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    Fairley Tales - The Emperor and the Executive

    in Management

    What can an executive or other leader learn from the classic fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes"?  The answer of course is many things.  Join a new look at another of the old stories to help you see life and leadership more clearly.  Your host is executive coach and seminar speaker, Grant Fairley.
    This episode will help you to prevent, assess and make decisions more carefully as a leader.  When the inevitable happens and you make a mistake, this episode will help you know what to do next to protect your career and to be a leader worthy of trust.

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    Executive Recruiters - The Inside Story

    in Management

    On this program, we will explore the world of executive recruiting with the inventor of the word "recruiter", and his colleague, a consultant to the industry.

    Join the conversation as we invite Bob Snelling of Ross-HR Inc. and Daniel Mueller of SOLID Executive Partners, to share some insight that will help you leverage this information to accelerate your own executive career.


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    Fairley Tales - the Tortoise, the Hare and the Executive

    in Management

    This fairy tale is the Aesop Fable about the Tortoise and the Hare.  As with all the "Fairley Tales", Grant Fairley takes a different look at the story to give a fresh perspective on its application to life.
    In this case, he gives the executive a way at looking at challenges that are part of being a leader.  You will be surprised by what he has to say about this fairy tale.
    Grant Fairley is a senior executive coach and seminar speaker who will entertain and challenge your thinking about leadership and life.

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    STATE Grill and Bar Executive Chef

    in Travel

    Executive Chef Octavio Becerra of STATE Grill and Bar describes the modern American restaurant and how they are using handcrafted and local supplies. All of this and more when Travel Today comes from STATE Grill and Bar in the Empire State building with I Love New York. 

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    Kara Ronin: Founder of Executive Impressions

    in Business

    Kara Ronin returns to chat about how she was able to grow her business, Executive Impressions, through guest posting.

    Kara has written guest posts for online media outlets like The Local France, Expatica France, Firepole Marketing,  Business Insider India and The Muse (formerly The Daily Muse), which was picked up by Time Inc. 

    She will explain how she got the opportunity to do guests posts and why anyone can grow their brand through guest posting even if they are a college student or an employee.

    Through the portal of Executive Impessions, Kara offers corporate, university, and online training programs focused on her fields of expertise: international business etiquette and executive leadership.

    She is also the author of an ebook called "The Ultimate Networking Roadmap: Rise Above Fear To Network With Confidence and Class."

    Website: www.executiveimpressions.com

    Twitter: @execimpressions


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    Executive Coaching In Canada

    in Management

    Join Grant Fairley of Canadian Executive Coaching to learn what is new in the area of executive coaching as a solution for executives, senior management and top sales people.

    Grant will also discuss executive coaching as an important tool for anyone in Human Resources where they can use an executive coach to work with conflict management, improving performance and a periodic tune-up in support of their key personnel.

    The presentation will also touch on how to select an executive coach and the nature of the relationship in an effective coaching strategy.

    Alternative and innovative coaching methods will be included in the show as well.

    Grant Fairley is also the Director of the Fellowship of Executive Coaches. He is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. He has been in the "people business" since graduating in 1981.

    In addition to coaching, Grant Fairley is an author, inventor of the Iasis Healthcare techology patent in Canada and is a seminar speaker across Canada and the United States.

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    Coaching Scenarios: Executive Coaching

    in Education

    Frankie and Terri continue their series on your coaching scenarios, asking the important question: WHAT IF. “What happens when…” “How should you handle…” Today, the subject is executive coaching, and our guest coaching expert is Karen Cappello. What are the important things to remember when coaching the business executive?

    Coaching Impact Radio. Brought to you by Impact Coaching Academy.

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    The Lighthouse and the Executive

    in Management

    There are many images for effective leadership.  Join executive coach Grant D Fairley to explore why a lighthouse is a fitting image for leaders who want to create an environment that is both productive and healthy for their team.

  • The Role of Executive Church Leadership

    in Religion

    Rev. Dr. Darryl B. Ingram will join us to share his knowledge and unique perspective on executive church leadership. Dr. Ingram has served as the Executive Director of Christian Education for the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) since 2004 and he is candidate for Bishop in 2016.  If you have ever wondered what do those people do, don't miss this show.

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    The Executive Checklist

    in Business

    Whether you’re creating a to-do list for grocery shopping or a doctor checking off procedural items before a surgery, we all make lists. In THE EXECUTIVE CHECKLIST: A Guide for Setting Direction and Managing Change, James M. Kerr gives examples of new organizational concepts being implemented in businesses today and how it’s helping them to be better and stay better. Jim will be joining us to talk about some of the best techniques and tips for accomplishing our to-dos. 

    James Kerr is a management consultant and organizational behaviorist. As a partner at BlumShapiro Consulting, he specializes in corporate transformation, strategy formulation, business process redesign and Internet and technology management and planning. He is the author of The Executive Checklist as well as three other business texts.

    Today’s sponsor is Audible.com, a leading provider of spoken audio entertainment and information. Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30-day free trial at audibletrial.com/businessgrowth

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    Conductors and Captains - What Kind of Executive Are You?

    in Management

    There are many leadership models.  It is important to know which one is the one you are using.  Often we end up in a leadership pattern without thinking through how we arrived there and if it is the best way to go.
    Join Grant D Fairley, senior executive coach, for his presentation on what kind of executive you may be and what kind of executive you could become!

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