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    How To Restore The Republic: Q&A w/ Rob Johnson

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    Join Evolve Quest Podcast for this invaluable 2hr law jam-sesh with Master-At-Law and Author, Rob Johnson. Call in with your questions for Rob: 619-924-0692

    Rob will be discussing:

    ~ Communicating with your Local Sheriff- Nothing to be afraid of

    ~The Primacy of Common Law

    ~Restoring the Republic

    ~National Liberty Allianace and the Common Law Grand Juries

    ~Quo Warranto

    ~The Declaration of Independence

    ~ The Constitution

    ~ The Magna Carta

    ~ The Articles of Confederation

    ~The Bill of Rights

    ~Consent of the Governed

    ~ Duty and Right to "Throw Off" Corrupt Government~ What does it mean?

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    How To Restore The Republic: Q&A w/ Rob Johnson

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    Thru the Legal Looking Glass~ Confessions of a ex-BAR Attorney w/Joseph Sapp

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    Join us on another Evolve Quest as we venture into unprecedented territory~ interviewing a convert from the Dark Side, Joseph Sapp- a renegade, maverick cowboy who traded in his BAR card for a new lease on life as an honest and honorable member of the Human Family~!

    Topics to be covered:

    ~American Jurisprudence: Born in Blood and Betrayed by the BAR~!

    ~How Power really works in American Poilitics

    ~The Spiritual Side of Jurisdiction and Joinder

    ~"Lawful" vs. "Legal"

    ~Practicing Law and Providing Legal Advice as a non-BAR Member

    ~Pitfalls and Traps: What to look out for in the Courtroom

    ~The Dirtiest Tricks that Attorneys Use to Maintain Full-Spectrum Dominance

    ~The Secret Oath- Do BAR Attorneys Swear Fealty to the Crown Corporation

    ~The Titles of Nobility Act

    ~The Legal Name Fraud

    ~The Power of the County Sheriff

    ~The Power of the Notary Public

    ~What is State Sovereignty?

    ~ The inevitable Article 5 Constitutional Convention and what it means for the Federal Gov't and for State Governments

    ~Message from One Human Soul to Another~ What Really Matters?

    ~Next Steps we can take to Restore Law and Order in a System Gone Haywire?

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    Shoot The Shit : Evolve Weekend

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    We are shooting the shit on this weekend's Evolve shows plus more!

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    Evolve Australia - Liberating the Human Spirit

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    Bill Lee-Emery is a Certified Executive Coach and is the Founder of 'Evolve Education'. He is a Certified mBIT Coach and mBIT Coach Trainer, a Certified Practitioner of Meta States Coaching Genius and author of 4 books; 'Are You Dying To Get To Work?', 'Stop Procrastinating', 'How to get out of your own way and play better golf' and 'Unfair Sales Secrets'.

    Since the 1980's Bill has provided corporate facilitation in team building, time management, leadership, thinking skills, advanced training, effective communication and more.  He has worked across industries such as accounting, banking, finance, insurance, law, hospitality, tourism, real estate and much more.

    Bill's coaching training started in 2001 with the work of Thomas Leonard and 'Coachville', the pioneering Institute Thomas set up in the USA.  This continued with the Institute for Executive Coaching and some years later, Bill co-facilitated a Certificate IV in Life and Business Coaching program at the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE.

    Most importantly Bill completed his Coaching Certification in mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) with developers Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka with whom he now works closely as an mBIT Coach Trainer and also of the 'Evolve Your World' Program.  This phenomenal coaching model combines Ancient Wisdom and the latest in neuroscience research from many scientific fields and has profound implications of liberating the human spirit and allowing innate, emergent wisdom to arise.

    For more information visit: http://evolveaustralia.com.au/

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    The Motor City Madman of Sui Juris Law on Boxing-in Ignorant Judges w/ Neil Rowe

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    Join us for another AWESOME 2 hour jam sesh with our favorite legal "bad boy", Neil Rowe, Creator of the FB Group Page "Proceeding Sui Juris"

    ~ From doing donuts in a police parking lot as a teenager just to ask them "Why" it's illegal, to being one of the first Americans punished under the post-9/11 Patriot Act for "Terroristic Threats" against a Judge (Neil asked him how he'd like it if he "came over and kicked his ass?"). This direct challenge to abusive authority landed Neil in Federal Prison where he become one of the best self-taught legal scholars (outside of the BAR System) that we know of today.

    Here's Neil in his own words: "I grew up five miles north of Eminem on eight mile, and five miles south of Kid Rock in Flint, Michigan. Same Bat Time, same Bat channel. Thats my pedigree."

    Neil has a personal vendetta to expose the legal fraud and his specialty is using precise legal logic to box Judges into the corner where they either have to admit the fraud, dismiss the case or throw justice completely  out the window and simply abuse their authority by issuing an arbitrary decree.

    Either way, Neil leaves them flushed and flustered and feeling the need to brush up on some of their case law precedent studies.

    Neil is the author of the weekly "Rowe Regulatory Review" (found on his group page) and is currently writing a soon-to-be-released masterwork on Supreme Court Case Law that will empower the massess to take back their power and reclaim their full Sovereign status with confidence and knowledge.

    Neil will be taking your questions and teaching you his very favorite "Courtroom Nuclear Options"~ NOT TO BE MISSED~!!!

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    Direct Courtroom Activism~ Stealing Back Gold from Smaug's Lair w/Rand Cadmus

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    The "powers that were" cut Rand's phone line. He said he usually throws aways phones and renews them but went too long with this phone. He will be obtaining a new phone and continuing the show tomorrow Friday November 7th at 6pm EST- Join with us again for PT.2~ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evolvequest/2014/11/07/direct-courtroom-activism-stealing-back-gold-from-smaugs-lair-wrand-cadmus-pt2

    Join us for yet another ground-breaking 2-hr. Law Jam Session with Courtroom Activist and Legal Scholar Rand Cadmus. Rand is modern-day hero and advocate for victims of the corrupt and fraudulent Legal System. He recently has brought a case to the Supreme Court of Virginia and will be sharing war-stories, victories, strategies and accounts of how people just like you can become involved with direct action and activism in a courtroom setting. Most would tremble at the thought of entering such a Dragon's Lair to expose corruption, exercise rights and to firmly secure and establish the reign of Justice for future generations, but more and more people like Rand are educating themselves and taking honorable and lawful actions to reclaim the American Legal System from the fraudsters, crooks, pimps and gamblers who currently occupy American Jurisprudence.

    Topics to be discussed:

    ~ Law and Tyranny: When "Laws" Violate Rights

    ~ The Legal Fraud: How Best to Expose it?

    ~What Constitutes a Crime?

    ~How To Stand Your Ground in the Courtroom

    ~Courtroom Nuclear Options: What works?

    ~Policy Enforcement vs. Law Enforcement

    ~How to Get a Corrupt Judge Removed from the Bench

    ~Jury Nullification

    ~Common Mistakes and Courtroom Entrapment: What to Avoid

    ~Violation of Rights Under Color of Law

    ~Conspiracy to Deprive Rights

    ~Lawful Rebellion

    ~BAR Attorneys and the Titles of Nobility Act

    ~When Courts are used for Terrorism

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    I Am Some Dude~ Law Q&A w/Boris Erickson

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    Join us for. 2 hr Q&A Legal Jam Session with Boris Erickson aka. I Am Some Dude, Mr. Completing the Usufruct, Mr. Peaceful Inhabitant, Mr. Assign the Reversionary Interest.

    Boris will be taking your toughest questions on all matters of Law- be sure to queue up your most burning questions for the Dude.....for he Abides

    Please share the link with your friends: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evolvequest/2014/10/23/i-am-some-dude-law-qa-wboris-erickson





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    Peaceful Resolution of All Conflicts - Clarence, David that is the Man

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    Welcome our guest tonight that is almost an urban legend.  The mystery that is the Man that has been given knowledge directly from Yeshua.  There really is no way to properly give an introduction to such a learned and caring Man helping to free his fellow brothers and sisters from their bondage.

    Tonight we will ask our guest:

    - Executor letter - the current iteration and its historic successes

    - EIN - what does getting an EIN for the estate do and how do I get one?

    - Postal Location for your Estate - How do I get a postal location for the estate and have it outside the public?

    - MAT1 - Becoming the Executor in a form

    - Treasury Direct Account - the acceptance of the office of executor and how to relate propely with the assets of the estate

    - IRS - forms for the removal of debt and other convenient methods of IRS interaction

    - New Paradigm - What are the current aspects of creation for our guest?

    Yes, this is all information our guest is an expert in.  If you have any questions please call in on our call in line at (619) 924-0692.

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    Hannah Rose (was a no-show) - Free Woman on the Land of the UK corporation area.

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    (Hannah Rose was a no-show for this episode) Evolve Quest is blessed to have as a guest Hannah Rose, a Free Woman on the Land of the UK corporation area.  Listen on how she became a free woman and what that means.  Show will be hosted by Jack McCaig, founder of Liberty Aid, which guarantees to assist anyone successfully remove any debt with no payment to any creditor or lender.  Co host David Bryson, founder of Evolvefest, will be on next week's show as co host.

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    Learn To-Evolve Into Your Signiture Brand

    in Self Help

    Hi there, and welcome to Evolve Into your signature brand, I’m Teresa Maron, the Learn 2 Queen.  The niche and passion of my expertise is teaching, and I have a conscious content creation system for professionals just like you, who want to get started with their very own podcast. And it’s a great decision! In part one of my training we will talk about theme, style, title, tagline and how that becomes your message, and then evolves into your signature brand.


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    Evolve Fashion Radio

    in Entrepreneur

    Evolve Fashion Radio

    Join Nicky Chic, JerMajesty and guests hosts as they discuss everything fashion related!

    We will be chatting with Fashion Designer Angel Brinks about her clothing line and personal inspirations.  Angel's website is www.angelbrinks.com


    Hear our viewpoints on Rick Owens' 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Show


    NY Fashion Stylist Nick K gives his top 5 men's fashion summer trends


    To be part of the show or to listen in, dial (310) 807-5055



    -Rapper, Chizzle, single "Twerk Something" can be purchased on MyTimeMusicGroup.com


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