and hashosted inspirational radio and television programs.




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    South American Expedition of Tim Alberino & Crew: Amazing Results & Surveillance

    in News

    Tim Alberino of The Alberino Analysis and his crew have just returned from an expeditionary trip to portions of South America, with particular focus on Peru. Their findings are unravelling the historically significant difference between the pre-flood and post-flood world, and are serving to unlock the mysteries of the giants and “men of renown” as described in the Holy Bible and apocryphal texts, their technology and architecture. These findings are relevant to the events of today as many current events are being driven by the same agenda that existed during the antediluvian era.   

    As stated in Daniel 12:4: “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

    We are seeing an increase in knowledge, and also gaining a much better understanding of the days of Noah and the entire time before the flood that wiped clean the face of the earth.

    Tonight, Steve Quayle, author of Genesis 6 Giants, and Timothy Alberino of the Alberino Analysis will reveal much of what was discovered on this latest journey. Additionally, Tim Alberino will disclose a few surprises that took place during this journey, including the not-so-subtle surveillance of their team as they conducted their research and interviewed witnesses to historically important and telling artifacts.

    As noted by Steve Quayle in Genesis 6 Giants, Henry Ford stated that (accepted) “history is more of less bunk.”

    The truth is being kept hidden from us, as such truth, documented by artifacts, prove the accuracy of the Holy Bible and contextualize the hidden agenda that is driving today’s events.

    Tune in tonight to this riveting show.

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    in Politics

    A staunch opponent of slavery and the slave trade, he united with other emancipated African Americans in the Northern states in their abolitionist campaigns, using his Quaker connections with sympathetic co-religionists to support his efforts. Cuffe, first a whaling ship captain, eventually became a ship owner, operating a number of vessels which sailed between ports along the coast of Massachusetts.  By 1811 he was reputedly the wealthiest African American in the United States and the largest employer of free African Americans.  Despite his commercial success, Cuffe became increasingly disillusioned with the racial status of African Americans, and believed the creation of an independent African nation led by returnees from the United States offered the best prospects for free blacks and for African modernization.    Inspired by British abolitionists who had established Sierra Leone, Cuffe began to recruit blacks to emigrate to the fledgling colony.  On January 2, 1811, he launched his first expedition to Sierra Leone, sailing with an all-African American crew to Freetown.  While there Cuffe helped to establish “The Friendly Society of Sierra Leone,” a trading organization run by African Americans who had returned to West Africa. Cuffe and others hoped the success of this enterprise would generate a mass emigration of free blacks to West Africa who, once there, would evangelize the Africans, establish business enterprises, and work to abolish slavery. In 1815 Cuffe led 38 African American colonists to Sierra Leone.  The colonists established new homes and integrated into the small community of former English residents and refugees

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    Beth Fogel-Parent Coaching in Expedition Therapy

    in Family

    [The interview starts at about the 2 min 45 sec mark]

    Beth Fogel, the Administrator of Expedition Therapy in Utah for young adults, joined Lon December 18, 2014 to explain how parent coaching is working to help families with a child in a wilderness therapy program.  She explained that keeping parents in snych with their child while in a wilderness therapy program has many benefits.  It helps the parents learn how to support their child’s efforts, helps bring the family back together, helps the young adult directly by gaining better understanding and support from his/her parents and helps motivate them to be optimistic about looking forwred to a unified family.


    Beth Fogel

    435-899-9115,  expeditiontherapybeth@gmail.com  www.expeditiontherapy.com  

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    NO STONE UNTURNED-Steve Jackson

    in Entertainment

    The True Story of the World’s Premiere Forensic recreates the genesis of NecroSearch International as a small eclectic group of scientists and law enforcement who volunteered their services to help locate the clandestine graves of murder victims and recover the remains and evidence to assist with the apprehension and conviction of the killers. Known early on as “The Pig People” because of their experiments in locating graves using the carcasses of pigs (because of their similarities to human bodies), NecroSearch has evolved and expanded into one of the most respected forensic investigation teams in the world. New York Times bestselling author Steve Jackson, the author of BOGEYMAN and MONSTER, vividly tells the story of this incredible group and recounts some of their most memorable early cases that taken separately would make great true crime books. Following his participation in a NecroSearch expedition to Russia looking for the remains of a Russian noble in 2013, Jackson was made an honorary member of NecroSearch International in November 2014. NO STONE UNTURNED-Steve Jackson

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    CSF's Alaska Wilderness Missions features Anchorage Entrepreneur Randy Comer #1

    in Dads and Family

    Learn more about Alaska Wilderness Missions as host Richard Jordan interviews Anchorage, Alaska businessman Randy Comer who has been instumental in many of CSF's father/son mission/construction projects across Greatland Alaska since 1997. From participating in the construction projects with his three sons to hosting over ten annual Sportsmen's Prayer Breakfast and other outreach forums, Randy has served as a founding member of Alask'a broad and impactful outreach to sportsmen. 

    In 2009, Randy led a CSF expedition on snow machines across Alaska's landscape over 350 miles in tracking a large part of the Ididarod Trail where the IRON DOG race lierally plows the course for the annual sled dog event each February. A successful hotelier in Anchorage, Randy has the family owned "Anchorage City Limits Lofts" with over 250 rooms. and a first class music cafe and studio which has premiered many recording stars as well as serving as CSF's Alaska Headquarters.  

    You do not want to miss this exciting interview with one of Anchorage, Alaska's great entrapreneurs and civic leaders who has helped to pioneer the landscape of this cold northern region's thriving economy. As a committed follower of Jesus Christ Randy has a deep love for marriage, family, country and his church. Call in with your questions for Randy during the second half of the show. Thanks for listening in. You will be blessed! 

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    Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler of Expedition Entity: Pursuing the Paranormal

    in Paranormal

     Join us tonight for our great guests Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler from Expedtion Entity: Pursuing the Paranormal as we discuss their upcoming plans for the future, paranormal experiences, about their new webisodes on their You Tube Channel including their other videos as well called Lifting the Veil: Haunted or Not? It will be a great 2 hour show where we will also be sharing information about our upcoming Loyal Listener Contests beginning in March where we will be giving one lucky winner two times in March on the 9th and 23rd shows some awesome prizes. Details about the contests are posted on our new website at http://www.hookedonhauntingsradio.weebly.com

    Be There or be Square all you ghostie lovers...our show will rock the airwaves

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    DIY for Your Soul Podcast - Accentuate the Positive

    in Self Help

    In our quest to create the life of our dreams, and to be the people we’ve always imagined ourselves being, we must become willing to truly take a look at ourselves, take a personal inventory, so that we can get a better sense of our strengths and weaknesses.

    Now this, admittedly, can seem downright overwhelming. In many ways, it can seem like we are on a mining expedition seeking out negativity. And if all we’re going to do is pick ourselves a part, then what’s going to be left? We might end up feeling like Swiss cheese - full of holes.

    But we have to realize that coming to terms with our defects of character is only looking at part of the picture. If we concentrate only on our flaws and our weaknesses, then we are leaving out our strengths.

    In this podcast we learn that an inventory is simply an accurate account of what you have and what you don’t. And what you have is just as an important part of the equation as what is lacking.

    And we will ultimately find that a strong foundation, on which to build the life of your dreams, cannot be constructed from failures. They have to be built on our strengths. Our failures can serve to redirect us, but in the end, it will be the positive aspects of ourselves, our victories that will motivate us to keep moving forward, and out of the ruts of the past.

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    Charging The Afronerd Radio Machine W/Positive Ions, This Wed @7:30pm EST

    in Politics Conservative

    We're going to keep this week's description short, sweet and POSITIVE (as best we can)!  Join Dburt and Capt, Kirk for another fact finding expedition commonly referred to as The Mid Week in Review, courtesy of Afronerd Radio airing this Wednesday at 7:30pm (EST).  The topics to be analyzed are: we finally get to the two HS students of color that garnered national media attention by receiving multiple Ivy League acceptance letters; Dburt revisits and "deconstructs" progressive Black aversion to the notion of respectability politics; a homeless student who lived in San Jose barbershop graduates from law school; Dburt will probably still bring how great Netflix' Daredevil is and how it is a game changer for future small and silver screen projects; a video by self described "redneck" named Dixon appears to be going viral due to a heartfelt rant about the need to end white supremacy (or is it a test reel.....we'll explain); highlighting a new crowdsource film project by famed director,  Julie Dash (Daughters of the Dust). And lastly, a former inmate cuts his dreads and encourages the youth to clean up their image (is this respectability politics, intelligence or survival?).  *Oh and Taraji P Henson gets called back to Person of Interest...really? (minstrel ratings boost?) Call the hosts live ar 646-915-9620.

    I hate a bureaucrat with delusions of adequacy-T'Challa, King of the Dead