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    A Transcendental Healing Demonstration Based In Love

    in Spirituality

    While many have been experiencing increased anxiety and emotional backsliding, Chapman explains briefly what she believes is occurring. Instead of spending time talking about what is transpiring, she spends the episode guiding her listeners through a powerful transcendental demonstration which she believes will not only expedite but easily and painlessly bring healing to the mind and body in this amazing season of awakening. Join her Tuesday, August 11.  9:00 A.M. Pacific...12 Noon Eastern. Stream live here or phone in to listen at 424-675-8318,

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    Amy Brittain, The Washington Post, New DoD Health Records Contract on SALRadio

    in News

    Special Edition of Sons of the American Legion Radio Report:

    Amy Brittain, investigative reporter for the Washington Post discusses the $4.3 Billion DOD contract awarded to Cerner and the Leidos Partnership for Defense Health to remodel the health records system used to manage health records for all active members of the Department of Defense.  The system is expected to ease the connection to the Department of Veterans Affairs to expedite benefit request processing for those seeking benefits.

    Amy Brittain joined The Washington Post in 2013 as an investigative reporter after reporting at the Newark Star Ledger since 2010. At age 24, she won the George F. Polk Award for Metropolitan Reporting for her series with Mark Mueller, “Strong at Any Cost,” which detailed the use of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone by hundreds of New Jersey law enforcement officers and firefighters. She has also had internships at the Christian Science Monitor and the Arizona Republic and freelanced for the New Orleans Times-Picayune. She covered the San Diego Padres for mlb.com in 2009.

    She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Louisiana State University and a master’s of science in journalism from Columbia University.

    Kenneth G. Kraetzer is executive director of Sons of the American Legion Radio, which since 2007 has conducted weekly reports on veterans, the active military, and college sports. SALRadio is part of Squadron 135, White Plains, NY of the Sons of the American Legion, a member of the The American Legion, the world's largest veterans organization. Weekly reports are provided on WVOX 1460 AM New Rochelle, NY. kgk914@aol.com @SonslegionRadio











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    PYRAMID POWER with Rion

    in Spirituality

    Rion discusses the way in which sleeping or meditating in a pyramid can expedite your energetic evolution. Examples of different alchemic combinations and frequencies are also shared. He also breaks down some of the functions of a pyramid and how their dimensional doorways on Earth were used in the past.  New Books and Content are also on there way, check out http://teamlight.com for updates. The Daily Vibe show is also now available at www.ivolvetv.com Please send all questions on Orgone Prodcuts or Ascension Services to Rion@teamlight.com Blessings

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    Are you really engaged in successful selling?

    in Business

    Why are there certain salespeople who are more engaged than others?  Are they more passionate?  Have a deeper purpose?  Crystal-clear vision statement?

    Please join us for a dynamic interview with Cristi McMurdie one of the first trained WHYcoaches from KnowYourWHY.com, providing excellent training of two amazing one-day workshops designed to enhance engagement, productivity and communication for sales and leadership teams.  Ms. McMurdie is an Adler certified Business coach since 2004 and a Group Dream Coach since 2006, coaching groups and individual alike.

    Since becoming WHYcoach certified in 2014, Ms. McMurdie has been speaking to annual conferences, rotary clubs, networking, leadership and interest groups on the 9-WHY system and how it can assist them in both business and personal life.  

    Ms. McMurdie combined the WHY Discovery process with family and business mediation to improve and expedite mediation and renamed her 18 year mediation practice to the new name of WHYmediate Mediation Services.  WHYmediate Mediation Services is a subsidiary of McMurdie Law Office, PC.

    Ms. McMurdie has practiced law and mediation since 1992 when she graduated from ASU Law School. Ms. McMurdie has owned and operated her own law firm since 1996 with an emphasis in family law. Though she appears in court when necessary, Ms. McMurdie is an able advocate of communication improvement to help families and business teams resolve their disputes at the negotiation table.  

    Ms. McMurdie’s individual WHY is to contribute to a cause greater than herself, to add value, have an impact and to make a difference.   Cristi can be reached at 480-777-5500.

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    VOICE OF YUBA COUNTYA150502WaterRallyatSacCapitolNielsenGallagher

    in Politics Conservative

    Water rally to expedite water storage project.  If thyey can speed up stadiums they can speed up water storage.

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    LGBTQ Matters: A Conversation with junior burchall

    in Education

    junior burchall, M.Ed., is a freelance writer, public speaker, curriculum consultant and Literacy Specialist. He is the founder of the Fihankra Home Academy, an Afrikan-centered homeschool located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A devoted husband, he is also the father of two high-energy, irrepressibly brilliant, Afrikan boys. Burchall is the author of “Freedom’s Flames: Slavery in Bermuda and the True Story of Sally Bassett” and “Dame Lois: The People’s Advocate”. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest work, “Look For Me in the Whirlwind: A Story of Marcus Garvey”, tentatively scheduled for release December 2015. Burchall has said of himself, "I am 100% committed to the full liberation of ALL Afrikan people. which means that - if I am not an ethically inconsistent hypocrite and coward of the highest order, that is - I must be similarly unswerving in my advocacy for Afrikans whose lives are under threat because they are what we today would call 'gay', or 'bisexual', or 'transgender', or 'intersex' or 'lesbian', or 'queer'"

    This topic is currently consuming much of the real estate of public discourse regarding black people getting free. The host, Cree, and Mr. burchall have not always seen eye-to-eye on matters pertaining to it. But, neither has she seen eye-to-eye on the topic with other black people passionate on the other side of it. Because Cree has admiration for Mr. burchall's courage, sincerity, and intellectual rigor, she thinks this is a conversation from which she and/or the listeners will learn something significant. The goal of this conversation is to bring clarity to the questions and the answers about the best known (codified) ways to think, speak, and/or act in regard to "LGBTQ" matters and people in order to expedite black people's freedom.

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    5 Reasons to get a Hair Analysis

    in Health

    Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) offers you

    1. a blue print of the biochemistry in your body and its functions.
    2. is the most reliable method to measure the mineral, trace element levels and Metal toxicity. It test for the presence of the greatest range of toxic materials. 
    3.It is painless,
    5. accurate

    Listen to Dr. Cat Q&A session  send in your questions she will answer as many questions as she can !

    Meet Dr. Cat 

    INTUITIVE MEDICINE will be able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness. Most of Dr. Cat’s clients have been ill for many years and have sought out various methods of treatment . Energy Medicine awakens energies that bring vitality, joy and enthusiasm to your life-and greater health to your body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Cat uses Hair Analysis, Homotoxicology to expedite the body’s ability to restore its own balance.

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    The Wisdom of Karma with Expert Patricia Gagic

    in Spirituality

    Karma is a potent law of the universe. Karma, literally meaning action, is the sum of your intentional and deliberate consciousness, which prescribes your thoughts and thus determines your actions. Just as positive thoughts initiate positive outcomes, negative thoughts create angst.

    The wisdom of your Karma is yours alone; you cannot experience someone else s karma. Fortuitously, you can influence the sovereignty of your karma

    Today's expert guest is Patricia Gagic, the author of the book, Karmic Alibi. In her book Patricia shares how to expedite the wisdom of karma. She says that by mastering the five radical degrees of life, so as to leave all excuses behind, you will be better able to live in a state of joyful and purpose-filled abundance emotionally, physically and spiritually a legacy to your divinity.

    To learn more about Patricia Gagic and her book, please visit http://www.inspiredtoberewired.com/

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    Happy Tummy Happy Mind

    in Health

    Become happy and healthy

    we will discuss mental wellbeing and the gut!

    Please call in, send an email, enter the chat room or call on the air.

    You can send your questions directly to DrCatMarshall@gmail.com

    “The Body and Mind are not separate, and we cannot treat one?without the other.”

    Dr. Cat is a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Medical intuitive.

    She is an author, holds a Doctorate in Holistic Health, and has been a State Registered Nurse for over 25 years.

    Most of Dr. Cat’s clients have been ill for many years and have sought out various methods of treatment . By seeing the cause of physical problems, Dr. Cat provides the insight necessary for whole-person healing. The entire being of the individual is taken into consideration, instead of just one element. Energy Medicine awakens energies that bring vitality, joy and enthusiasm to your life-and greater health to your body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Cat uses Hair Analysis, Homotoxicology to expedite the body’s ability to restore its own balance.






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    Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show: Messages from the (Spiritual) Guide Groups.

    in Spirituality

    Join Life Coach Ade  on the Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show.

    Sherri Cortland is the special return guest joining Life Coach Ade  for "Messages from the (Spiritual) Guide Groups".
    Sherri Cortland is continuing her conversation of raising vibrations and spiritual growth acceleration on the Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show in the New Year.

    Prepare to learn more about your spiritual path and how to connect the dots on why you are here, your divine mission connection with Spirit etc. 

    The theme for the month of January is Charge UP Your Life. Plug into the Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show and stay connected.

    Sherri Cortland, ND - Spiritual Growth Accelerator 
    Through Automatic Writing, Sherri Cortland channels and shares information communicated by her Guide Groups in her books and workshops with the express intention of providing tools that you can use to (1) expedite your spiritual growth and complete your “To Do” list for this incarnation with less drama and pain; and (2) increase your vibrational level and positive energy output to make the completion of the Shift easier for everyone and for our planet. 

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show" fan  (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    Also, don't miss Celestial Moment with Celeste Morgan. She offers the energy of the day!

    This show will shift your consciousness. Empower you to create a space and a place for inspiration, transformation and healing.

    For more information about Life Conversations Radio visit www.LifeConversationsMedia.com 


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    Empower Yourself With Medical Hypnosis - Dr. Hillel Mazansky

    in Health

    For the last 16 years Dr. Hillil Mazansky has studied the field of complementary medicine ever since he has explored the fields of Longevity Medicine and Hypnosis.  

    Although some people might associate Hypnosis with magicians and therapists, the idea of relaxing your mind and harnessing that energy towards easing chronic or acute pain is a practice that has shown promising results. In one study during the late 1990’s, the National Institutes of Health discovered that hypnosis, used properly, was able to ease pain that was experienced by Cancer patients. In addition to Cancer patients, hypnosis has also benefited patients who have experienced Burns, Rheumatoid arthritis, Anxiety, and much more. Even post-surgery hypnosis has proven to expedite the recovery process. 

    For more information on Medical Hypnosis, don’t forget to check out Dr. Mazazsky’s book “Empower Yourself With Medical Hypnosis” which is readily available on Amazon here

    For more information on Dr. Hillel Mazasnky please  visit http://www.gianinc.com