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  • 02:02

    EWA Radio presents the Late night Zone Out with Pun the Psychologist Live

    in Wrestling

    Join in toinght as the Flagship show of the station returns!!!!

    Tonight Pun talks about various topics including


    PPv update, future company news, Anarchy review, 

    5 minute radio Tournament for a shot at the ewa radio title

    Pun talks about pushing the envelope 

    USL integrity

    Pun talks about his recent trip to cleveland in looking for marjory 

    Pun asks prosper about a honeymoon

    When people try to jump into a statement,deflecting  or absorbing

    When not to stick your neck out

    No contact orders and why they can benefit one side at least

    Pun relaunches an old idea with prosper airing soon

    Over GMing and why you dont over load

    What do you do when the fun goes out 

    Signifigance of both sides of a storyline



  • 01:38

    EWA Radio Proudly Welcomes RAMPAGE RANTS Monday Night Mayhem

    in Wrestling

    It’s that rare day that happens only every four years so who knows what may happen tonight. Not just on RAW, but here on our new home on EWA. We have a lot to talk about tonight and only two hours to cover it. The Chicago area was a hotbed on Saturday with a total of four shows running. We’ll talk about those, including Steve’s final in ring appearance. One of the people involved in his final match will be with us on Wednesday. The central Illinois area has the annual Rumble For The Kids coming up in April, but there’s some controversy going on in that area. Sean will be talking about that as it does have a direct effect on him. A very popular member of the Lucha Underground roster is going to be retiring. We’ll talk about who that is and why they’re leaving as well as another promotion looking for a little cash infusion. Jeff Jarrett has emerged after an extended absence, we’ll discuss what he has to say and if we’re convinced he’s become viable. RAW should be interesting tonight with the return of the Undertaker, a Number one contenders match for the Divas title and who knows what other things will happen. We can’t wait to hear from you about what happens. You can join our chat or contact us via Skype or at our NEW number, 347-850-8033. We look forward to having you join us tonight.

  • 02:18

    EWA Radio Presents Tanked and Punished Live tonight 6pm est 9pm est

    in Wrestling

    Welcome to tonights show Tanked and Punished

    Where pun and tankgrrrrl Talk  about what ever the fuck theywant too

    This show is sponsered By Marijanica and Yes we cannibis


    Tonights shows topics include but are not limited too

    Training gm's


    choosing trusting/faithful GM's


    what to look for when joining a company as well


    two faced backstabbing drama llamas


    How can I do my job when they simpletons wont listen


    do your reaserch before getting all manic


    why some peoples opinions turn to drama



    friendship mindfuck


    Anything any one wants to talk about come to the show and call in to the show



  • 02:59

    EWA Radio presents the Late Night Zone out special celebration edition

    in Wrestling

    Join us tonight as pun has a few things he is going to talk about 

    a five minute tournament 

    five in five with vacant vale 

    Pun had a big change happen tonight this show is a celebration in dedication to the big news 

    Pun talks about marjory 

    anything any one wants to bring to the show to talk about tonight 

    follow the leader

    How far is too far

    When dumb people piss off pun


  • 02:26

    EWA Radio Proudly Welcomes PWR SLAM! #98 Featuring C. Red & ???

    in Wrestling

    It’s midweek and time for your weekly dose of PWR SLAM! Tonight is a rather special night for Steve as one of the people involved in his last match will be our special guest tonight. During the week Sean Young is your average guy. He’s a Chicago schoolteacher, parent and helps his elderly Mom take care of herself. However, on the weekends, he becomes the flamboyant, boisterous sartorially resplendent manager and occasionally wrestler known as CRed. Why is he known as CRed? You’ll find out tonight. CRed has been a mainstay on the Chicago wrestling scene for many years. Starting with Windy City Pro Wrestling and its offshoot, Urban American Pro Wresting, he eventually went out on his own along with his cohorts, Acid Jaz, Willie Da Bomb Richardson and Marshe Rockett. They have appeared in a number of promotions, including Chikara where they have appeared in their King Of Trios tournament. We’ll talk to him about how wrestling has changed, including the Chicago scene, working for Chikara and other promotions and his take on how blacks are used in wrestling.  We invite you to ask your questions either in chat, by using Skype or by calling us at 347-850-8033. As always, calls are screened and questions will be allowed based on content and time.

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    EWA Radio Presents Rampage Rants-Monday Night Mayhem

    in Wrestling

    Tonight's RAW is actually like a post PPV show because of Saturday night's Roadblock event on the WWE Network. If you got to watch it what were your thoughts? We'll try to focus on three specific matches, the NXT Tag Team Title match, the Sammy Zayn/Stardust match and the main event between Dean Ambrose and Triple H. 

    After that we'll discuss tonight's RAW. At this point we know The New Day will be defending their titles against the League Of Nations again, with thonight's LON combination being Rusev and Alberto Del Rio. They are also noting Shane McMahon, Triple H and Brock Lesnar will be present. Speaking of Shane, part of his scheduled promo last week in Chicago was dropped at the last minute. We'll discuss what that was as well.There is also scheduled to be more interplay between Brie Bella and Lana and Chris "Hollywood Game Night" Jericho and AJ Styles.

    In the news, Performance Center trainer William Regal has a warning for young talents concerning how they execute their moves, a former Diva had a scare late last week and a lucha standout was seen at the Performance Center.

    We hope you will participate with your questions and comments in our chat, by Skype or phone. Make sure you join us tonight.

  • 01:26

    EWA Radio Presents Rampage Rants-Monday Night Mayhem

    in Wrestling

    Tonight we will begin by paying tribute to two legendary performers in our business, Japanese legend Hayabusa and British-American Legend Lord James Blears. Both were very well known and respected on both sides of the globe.

    Tonight RAW eminates from one of the most vocal towns in terms of WWE fans, Chicago.Well, technically not really Chicago, Rosemont actually, but that doesn't stop the announcers from calling it Chicago. WWE has done some smart programming by having Shane McMahon scheduled to appear before the always rowdy Alstate Arena crowd. It will be interesting to see how they have him address his father's comments last week.

    Over the weekend both Charlotte and Sheamus suffered serious head cuts,so we're not sure if they will be appearing or not. John Cena issued a teaser on Twitter, does that mean he will be appearing? If so, how will the crowd react this time? We do know New Day will be defending the Tag Team Titles against Y2AJ. Will Chicago see a pre WrestleMania title change? How will AJ translate with a crowd that has probably only seen him on TV?\

    Katie, Steve and Sean will talk about these and other news tonight. We invite you to join us in our chat, or if you wish to speak to us personally you can use Skype or call us at 347-850-8033. We look forward to you joining us.


  • 02:01

    Ewa radio late night zone out with Pun the Psychologist

    in Wrestling

    Join in tonight as we talk about all sorts of thing. And anything anyone wants to bring to the table.

    Tonight's word of the day is friendship

    Ewa kicks off Saturday night with its first show join Ewa to be a part of it

    Announces signed matches for the show

    Announcing Ewa and the return to ppv 

    Reminder douche of the week nominations begin tonight

    Vacant vale defends his radio title

    Relevance and how to tell if your character is

    Today in Ewa history. Barracuda magoo first hof inductee  

    Puns from the desk is on the word of the day








  • 02:42

    EWA Presents PWR SLAM!

    in Wrestling

    We are not aware of any guests for tonight so we'll just open it up to you, our listeners.

    There are several items out to talk about:

    Michael Hayes talks about The Freebirds and "that flag"

    There is Seth Rollins news

    EVERYONE is talking about the Hulk Hogan/Gawker case!

    Are Hogan's "pythons" the only thing that's twenty four inches?

    There's Jim Ross and Jimmy Snuka news as well.

    We hope you'll join us tonight.

  • 02:03

    Ewa radio late night zone out with Pun the Psychologist

    in Wrestling

    Join in tonight as we literally talk about everything imaginable
    Tonight s topics include but are not limited too
    dream matches
    Alt games
    From the desk of pun - opinions with failure to comprehend.....
    Underground companies
    Ewa news updates 
    What to expect next week 
    Today in Ewa history. 
    Explains a bit time remaining on last weeks show....
    Join in have some fun.

  • 02:10

    Ewa radio late night zone out with Pun the Psychologist

    in Wrestling

    Join in tonight as we begin another week in WU

    Pun discusses

    Group 1 usl return 

    Biased company owners

    Pun talks about his stones ball match. 

    Return of douche of the week

    Five for five with ?????

    Ewa radio flashback 8$ gallon of water

    Pun tells the world what truth was trying to say the last show

    Why some people refuse to UN bury themselves

    Word of the day separation