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    Exhibit Marketing 101

    in Business

    Have you been considering doing a display at an upcoming conference or expo to promote your business?
    You need to get the biggest bang for the buck so you can make a great impression and come home with lots of highly qualified leads, which means you can't go into it with a "Field of Dreams" mentality.
    Learn simple steps from an exhibit marketing expert that you can take before, during and after the event to significantly increase the return on your investment and help guarantee success, including how to:
    * Discover the best places for you to exhibit * Create a buzz prior to the event * Design an exhibit that attracts the right attendees * Make the most of any booth space, even if it's tiny * Take care of yourself so you don't burn out during or after the event
    Whether you're an exhibiting novice or a seasoned pro, selling products or services, you'll walk away with practical tips you can implement immediately to raise the level of success at your next event.

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    Kansas City Union Station History Exhibit Dedication

    in Hobbies

    A World's Class Exhibit detailing the History of Kansas City's Union Station makes it's debut to the public during this LIVE broadcast from the station.

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    ReMax of Boulder Radio - Boulder History Museum's Chief Niwot Exhibit

    in Fitness

    Carol Taylor of the Boulder History Museum joins Duane Duggan to discuss the Chief Niwot exhibit.  To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the tragic massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado, the Boulder History Museum is re-introducing the award-winning exhibition, Chief Niwot~Legend & Legacy, with new content and artifacts previously not on display.

    Chief Niwot struggled to find peace during the most fateful years in Southern Arapaho history. His life and legacy are revealed in this exhibit along with the Arapahos’ place in Boulder’s history.

    The Boulder History Museum is excited to present the powerful story Chief Niwot, one of the most notable Indians of the plains, a man about whom legends were made. Niwot’s story is one of honor and deceit, hope and despair. When hoards of white men began migrating to the central plains in the mid-nineteenth century, they moved into the land that was home to the Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians. In 1858, the Arapaho Chief Niwot (translated in English as Left Hand) astonished the early gold-seekers in Colorado by greeting them in their own language. He and his tribe hoped to make peace with the newcomers to allow the two cultures to share the same land and coexist peacefully. Niwot devoted his life to this struggle but his efforts ultimately failed. He was mortally wounded at the Sand Creek Massacre in 1864. This exhibit is the first to reveal the story of Chief Niwot and the complexity his struggle to find peace during the most fateful years in the history of the Southern Arapaho Indians.

    and between friends. Our community will be strengthened by exploring a pivotal piece of regional history in its rightful context.

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    Paul: The Grace Exhibit Of Theos

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the conversion of Paul as a primary exhibit of Grace.  Grace or charis is a noun of action.  Charis is God's profound action of rescue out from the bondage of harmartia(sin).  The conversion of Paul was accomplished by the grace action of God.  Paul was lifted out of darkness by grace.  The grace action of Theos never grew dim or old for Paul.  He knew that God had given him eternal life.  Post modern man is in search of a soul and the Iesous has come to save the lost ones.

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    Nina Zak Laddon & Sandra Liljenwald, CA 101 Art Exhibit

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Nina Zak Laddon and Sandra Liljenwall and they’re here to tell us all about the CA 101 Art Exhibit which starts tomorrow and will run for the next two weeks.

    Nina Zak laddon is an artist, curator and community organizer. She was the Chair of South Bay Hands on Art in 2000 and Co- Founder of the Redondo Beach Art group (RBAG).

    She was RBAG's president from 2003 to 2007 and the chair of the Power of Art from 2005 to 2007. Nina chaired the Redondo Beach Public Arts Task Force, was a member of Redondo Beach Leadership class 2008 and the Redondo Beach Woman of the Year in 2009.

    She’s the Vice President of Friends of Redondo Beach Arts and Co-Founder of CA 101 and has been acting as Curator and Juror of the exhibition since 2012.

    She has lived in Redondo Beach for the past 28 years and has 4 children. Nina is represented by Kathy's Gallery.

    Sandra Liljenwall is the CA 101 Exhibition Director. She earned her Master’s degree in Public Art Studies, School of Fine Arts at the University of Southern California and assisted with the Director of Special Events with on-campus public art projects.

    Sandra is a Board Member of Friends Redondo Beach Arts, member of Redondo Beach Art Group, member of the Public Art Commission and has been the CA101 Exhibition Director for the past three years.

    The Opening Reception takes place tomorrow, Friday, June 20 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Pier Plaza, second level, at the Redondo Beach Pier.


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    Holly Stephey & Gary Van Scyoc Pop Goes The Elephant John Lennon and more!

    in Entertainment

    Gary’s professional performances, experience and knowledge of the music and recording industry have continued for over fifty years.His performance and recording credits include John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Garcia, Neil Sedaka, Keith Moon, Paul Simon, 60’s soul singer Howard Tate and the legendary songwriter/producer Jerry Ragavoy. Gary is featured in John Lennon’s “Live in NYC” music video on MTV, VH-1, HBO and Showtime. He also appears in the feature film “Imagine”, Yoko’s “Then and Now” music video, Chuck Berry’s “Hail Hail Rock and Roll”, “The John Lennon Video Collection”, The John Lennon Anthology” [Box Set], as well as the documentary’s “The U.S. vs John Lennon”, “LENNONYC” PBS’s American Masters Series, and “Strange Fruit” the history of Apple records. Other TV performances with John Lennon include the Mike Douglas show, the Dick Cavett show, Dick Clark’s “Rolling Stone's 25 Years”, VH-1’s Legends and Behind the Music. As a singer/songwriter Gary has also recorded with his own groups, the Dynatones on Hanna Barbera records, Pig Iron on Columbia records and Elephants Memory on Apple records. Gary continues to record, perform, make appearances at Beatle shows and produce local acts. He wrote his first instructional book “Shortcuts” To Improving Your Bass Playing in 2006. Gary’s work is included in the new John Lennon exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.Gary released his first “Solo” CD “Pop Goes The Elephant” in the Fall of 2014. 

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    Tissue In The Tape Podcast: Ep. 37: No Alibi

    in Hip Hop Music

    Put episode 37 of the Tissue In The Tape Podcast on trial. Exhibit A: We do our usual 1,2 thing where we play joints (old and new) and shoot the gift in a late night hip-hop radio show format. Exhibit B: We do not need an alibi for our whereabouts and motives.  Exhibit C: We shall proceed and continue in a hip-hop kinda way. Check us out live or later. Get taught or get torched. Case closed. #hiphop365 #tissueinthetape #respectheatholderz #cultureovercoin #warroomsportspodcastnetwork

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    4th and Inches Show - 2014 NFL Week 15 Fantasy Football Preview

    in Sports

    Last week many fantasy football team owners whose teams had performed well during the regular season were knocked out in the first round of their league's playoffs due to the subpar (at least from a fantasy perspective) performance of the players who carried their team during the regular season (Exhibit A:  Peyton Manning).  This just highlights the importance of analyzing each week's matchups and taking nothing for granted, especially at this point in the season.

    Tune in to tonight's 4th & Inches show as we help you sort things out and make our start/sit recommendations for the 16 Week 15 games.  Let Jana and the Sherpa guide you to victory!  

    Now in its fifth season, tune in to the 4th and Inches Show with Jana & The Sherpa Wednesday evenings from 9:30 to 10:30pm Eastern!

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    Exhibit Marketing 101: A Blueprint for Results

    in Business

    Have you been considering doing a display at an upcoming industry conference or expo to promote your business? You need to get the biggest bang for the buck so you can make a great impression and come home with lots of highly qualified leads, which means you can't go into it with a "Field of Dreams" mentality. In this episode, learn simple steps from an exhibit marketing expert that you can take before, during and after the event to significantly increase the return on your investment and help guarantee success, including how to:
       * Formulate realistic, measurable goals
       * Create a buzz prior to the event
       * Design an exhibit that attracts the right attendees
       * Interact with attendees and gather the most qualified leads
       * Unlock the potential in those leads with a strategic follow-up plan
    Whether you're an exhibiting novice or a seasoned pro, selling products or services, you'll walk away with practical tips you can implement immediately to raise the level of success at your next event.
    Join host Kelly Galea with her guest, exhibit marketing strategist Marlys Arnold. Over the past 15 years, Marlys has led workshops for numerous associations and provided exhibitor training for events ranging from local consumer expos to some of the largest trade shows in the U.S. Her articles have appeared in trade show industry magazines and business publications from Kansas City to Australia, as well as traditional and online broadcasts. She's the author of Build a Better Trade Show Image and the ExhibitorEd Success System, as well as host of the Trade Show Insights blog-cast and founder of the Exhibit Marketers Café.

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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy DeNador and Guest Lynn Rae Lowe 12/10/14

    in Lifestyle

    Lynn Rae has lived her life somewhere between the right and left brain with zeal and achievements across many creative disciplines. Beginning at 5 as a dancer, by nine she was an acclaimed actress playing opposite George C. Scott. She has continued as a stage actress as a performer and writer. She also self published a book and wrote newspaper articles as the “The Gardening Guru." Her first one-woman art exhibit was as college sophomore, since then she has received two Niche Awards for creative design, garnered prestigious museum exhibits, as well as having international gallery representation. Starting as the Caterer for the Telluride Film Festival she eventually became Projects and Art Director with a staff of 250 people. To her musical credit, she has sung in Carnegie Hall as well as being producer of the Telluride Jazz Festival and Station Manager of a NPR radio station. As a teacher she was an originator of Colorado Artist in the school program. Her adult program "Drawing It Out” is based on her core belief it’s not that artists are special kinds of people, but rather each person is a special kind of artist.

    Her next phase of soul fulfillment is to share how you can tap into and use your creative juices to live a more joyful existence.

    To connect with Lynn Rae Lowe online, please visit her website, www.lynnraelowe.com

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    in Writing

    Join hosts Tom Riddell and Robin Eduardo as they welcome author Jim Allen to The Writers Lounge. Sit back and relax as Jim discusses what it's like to be a writer and he will also talk to us about his book: NOTHING IS AS IT APPEARS. IT IS ALL SMOKEN MIRRORS (Part #2: UFO's)

    Jim Allen, in this book, takes you on a wild ride through some of the greatest tragedies in American History. With the evidence and logic provided, the reader can come to their own conclusions as to which events exhibit cover-up and conspiracy.
    This book demonstrates that information the general public receives through media sources is often biased and manipulated in content from higher sources.

    It’s a fast, easy read and will probably have a profound psychological effect on the reader. It will leave you with an imprint that “nothing is as it appears, it’s all – Smoken Mirrors!

    *On this show we will discuss UFO's in depth (90 minute show)


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