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    Women in Wireless Interviews with Executive Women: ALI MERLINO

    in Women

    Women in Wireless connects, inspires an empowers women in mobile and digital technology.  We interview those exceptional women who have advanced to the executive level in this often male dominated industry.  In this episode we hear from Ali Merlino, SVP Revenue at Kiip Mobile.  She shares her career experiences and lessons learned to encourage and motivate women to win without regard to gender.

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    Who Needs an Executive Coach?

    in Management

    Do you need an executive coach? Join Grant D Fairley from the VIP Executive Coaching group and the Fellowship of Executive Coaches for a discussion on this.  Learn the times in your career when having an executive coach will help you. Discover more about the process of executive coaching.
    For HR and ER professionals, learn how executive coaching can assist you in the professional development of people in your group as well as how coaching can assist those facing a crisis.
    There is also a discussion about how to evaluate an executive coach to discover if they are right for you.  What is the difference between a life coach and an executive coach?
    Executive coaching is not just for CEOs but for all levels of management in an organization.  It is also helpful for people in government, charitable ogranizations and other groups where leaders must be effective and accountable.
    Who needs an Executive Coach?  You will know more after hearing this episode.

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    Fairley Tales - The Emperor and the Executive

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    What can an executive or other leader learn from the classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes"?  The answer of course is many things.  Join a new look at another of the old stories to help you see life and leadership more clearly.  Your host is executive coach and seminar speaker, Grant Fairley.
    This episode will help you to prevent, assess and make decisions more carefully as a leader.  When the inevitable happens and you make a mistake, this episode will help you know what to do next to protect your career and to be a leader worthy of trust.

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    Executive Coaching In Canada

    in Management

    Join Grant Fairley of Canadian Executive Coaching to learn what is new in the area of executive coaching as a solution for executives, senior management and top sales people.

    Grant will also discuss executive coaching as an important tool for anyone in Human Resources where they can use an executive coach to work with conflict management, improving performance and a periodic tune-up in support of their key personnel.

    The presentation will also touch on how to select an executive coach and the nature of the relationship in an effective coaching strategy.

    Alternative and innovative coaching methods will be included in the show as well.

    Grant Fairley is also the Director of the Fellowship of Executive Coaches. He is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. He has been in the "people business" since graduating in 1981.

    In addition to coaching, Grant Fairley is an author, inventor of the Iasis Healthcare techology patent in Canada and is a seminar speaker across Canada and the United States.

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    Executive Recruiters - The Inside Story

    in Management

    On this program, we will explore the world of executive recruiting with the inventor of the word "recruiter", and his colleague, a consultant to the industry.

    Join the conversation as we invite Bob Snelling of Ross-HR Inc. and Daniel Mueller of SOLID Executive Partners, to share some insight that will help you leverage this information to accelerate your own executive career.


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    Fairley Tales - the Tortoise, the Hare and the Executive

    in Management

    This fairy tale is the Aesop Fable about the Tortoise and the Hare.  As with all the "Fairley Tales", Grant Fairley takes a different look at the story to give a fresh perspective on its application to life.
    In this case, he gives the executive a way at looking at challenges that are part of being a leader.  You will be surprised by what he has to say about this fairy tale.
    Grant Fairley is a senior executive coach and seminar speaker who will entertain and challenge your thinking about leadership and life.

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    A conversation with Bergen County Executive James Tedesco

    in Podcasting

    Record Talk Radio kicks off its fifth season on Friday Oct. 30 at 11 a.m. when Bergen County Executive James Tedesco will be our guest.

    Tedesco will talk about several county projects, the current political season and his recent recovery from back surgery.

    Tedesco, a Democrat and former Paramus mayor, became Bergen's fifth county executive in January.

    Record Talk Radio is an on-going series of conversations between newsmakers and journaliss in Northern New Jersey.


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    July 2015 - Tim Palmer

    in Management

    Today Mitch will interview an outstanding marketing executive, Tim Palmer. Tim talks about a pivotal point in his career when he advocated a new and innovative marketing strategy. The remarkable success of that strategy changed the trajectory of his career, ultimately leading to VP and CMO roles with a major American company.

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    The Lighthouse and the Executive

    in Management

    There are many images for effective leadership.  Join executive coach Grant D Fairley to explore why a lighthouse is a fitting image for leaders who want to create an environment that is both productive and healthy for their team.

  • 11-2-15 Ralph Balestriere of Red Wing Shoes

    in Management

    Today we are pleased to welcome Ralph Balestriere. Ralph is Chief Financial Officer, Redwing Shoes. He graduated from Boston University with a degree in Accounting and Finance, then spent 17 or 18 years at CR Bard, a large global medical technology company, and was steadily promoted to become VP and GM International Finance and Administration. He went on to become CFO at Marconi Medical Systems and Teleflex Medical. I’ve known Ralph for about 10 years and we’ve had a lot of interesting conversations in that time. One of the things I like about him is that he is so unpretentious. What you see is what you get with Ralph.

    I thought he would be a good guest for our program for two reasons:

    Most of us (who aren’t finance executives) would probably admit that we don’t always understand what our CFO is thinking?
    Ralph is a proven CFO with an excellent track record. And I believe he can help us understand what CFOs think and why. I suspect it will soon be evident that Finance executives are pretty much like the rest of us; and in the final analysis, they are on our side.


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    Ed Scholl - July 2015

    in Management

    Today we will speak with Ed Scholl, commercial banker and executive advisor.