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    SID-Half-Time/Doc,EW&Wings-Live From Met-Life-Jets-Steelers/*TRUST*IN*GOD*

    in Sports

    Big Ben Roethlisberger came to town,he of the back to back six touchdown games. And his Pittsburgh Steelers faced the eight straight games lost in a row,New York Jets. E-Wonder and the Docthah were live again from Met-Life Stadium in East Rutherford,NJ.
    And when the smoke had cleared two streaks came to a holt.As the Jets topped the Steelers 20-13,stopped their losing streak and cooled off the red hot Big Ben and his streaking Steelers.
    Michael Vick threw one more TD then Big Ben as his 2 TD toss game led the way.
    Music heart throb,Justin Bieber had joined the Steelers pray sessionSaturday night,but with Jet safety Jaiquawn Jarett snagging 2 INT's and recovering a fumble,the Steeler's with JJ's defensive play leading he way,Ben and crew didn't have a prayer on this Sunday against Ryan's defensive men in green.And Vick running like a youngster at times it did seem.
    E-Wonder and Doc were also at the big fight Saturday night in Atlantic City,N.J .
    Where Sergey Kovalev remained undefeated and won another championship belt with his big victory over fistic icon,Bernard Hopkins. On this night Hopkins the Alien should have never landed as the Krusher did just that all night against Hopkins. Who too didn't have a prayer against the new dad and now undisputed light heavyweight champion.Sadam Ali impressed all on this fight night with his victory over Luis Abregu.
    We here also salute Jet stars Willie Colon and Nick Bellore whom both earlier in the week traveled up to the Bronx to make both a check presentation and give some football fundamentals to the Pioneer football league.Willie on Monday,led a core of teammates to NYC for a fashion show.
    Here at,SID,we always,rope the rumors,hog tie the issues and brand the truth. Happy Sweet 16 Nia.

    If you don't mean what you say,why say anthing?-Doc Stanley



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    Interview with Dr. Li Skelton by Host Mark Wilhelmsson

    in Health

    Dr. Li is the owner of New You Smile Center,  has been proudly providing San Antonio Cosmetic Denstry services at affordable prices for over 15 years. Our mission is to provide high-quality restorative and cosmetic dentistry services at an affordable rate, so that everyone has access to a perfect bite and smile.

    With a friendly, dedicated staff of 41 employees, including 6 cosmetic dentists and an oral surgeon, we have a combined experience in dentistry services of over 150 years, with over 14,000 dental implants placed.

    New You Smile Center, Inc. has been providing San Antonio cosmetic dentistry services in our current office since 1995.

    Their spacious facility spans over 7,000 square feet, with 13 dental examination rooms, and newly renovated surgical rooms – all equipped with the latest dental equipment and technology. We have a fully featured on-site dental lab, complete with 3D CT-scan machines, and a plethora of affordable high-end dental services – all available in our one convenient location.

    Dr. Li received her DDS degree in 1983 from West China University Dental School and a Masters Degree in TMJ/Occlusion in 1987. In 1989 Dr. Li came to the UT Health Science Center San Antonio as a research fellow in TMJ and Bruxism. In 1991 and in 1995 she received her license to practice dentistry in Texas. Through the years, Dr. Li has continued to seek the ultimate in dental function and beauty. Dr. Li has placed over 4,000 implants and has performed over 300 All-on-4 procedures. She is a Member of the American academy of cosmetic dentistry, fellow of international congress of oral implantology, has a master’s degree in TMJ, and is a LVI trained dentist.

    To learn more, you can visit:   http://NewYouSmileCenter.com

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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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    The “featured” BlogTalkRadio program “Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris” opens the Friday, January 2, 2015th broadcast day at 10:00 a.m. EST with New York State Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (representing the 92nd A.D.) advising that four Legislatures unanimously did what the public thinks is common sense with respect to restructuring the NY/NJ Port Authority. "The Governors, [Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie] owe us a public explanation as to why their limited restructuring of the Port Authority is better than wholesale reform approved by the 612 New York and New Jersey Legislators without a dissenting vote.” We'll also delve into other concerns with respect to Governor Cuomo's Inaugural Address delivered on Thursday, January 1, 2015.

    At the top of the second hour, we'll speak to New York State Assembly Member Shelley Mayer (representing the 90th A.D.) about additional topics spoken about in Governor Cuomo's Inaugural Address that impact Westchester County.

    We'll have some time to engage in giving notice to a few pertinent international news events before speaking to Craig Hoffman, a spokesperson for the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). Hoffman concludes our broadcast day speaking about the most most popular annual tradition at participating IHOP restaurants. Yes, it's the "All You Can Eat" pancakes festival available from January 2nd through February 8, 2015.

    Your participation is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, or simply be heard! Place your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please stay on topic. Listen live or on demand.

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    The Nikki Rich Show Live with Robby The Elf

    in Entertainment

    The Nikki Rich Show Live with Robby The Elf. learn more

    Well it all started back in the day when Santa was visiting the mall in Michigan. The
    Michigan Mall, I think. You see, back then Santa used to have elves accompany him
    while traveling. After all, do you really think it's Santa that feeds the reindeer and
    cleans up after them? Ew.
    Anyways, I'm Robby The Elf, half elf on my mama's side, Eva Elf. My dad, Bobby
    Becker, one fly guy local dude, saw my mom and it was love at first sight. And a little
    elf magic too. Yeah, Dad thought Mom's "the bomb". My mom stayed after Santa left
    at a small elf colony called The North Side, located on the north side, of the south
    side, of Michigan. My parents fell in love and got married. Then I was born. Mom said
    I was so cute my face belonged on a stamp.
    My mom taught me elf folklore and Dad taught me to shoot hoops. I have always
    enjoyed different genres of music and created Christmas Crunk. After saving
    Christmas myself, Santa wanted me to see what impact an elf could have thru music. I
    told him no one would believe me & he said, "You're telling me?!"
    Now I'm an elf underground, beating the streets 'cause nobody's gonna give an elf a
    record deal just because he knows Santa. I've been recording music & living in the
    Upstate of South Carolina for a spell now. It's kinda cool and Santa has a house and
    some family nearby.
    So I'm here to spell the message about the repression of elves. Ask Christmas
    retailers, "Where's the elf stuff?" My goal is to have everyone to hear my music so
    that someday, every child will one day, each Christmas Eve, also leave, a cookie, for
    an elf.

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    LIVE w/ MACK MAMA! Unbelievable LIFE STORY!

    in Self Help




    1st Hour:   MACK MAMA live with Dr. Princess-Odilia and MomoB!  2+ Hours that you will never forget!

    CORPORATE WEBSITE:  http://bountifulgroup.com 

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    The Author's Talk Show w/ Amy Evans (YA & New Adult Novelist)

    in Entertainment

    Amy Evans is a young adult / new adult author who believes all the best stories get told with kisses and that sharing wishes makes them more likely to come true. When she’s not chatting with the characters who live in her head, she can be found interviewing New Adult authors and  hosting the weekly #NAlitChat on Twitter and Google hangouts.

    Her first series is The Dolphin Prophecy Series, a young adult paranormal series.  The first book, Clicks, is out now.  Upcoming books in the series are Echoes and Breaks.  Amy says the series plan is for four novels, with a possible fifth novella if the story calls for it.

    Amy has also the author of a new adult romcom novella, the first in a series called JellyBean Kisses.

    You can learn more about Amy Evans and her wonderful books at her website www.amyevansbooks.com.

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    Friday's Praise Party with special guest Donte McCutchen

    in Music

    Praise is what we do on Fridays! Donte stops by to talk about his ew single.

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    Stephen W. Long EW Blog

    in Books

    Stephen W. Long, author of There's a Somebody, in discussion on his latest work and other topics.

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    Friday Nightcap w/Taylor and Emiaj special guest Mz Peachz

    in Entertainment

    Every Friday night you can find us getting down and dirty  and tapping into our "Bad Girl" and "Bad Boy" sides. We will discuss several  topics and take calls from the listeners. Sometimes our topics are not for the faint at heart. You can leave inhabtions at the door. This not for the prude in you.. So sit back relax and lets get into a little trouble together.

    Tonight we chatting with radio personality Mz Peachz. She has  an ew starting on week  called "The Sweet Flame". We are going to catch up with her and get to know her a little bit. After we get to know her we will jump into our topics. 

    We are talking Love, Relationships, and SEX...

    Topic 1:When things the bed room go south and your mate cheats, what can you do to fix it?

    Topic 2: So he is a little kinky, do you think he is strange or are you open to experiencing something new?

    Topic 3: When is it acceptable to ask for a 3some and why is there such a double standard when a womann ask for  3some. 


    Oh we are going to have some fun.....



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    Robert Mazur--His Story Infiltrating The Escobar Drug Cartel 31.Jul.14

    in Finance

    ROBERT MAZUR spent five years undercover infiltrating the criminal hierarchy of Colombia’s drug cartels. The dirty bankers and businessmen he befriended—some of whom still shape power across the globe—knew him as Bob Musella, a wealthy, mob-connected big shot living the good life. Together they partied in $1,000-per-night hotel suites, drank bottles of the world’s finest champagne, drove Rolls-Royce convertibles, and ?ew in private jets. But under Mazur’s Armani suits and in his Renwick briefcase, recorders whirred quietly, capturing the damning evidence of their crimes. Then, at a staged wedding, he led a dramatic takedown that shook the underworld. In the end, more than eighty men and women were charged worldwide. Operation C-Chase became one of the most successful undercover operations in the history of U.S. law enforcement, and evidence gathered during the bust proved critical to the conviction of General Manuel Noriega.

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    Literary Symposium - Emily Walker

    in Books

    Dreamers Radio is excited to welcome Emily Walker, author of Why Yellow Jackets Can't Find the Hole, The Extractor, and others!

    Taken from Emily Walker's website:

    "Emily Walker loves creating worlds and stumbling around in them. She is constantly losing her chap-stick, and has an obsession with the color pink. Currently a resident of the mountains and loving the view she writes mostly paranormal fiction, and horror. Her small family consists of her red bearded other half, a rat terrier named Rebel, and a cat called Mr. Creepy."


    Emily Walker has many pages for you to check out and a variety of books for your reading pleasure! Be sure to view her links below and snag a book or two for the interview Wednesday!




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