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    The Prison Interview With Kent Hovind - Destiny Lab

    in Religion

    This is a very special bonus episode where I get the opportunity to talk one of my hero's Kent Hovind! I was surprised and honored to get this call and the the chance to help out someone who was so inspirational to my own personal journey.

    Kent is an amazing man of God and Creation researcher who had his own ministry Dr.dino.com and Dinosaur Adventure Land. He specializes in debating evolutionists and professors and showing them how wrong evolution is. He was so successful at what he did that people began to refuse to debate him.

    The story goes that people who did not like the things he was exposing told the IRS that he was a tax fraud based on some of his videos. He was targeted for and put in prison in 2006 for the way he paid his employees and structured his ministry finances.

    Now it seems they are trying to bring new charges against him for mail fraud for another sentence of 20 years! Kent is not a criminal and it is ridiculous that he is locked in a cage right now. Please do what you can to call attention to his case and reach out to him.

    Please Check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a freind request on facebook!


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    Millions Of Coincidences?

    in The Bible

    Is Chance Precise and Predictable?  What kind of faith is required to believe that all the orderly processes of nature were produced by chance? Almost every plant and animal exhibits amazing adaptations that can only be described as miraculous. If these highly complex functions had no intelligent Creator or Designer, then our reasoning powers are staggered by the millions of "coincidences" that operate with infinite precision to produce perfect beauty, function, and reproduction on the earth.

    Today I will be talking about what evolutionists call creation coincidences and refuting their deceptions.

    Job 12:7–9

    7  But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee;

    And the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:

    8  Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee:

    And the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.

    9  Who knoweth not in all these

    That the hand of the Lord hath wrought this?

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    15 Questions Evolutionists cannot answer

    in Science

    15 questions for evolutinists that show evolution is faith based and not based on evidence or science.
    Visit http://www.creation.com for more details
    Also chat with us now at http://www.shockawenow.net

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    Bill O'Reilly Killing Jesus

    in Religion

      There are many humble followers of Christ in the Catholic Church, however, the letter of the law as dictated and prescribed by heaven must be obeyed, for they also are commanded to come out of Babylon the Great to build Zion, saith the Lord. This is impossble without revelation, for all are liars who say they are of the true church without the revelations of Jesus Christ and the priesthood of Melchizedek. 

    There are also many theistic evolutionists in this church, as in all churches, built up, but not unto the Lord by authority and direct revelation.  Bill O'Reilly is one of these, saith the Lord.  It is impossible to attend Harvard without being infected by this disease, and it is a disease for the following reasons, for it distorts the world-view of those afflicted with it:  

    Theistic evolutionism pretends to a belief in God but insists in evolution as the explanation of origins. Those who take the Bible literally are considered uneducated, backward fanatics.
    God used evolution as a means of creating.
    The Bible contains no usable or relevant ideas which can be applied in present-day science.
    The Bible must be reinterpreted when and wherever it contradicts the present evolutionary world view.

    The existence of God is assumed, but He is not at all the form-giving and inspiring author of the Scriptures. Rather, the Bible is regarded as the product of historical influences; the writers reflected their own circumstances and the contemporary world view. Hence the need by these to rewrite history.

    Therefore this denial of miracles by O'Reilly in his book constitutes Killing Jesus afresh, for it is actually anti Christ, for it denies the Holy Ghost, saith the Lord. I know the accounts in the Bible of Christ, are in every particular true by the visions of the Lord which I have been prvileged to behold.

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    Mr. Brett A. Scudder interviews Ms. Celeste S. Duckworth, author

    in Lifestyle

    Join Mr. Brett A. Scudder for his interview of Ms. Celeste Duckworth to talk about her life, work and book, The Lucy Project.

    About Ms. Duckworth

    Celeste S. Duckworth a dreamer and a single mother of three; went back to College to take classes in Medical Anthropology and Human Genetics her immediate goal was to become a Genetic Counselor and provide a better life for her children, but during the second year at school she wrote a Science Fiction Thriller called, “The Lucy Project, (First Quarter)”  part of a series of four books, which ask the question, What If Natural Selection becomes extinct?  Is there hope?   

    Celeste is the host of “A Taste of Ink LIVE Radio Program,” which introduces Writers, Publishers, Agents, and Book Clubs worldwide; published and un-published to talk about their writing projects, and to share valuable advice to up-and-coming writers.  The radio broadcast is featured as part of VERTIKAL LIFE Magazine a Taste of Ink section.

    About The Lucy Project

    Natural Selection efficient, predictable and a mechanism of evolution that illustrates how we adapt, reproduce, and determining antibiotic resistance. Genetic Mutations; is there a positive and negative impact? Scientist and Evolutionists have ascribed amazing powers to mutations, an ability to create new body parts, and new animals. In reality, mutations are extremely dangerous. Once a marvelous relationship, now one is rendered extinct …..But there HOPE?  Isn’t it?

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    The Myth of Christian Persecution

    in Science

    This week we'll explore the assertion that Christians are being persecuted in America (spoiler alert: it's the fault of the gay-atheist-abortionist-evolutionists). 

    Also, Jared will talk about why you're an idiot for walking into a restaurant while carrying a rifle. 

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    Dr. Susan B. Martinez: Mankind's Mysterious Origins

    in Spirituality

    How can the debate between Evolutionists and Creationists be resolved?  With a PhD in Anthropology from Columbia University, daring to explore far beyond traditional boxes, Dr. Susan B. Martinez is engaged in fascinating, groundbreaking research into the true origins of mankind, as revealed in her new book The Mysterious Origins of Hybrid Man: Crossbreeding and the Unexpected Family Tree of Humanity.

    Why haven't we found the "missing link"?  Does the "dumb luck" of natural selection hold up to scrutiny when we open our minds to the truth?  Are we all descendents of "Adam and Eve"?  What if multiple "Gardens of Eden" have existed in humanity's past?

    Combining her in-depth understanding of anthropology, genetics, paleolinguistics and indigenous traditions, Susan shares a brilliantly original alternative to Darwin's evolution, revealing the ancestry of humanity as the result not of evolution, but of eons of cross-breeding.  How did humanity acquire a soul?  How does the "Great Leap Forward" explain the mental powers of Homo sapiens?  Susan's answer may surprise you...

    In a world attempting to navigate conflicts between Evolution and Creationism, Susan's work is a pivotal quantum step.  After receiving her doctorate in Anthropology from Columbia University, Susan was a lecturer there in ethnolinguestics and is recognized for her authority on the Oahspe Bible.  The author of multiple books, she is also the book review editor at the Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness Studies.  

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.

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    The Enemy at the Gates-Theistic Evolutionists

    in The Bible

    From "Creation Moments": ...one of the most dangerous forms of Darwinism.Darwinism's stepchild - theistic evolution - is nothing more than Darwinism wearing fancy church-goin' clothes. Theistic evolution allows its adherents to straddle the fence by attending church on Sunday while believing that the Bible is not true. Though it may sound godly, theistic evolution does not differ in any significant way from classical Darwinism or neo-Darwinism.Why is theistic evolution so great a threat? Because it entraps followers of Christ in its web of deceit. Darwinism makes no pretense of a belief in God. It is a philosophy held largely by atheists, agnostics and others who are clearly outside the bounds. Theistic evolution, on the other hand, is the "enemy at the gates", and (the Mormons) are opening the church doors wide.Theistic evolution is built on the premise that the Bible must not be interpreted literally. How convenient! By discarding biblical literalism, a person can believe whatever he wishes. He need never embarrass himself by accepting biblical stories that are hard to swallow - like the first human pair, Adam and Eve. They were mere allegorical figures.Is theistic evolution credible? It is to people like Francis Collins, the physician-geneticist noted for his leadership of the Human Genome Project. Collins is also founder and president of the above-mentioned BioLogos Foundation, a theistic-evolution organization that teaches: "The Bible is not a scientific text and should not be read that way.... Reading the Bible as a literal, scientific text leads  to inconsistencies between the revealed word of God and the scientifically derived history of the world." In other words, whenever the Bible and science disagree, it is the Bible that needs to be reinterpreted.

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    Various Christian Interpretations to Origins and Creation

    in Religion

    Pastor Brian examines the various Christian interpretations concerning the creation of the universe and all of humanity. What is "Young Earth Creationism?" Could "Gap Theory" hold the answer? What about "Progressive Creationism"? Or could it have been by what "Theistic Evolutionists" purport? Maybe a "Deistic Evolution" holds the answer. Pastor Brian examines these various interpretations and brings what he feels is the most rational interpretation of the five. Be sure to check out http://pastorbrianchilton.wordpress.com.

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    Time to chill out and talk some bible smack

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we will discuss my recent exploits in my political crusade against the common core educational school program.  Feed back and dealing with evolutionists, as well as the latest religious news and views.

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    Is There Life After Death ?

    in Current Events

    CALL # 760.283.4605
    We will explore both sides of life after death,  Contrary to what some evolutionists say, people do not simply believe in life after death. Lets discover the science and religion  of what we believe and why we believe it.