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    The Final Say - with Chuck Hoskinson, Washington Examiner

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Brett & Jon Rappaport on The Final Say every day, Monday through Friday from 3 to 4 PM EST, as we discuss and analyze current news, politics, policy, issues, and world events.

    James S. Robbins joins us every Tuesday to discuss the latest political, policy, and security issues.  Don't forget to order a copy of his new book 'The Real Custer'.

    Replay from 9-12-14

    Chuck Hoskinson, Senior Writer for the Washington Examiner, joins the show to discuss his recent article titles 'Though we're better prepared, enemy far stronger than on 9/11'

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    Sandra Sims, Hollywood Movie Examiner for Examiner.com share movie updates

    in Entertainment

    Sandra Sims, BlogtalkradioHost and Hollywood Movie Examiner for Examiner.com, shares movie updates and highlights on film related special events.

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    The Final Say - with Chuck Hoskinson of Washiington Examiner

    in Politics Conservative

    The Final Say's Bret & Jon Rappaport can we hear Monday to Friday 3 - 4 PM EST.

    Catch every show for our great guest line up. 

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    The LinkedIn Code: Social Media Examiner Expert: MELONIE DODARO

    in Social Networking

    MELONIE DODARO is the founder of Top Dog Social Media, a social media agency that helps brands, businesses, professionals and sales teams use social media marketing and social selling to boost their visibility, attract new customers and increase their revenue.

    Social Media Examiner has listed her blog as one of Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2014 and she has been dubbed by the media as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert and social media strategist. Melonie also provides LinkedIn training to corporate sales teams and speaks worldwide at both industry and corporate events and conferences.

    Not just another social network, LinkedIn is a powerful business-building tool to attract more leads and clients. In fact, this lead generating GOLD MINE is over 277% more effective for lead generation than any other social media method.

    The LinkedIn Code reveals the very same system developed and practiced by author Melonie Dodaro, who receives more than 70% of her leads from LinkedIn. Packed with daily and weekly checklists, example messages and case studies of professionals and companies that have seen a massive increase in revenue by following these exact principles, The LinkedIn Code is your key to cracking the secret of using LinkedIn for true business success.

    Visit:  http://topdogsocialmedia.com/
    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.greenskyandbluegrass.com   

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    Gibson voter fraud, Open Borders Crime Project, cut from Examiner on The Ruthie

    in Politics

    Please join Ruthie this week Thursday October 30th, 2014 8-10 pm CST with GUEST: Dave Gibson - formerly of the Examiner

    Dave has been investigated and tracked by the DHS for reporting the crimes committed by illegal aliens. He's been threatened by the Coast Guard after he exposed their plot to allow drugs to enter this country along our Eastern Seaboard--per Obama's orders...

    Now he's been fired by Examiner for showing a link between the spread of the deadly Enterovirus and thousands of Obama's so-called "unaccompanied minors. - find out where he is now writing and sharing his expertise and information.

    Dave and Ruthie will also be discussing voter fraud in North Carolina

    In addition, Dave has recently produced a study on the massive number of crimes being committed by illegal aliens in the 'virtual border state' of North Carolina which has been published in the Social Contract magazine - this is information that only North Carolina but the Nation must hear.

    Open Borders Crime Project - Every year, thousands of Americans are victimized by those here illegally, some are robbed, some are sexually assaulted and some are even killed. Depsite this ongoing national tragedy, the federal government refuses to keep statistics on the number of crimes committed by illegal aliens.
    This project presents a comprehensive look at the ways Americans are being victimized due to our open border, which will include multiple, published studies, a film and interviews with victims.
    The project will explores
    Deadly DUIs, Child Sexual Assaults, Crimes Agains Women, Identity Theft, Theft of Government Services & Illegal Employment

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    Talk Liberty Special with Paolo Fabrizio and you!

    in Politics

    Join Liberty Rules radio as we talk about everything Liberty related in the news today, we will be talking about how the governments new cap and trade is really just a fancy way of taxing us some more, what ever happened to the police investigation into the gas plants? We will be taking your calls and you can talk about anything you want. Hillary is running does anyone care? We will be disussing my column that will be in the Examiner later today and printed in tommorows paper edition. What's going on between Paolo and the Libertarian Party we will find out all on today's show. Also Justin versus Stephen who wins?

    Join us and put us on your computer as you're enjoying your dinner.


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    Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Trucking’s Myths and Facts

    in Health

    Our special guests will be certified DOT Medical Examiner, Dr. Randolph Rosarian and Elaine Papp, former Division Chief of the Office of Medical Programs at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    They will be answering  questions from many within trucking who are concerned about the causes and affects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Among those most concerned are professional CDL Holders who are required to pass the DOT physical exam in order to retain their license.

    Concerns include: How to prepare for the DOT physical. What are the dangers of having OSA? Are there any rules presently in place by FMCSA regarding OSA? What does Congress say about CDL drivers and OSA? What regulations or guidelines can be anticipated by FMCSA? What criteria/symptoms requires a driver to have a sleep test and what does a professional driver do if diagnosed with OSA? Can you be terminated for being diagnosed with OSA?

    Discussion will also include what treatments are available and accepted for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and ways to pay for

    As always, lines will be open for questions via: 347-826-9170. If you would like to join in the conversation, press 1 at anytime.

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    Dave Gibson of the Examiner being investigated for reporting the truth

    in Politics


    Please join Ruthie this Thursday July 10th, 2014 8-10 pm CST with

    GUEST: DAVE GIBSON of the Immigration Reform Examiner

    Dave will join the show at the top of the 9:00 O'clock hour


    Many of you are familiar with Dave Gibson and his excellent job of reporting and keeping us informed

    on the many many crimes committed by individuals who should not be in the USA to begin with. - that

    being illegal aliens. Crimes that make your stomach turn - create sadness and anger

    Several of you are also aware of recent news tidbits about Dave Gibson's work - causing concern of just what

    is happening.... Dave will join us to discuss how his reporting efforts and patriotic stand now had garnered the

    attention of the Federal Government and ICE - all in an attempt to silence the truth.

    Who Knows........... seeing that Dave continues to report and I continue to share many of these disgusting and

    preventable crimes with you on the show.......maybe this ICE Agent and DHS (who has previously listened to

    The Ruthie Report) will tune in as well.

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    ER Access and Doctor Choice

    in Self Help

    Managing Change is
    a content rich, filled hour in which you will hear and identify with diverse perspectives about change. Eclectic points of view in addressing the family nucleus. Answers for your career, solutions for your business and for that entrepreneurial spirit which is uniquely American.  Our guest share with you every week, their own Life’s Perspectives on having mapped their minds for success.

    Come join us and voice your thoughts in our ‘Forums’ and create your own ‘Groups’ while feeding off the energy that inspires us to do better for ourselves and for one another.

    Join us on BlogTalkRadio every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM EST for Managing Change. Real Time Content - Providing Real Time Solutions.  

    Office: 609-735-2761
    Fax: 609-283-0217
    e-mail: Ronald@ManagingChange2.com

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    Actor and Martial Artist Cliff Cunningham

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media, William Powell, welcomes actor and martial artist Cliff Cunningham about his many projects, and how actors can support themselves with side businesses.

    Read my article about Cliff at DC Actors Examiner here:

    Cliff Cunningham seeks martial arts and comedy roles

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    power of perception writers with Gabrielle Faust i

    in Spirituality

    Internationally renowned author Gabrielle Faust is best known for her vampire series ETERNAL VIGILANCE. Her previous work has also included three collections of poetry, BEFORE ICARUS AFTER ACHILLES, CROSSROADS and THE BEGINNING OF NIGHTS, the novella REGRET, the celebrated dark fantasy adventure novel REVENGE, and the vampire novel THE LINEAGE. She was also the chief editor and a contributor of the vampire anthology HIGH STAKES. Her work has appeared in the sites SciFi Wire, Fatally Yours, Examiner, Doorways Magazine, Fear Zone, Gothic Beauty Magazine, as well as various anthologies.
    Faust was the Guest of Honor at the Queen of the Damned Vampire Ball in 2008. From 2009 to 2011 she was a Special Guest of the Endless Night Festival in New Orleans and was crowned "New Orleans Vampire Royalty" by the Vampire Lestat Fan Club at the Tru Blood & Gold vampire ball in 2010 alongside Charlaine Harris. In addition, Gabrielle Faust has been a featured guest at dozens of conventions across the United States. Faust was the primary graphic designer for the 2011 World Horror Convention and was the co-crew chief for the International Housing Program for the SXSW Music Festival from 1994 to 2010. In 2011 Faust was awarded the Texas Social Media Award by the Austin American Statesman. Today she is concentrating on her career as a novelist and media blogger while working on the next three installments of the Eternal Vigilance series.


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