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    What's Your Excuse?

    in Motivation

    Procrastination is one of the biggest dream killers there is. So why do we do it? The reasons are the same for all of us. Many of us have not taken the time to look at those reasons. Taking the time to recognize that you are a procrastinator is the first step to doing something about it. Learning what your "Why" is will support you in moving past it. I know so many people that there whole conversation is "Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda." Don't let that be yours. Let's get serious and do something about it. It's time to be about "Gettting Things Done" - GTD

    Join Danielle Hall and I in a collaboration to support you in "Getting Things Done."  We truly do not want you to have any regrets in life.

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    Soul Sista Sunday - Let The Children Come To Me

    in Prayer

    SoulSistaSunday - Let The Children Come To Me
    w/ FoRe! Ambassadors - 8am/11am

    Join us as we do a Church ReBoot, redefining Fellowship.

    Call to listen in only or join the conversation! (347) 989-8053

    Producer - Maria DiGiovanni
    Executive Producer - FoRe! International
    SoulSistaSunday's Foundation - Hebrews 12:22

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    FoRe! International - Where we are Elevating and Empower women, overcoming adversity.

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    Tammie Arnim

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    FAIRIES & ELEMENTALS: Awaken The Wisdom Of Your Soul with Christina Sander

    in Spirituality

    Join host Christina Sander for this special Earth Day episode of Awaken The Wisdom Of Your Soul where we'll talk about FAIRIES & ELEMENTALS. Christina will be sharing personal experiences with the fairies and the elemental realm and give personal fairy readings for listeners.

    {To get a personal reading, join my Awaken The Wisdom Of Your Soul Facebook Group and post your question with the hashtag #soulradio.}

    Christina Sander is a spiritual teacher and gifted intuitive. She is trained as an Angel Therapist®, a Soul Realignment® Practitioner as well as an Atlantean Healing Practitioner™ and holds a Master's Degree in Psychology from the University of Zurich, Switzerland.
    Along with her passion for the spiritual and metaphysical, Christina is a passionate photographer and designer, and loves to travel the world.

    Find out more about Christina and her work at www.ChristinaSander.com.

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    The Appearance * 4.28.16 * Show Me Your Glory 5

    in Christianity

    The Glory of God is something that is very real and tangible and should be experienced by every true born again believer in Jesus Christ.  Do you know that you were created to dwell in God's Presence and experience His Glory?  Do you have a desire to develop a passion for His Presence and be ignited by His Power?  Are you hungering to see miracles happening in your life through the manifest presence of God?  In this teaching series, you will hear answers to these and other important questions. 

    Augusto's Website...

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    Augusto on MediaFire...

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    in Entertainment

    Let's discuss whether or not to reveal to your mate that his or her friend is being a creep! Should this be a secret to save their friendship or should you risk ruining their friendship all together. 

    Call live at 7pm!!!Win a prize by answering a trivia question!!!

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    Unlock your soul- don't be afraid to be who you are

    in Self Help

    In today's show, Lorraine Whyte will be having a conversation with Diane Hall, who is a Spiritual Author, Healer, and Psychic Development teacher. Diane is inspired by her guides and the angelic realm to create books that touch the heart. Consequently, she has written many books that support you on your spiritual journey including Letters to Lightworkers, The Little book of Daily Guidance, Find your Purpose Find your Path, and Catching Feathers in the Wind. 

    Diane has played a major part in Lorraine's journey of personal and spiritual development. And in tonight's show Diane will share her wisdom, and Lorraine will share her experience as they both explore the topic 'don't be afraid to be who you are'

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    Cruz - Mathematically Eliminated - Chooses "Running" Mate? Hillary "Deal Me In!"

    in Politics

    It's OVER for Canada Cruz, John Kasich, AND Bernie Sanders.

    Yet, even though he is mathematically eliminated from the race for the Republican Nominee, Cruz chooses a running mate. Seriously?

    What happens, now, to the Cruz/Kasich Pact to force a Bokered Convention?

    What did Hillary mean when she said to deal her in?

    And I KNEW that this was going to happen: Last night, during the chumps "victory" speech, he quoted Senator Bernie Sanders, about Secretary Clinton's "qualifications to be POTUS.

    So, just WHEN will Bernie do what he should have done a month ago, gracefully bow out, urge his supporters to support the real life Madam Secretary, and tell them why their support of her is so very important?

    Join me - LIVE - Tonight at 11:30, and we'll try to figure it all out, together.

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    Is it natural to DESIRE someone else, while you're in love with your mate?

    in Education

    This topic isn't about whether or not polygamy and polyamry is good or bad, it's about whether or not someone who proclaims they are fulfilled with that one spouse/mate, should have desires for another person. Are desires for another being, natural, while in a fulfilling relationship with someone else? If you desire someone else does that mean that you're not fulfilled by your mate? Is it natural to desire someone else, while having a spouse/mate?

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    EPS 61: Awaken your soul with Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji... NEW

    in Motivation

    Join UIF founder Tim and his guest Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji as they discuss how to truly awaken your soul on the UI Radio Network. 

    Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji was born and raised in India and comes from a highly spiritual family with a long established history of healing. She is a direct descendent of the Sikh Gurus on her maternal side and is from the royal lineage from her paternal side. Her spiritual lineage descends from Sri Sri 1008 Baba Neem Karoliji Maharaj who was widely known as ‘The Healing Saint of Northern India’. She spent her educational years in India and England completing her MA & MBA. She has worked with leading scientists in the Himalayas on the healing properties of pure essential oils and conducted groundbreaking experiments with flower, crystals/gem elixirs in Australia for more than 18 years. Her ultimate goal is to help individuals heal their lives by removing energy blocks,  assisting them to lead a more fulfilling, abundant and purposeful life.

    Through Divine Bliss International, Guruji aims to guide individuals mentally, intellectually and logically to understand life in its totality. Guruji has developed a highly specialized system of rebalancing energies in which she changes and transfers energies to assist you in releasing disease, pain or discomfort from your physical, mental and astral body. By tapping into the energy patterns attached to your energetic body, Guruji then assists you to cleanse the energetic and physical body of all unwanted patterns. This then enhances the positive aspects of your entire being.

    Divine Bliss International's main philosophy, through her teachings, is to open the light within, which will assist the true seekers of this world to be liberated, by connecting them to their higher self.



    in Women

    IS HAPPINESS SIMPLY A QUESTION OF MIND OVER MATTER- CAN WE BE HAPPY EVEN IN THE MIDST OF ADVERSE CIRCUMSTANCES -   Have you ever noticed how many songs suggest we have no control over our beloved emotions? "The O Magazine January 2016 Edition" How about the song lyrics "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with?" - How important is what we listen to? Are you a victim of your environment? LET'S TALK ABOUT IT!

    JOIN THE CONVERSATION -  LET'S TALK ABOUT IT! Every week we address and discuss “Feelings Women Rarely Share”.  We believe that the forum should be without prejudice. Topics selected are for women by women and are directly related to the Real Women with Real Weight series. You are me, and Together We Are”. Although I have to tell you, men often join us and love our show too. REAL TALK, REAL ISSUES, REAL LIFE! On Me, God and A Cup of Coffee, We believe that every morning should begin with a conversation with God. Since Coffee is universal and often used by many a s a reason to get together, an opportunity to share good or bad news, and whether a coffee drinker or not usually a reason to relax and have conversation with a friend, we use Coffee as a Metaphor for a universal visitation. SO GRAB YOUR MUG AND FILL IT UP. COME HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE WITH THE HOST SUSAN KEE AND FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.

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    in Christianity

     "AM I IN THE WAY OF FINDING MY SOUL MATE?"...There are so many things that could be in the way of you finding your soul mate. 1)The check list, 2)The drama, 3)The motive, 4)The attitude, 5) Already in a relationship, 6) Appearance, 7) Excessively Spiritual, 8)Too much baggage, 9)your character, 10) Too possessive etc. The list goes on. Join in on the conversation and lets talk about solutions that can make you soul mate ready! There is somebody for EVERYBODY! We will meet you there! ~♥