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    Wisdom from My Daughter and My Favorite Comedian

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    Standing in front of Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh and an audience of thousands at the Hay House I Can Do It Denver event Jen received a personal message from her beloved and departed daughter, Kel Halterman. Now after months of living into to that message Jen Halterman is sharing her experience with you!

    Today on Everyday Joy Jen will be sharing her personal experience of loss and the return to a Lighter perspective of life as well as her thoughts about the Great Robin Williams.

    With the wisdom of experience and the perspective of choosing Joy Jen will be sharing her tears and laughter as she unfolds her understanding of the balance and contrast of Life.

    Refresh Your Being

    Love, Money and Miracles

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    Authentic Flow at Work and Play

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    Do you know what your authentic flow is at work?
    How about at play?
    What if you could feel the flow of ease at work and play?

    Today on Everyday Joy Jen Halterman welcomes Megan Sillito back for more insights, skills and humor as they share with you their secrets to Authentic Flow in Work and Play. So many people take Life very seriously and these ladies are talking about finding a balance between productivity and creativity, determination and allowing. With decades of combined experiences as entrepreneurs, life coaches and community leaders Jen and Megan will be sharing the lessons they learned the hard way, the skills they stumbled upon and the practices they each have for staying in their individual Authentic Flow at work and play!

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    Stop Observing and Start Living

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    Are you the critic?
    Are you the fan?
    Are you the silent observer?
    Are you in the arena?
    Are you waiting for permission?
    Are you a player?

    Where are you playing out your life? On the field, in the arena or in the stands?

    Life is about experience and today on Everyday Joy the conversation is an invitation for YOU to get into your Life! With so much noise in the world about what is wrong with the world and the people in it YOU are invited to get involved and stop being part of the noise.

    Be part of the change you want in the world is a nice idea but you can only create change by getting involved. Jen Halterman is inviting you to change your life by Living Your Life! Will you answer the call and Start Living?

    Jen will also be sharing her LOVE for the movie Chef… if you haven’t seen it go see it this weekend! #ChefMovie

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    Why Creativity and Why You?

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    Everyday Joy is bursting with crazy authentic chaos again and you won't want to miss this show filled with an abundance of inspiration and fun!

    You may say creativity is for artists
    You may say you’re not an artist so why bother,
    Your mother was creative but you take after your father
    There are things you do well and things you don’t
    Things you will and things you won’t
    Ahhh, but ask yourself this question;
    Isn’t this the TIME to finally to get it going
    Better said, isn’t it really tricky knowing
    You either know what you want and don’t know how to claim it
    Or you just don’t know what you want so you don’t know what to name it

    by Jack Barnard

    Join us as Jen Halterman, Jack Barnard and Megan Sillito explore Creativity and invite you to blow up your comfort zone with the Creative Explotion.

    "5 years ago, I jumped in to play with Megan and Jack and that’s one of the major reasons that Everyday Joy is on the air today!" Jen Halterman


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    Failure a Gateway to Creativity

    in Motivation

    Have you ever been surprised to discover you aren’t as open to Life as you thought you were?
    Do you limit or minimize your Creativity for fear of Failure or Judgment?
    Do you wonder how to keep your Creativity Flowing?

    Jen Halterman welcomes Megan Sillito back to Everyday Joy for coffee and conversation about how the bumps and bruises of life have actually been the Gateway to Creativity! With the playfulness of their Friendship Jen and Megan will share candidly some of their experiences of the Failures in their Lives and how they turned the Failures into their most Creative Experiences!

    Get ready for another hour of wisdom and humor with these Inspiring Women as they share the pains, the gifts and the crazy lessons they learned from Failing Creatively!

    Click here to get to know the Gypsy better.

    Click here to get to know the Pirate better.

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    Are You Ready to Celebrate Failure?

    in Motivation

    How do you react when you are knocked off your feet?
    Do you get excited about taking risks in the pursuit of your dreams?
    Are you ready to create a new understanding about what ‘failure’ is?

    Today Jen Halterman welcomes her Mentor and longtime Friend Megan Sillito to Everyday Joy! With humor and insights that only come from experience, Megan will share how her Failures have lead her to a deeper understanding and connection with the pursuit of her Dreams.

    Sharing with you the 3 R’s; Reframe, Risk and Ritual Megan and Jen will inspire and support you in transforming your relationship with Failure!

    Click her to learn more about Jen Halterman

    Click here to learn more about experiencing Megan’s Live Events and Coaching.


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    Love Like Crazy!

    in Family

    After more than a year off the airwaves Jen Halterman returns to Everyday Joy with more insights, clarity, vulnerability and authenticity than ever before!

    “The sign on the door said Laboratory of Love and Joy. When I entered I felt excitement and anticipation. I never imagined that to gain the level of Self Mastery I desired that I would go through an entire study of Grief and Loss.” Jen Halterman

    With great courage Jen returns with a renewed passion and the message of Love Like Crazy!

    Just over one year after the death of Jen's daughter, Kelsey and Kelsey's entire family Jen is back and ready to share what life and death taught has her, so far. Jen's unique style of bold tenderness and humor will fill this special hour of Everyday Joy.

    Learn more about Jen at www.everydayessence.com/

    Learn more about Kel and Garrett at www.everydayessence.com/blog/his-soul-mine/

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    Say It Anyway

    in Motivation

    In the second of a series of four shows marking the return of Jen Halterman to Everyday Joy Jen is sharing what she learned about Speaking Up.

    “I waited for her eyes to roll but instead they locked on mine and held even as huge alligator tears washed down her cheeks and onto the swell of her pregnant belly. I will forever be thankful that I said what was in my heart that day and that she heard me.” Jen Halterman

    A tender yet bold invitation for you to say what you have to say always, no matter how big the lump of fear is in your throat.

    Learn more about Jen at www.everydayessence.com/

    Learn more about Kel and Garrett at www.everydayessence.com/blog/his-soul-mine/

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    No Regrets Just Future Memories

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    Jen wraps up her return week to Everyday Joy with some of her most cherished wisdom that came from letting go of regrets and embracing memories. You won’t want to miss this shift in perspective that can change your life!

    You may want to share this with your closest loved ones because this is what life is all about, a return to Loving Like Crazy!

    “I read her journals. All the fear, anger, blame, excitement, dreams and secrets. I cried and felt so scared that I had disappointed Kelsey somehow, as a mom and then I read it, “I hope I’m wrong but at least now I know if something does happen to me Mom will be ok.” I cried for days when I read this entry and realized how much faith she had in me and now it was my time to live into that belief she had in me, her Mom.” Jen Halterman

    Are you living to avoid regrets or are you focusing on living for the Memories that you and others WILL cherish?

    This change in perspective will change your whole life, if you allow it!

    Learn more about Jen at www.everydayessence.com/

    Learn more about Kel and Garrett at www.everydayessence.com/blog/his-soul-mine/

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    A ‘Why’ Stronger Than Any No

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    Today Everyday Joy is all about the WHY that is so big and so true that nothing will stop you from honoring it. Jen will be sharing experiences from the week when she took her daughter's wedding plans and honored them as the funeral she never dreamed she would experience. There was a lot this taught Jen about just how passionate she is about her personal WHY.

    “No amount of doubt, resistance or lack of cooperation would stop me from honoring my Why. If someone told ‘No’ I simply thanked them and kept going until someone said ‘Yes’. This wasn’t about me or anyone else and their comfort or discomfor, this was about Love and nothing could stop that.” Jen Halterman

    Do you know your Why for what you do in your life? Whether you do or not this show will share the determination and total faith that taught Jen just how powerful and important a solid Why is in our life.

    Learn more about Jen at www.everydayessence.com/

    Learn more about Kel and Garrett at www.everydayessence.com/blog/his-soul-mine/

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    The Fundamentals - Perception

    in Lifestyle

    Today on Everyday Joy The Fundamental series continues with Perception.

    Explore this key skill as Everyday Joy welcomes Angie for Moments of Awakening to discuss this transformational awareness.

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