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    Norge inn i hvilken fremtid?

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    Den norske Statsministeren går inn for å vende døve ører til folket i forhold til EU, innvandringspolitikk, deltakelse i krig, deltakelse i korporative allianser, klima endringer, så vel som investerings filosofien for Norske folket. Hva betyr det for folket og hvordan skal vi forstå agendaen som måtte ligge bak dette tillittsbruddet mellom folket og statsmakten? I dag står den norske statsmakten med blind tillitt til Amerikansk ledet politikk som åpenbart har gått seg fullstendig vil uten et moralsk kompass for atferd. Kan dette ende bra eller er vi på kurs mot stupet?

    I kveldens sending snakker vi om ulike synspunkter i det politiske landskapet og  konsekvensere som synes å skape utfordringer nå og i den nærmeste fremtiden for det vi kaller "norske tradisjoner".

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    Milling About @ The Evergreen Inn Bed & Breakfast

    in Entertainment

    Milling About visits The Evergreen Inn Bed & Breakfast in Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey. Dating back to 1873, it was once a stagecoach stop. Innkeeper Laurie runs the inn like she's hosting a dinner party or hanging with friends at the local Jersey Shore pub. A great storyteller, she entertains her guests at breakfast. If you're still sleeping or even slightly hung over she is the perfect wake-up call! Her juice glasses are on a slant to confuse you even more. She says, 'it's 140 years old so I don't know if I'm the one that's slanted in my 40s or the house is slanted but it works for me!'
    One wonders if her five year-old daughter is an inspiration, joking she's a 'beard' for her goofiness. Leaving the corporate world she fell into hospitality having a Yureka moment finding a Christmas ornament that said 'Evergreen Inn.' Since 1997, she put her management skills to work with a homey renovation. The rooms are named for evergreens like The Redwood, a tribute to The Eagles' Hotel California and her 'thing' for Don Henley complete with mirrors on the ceiling and pink champagne on ice.
    It's Halloween so everybody loves a good ghost story. Laurie was busy painting alone on the third floor at 2AM when she distinctly heard her name. She laughs, 'Turns out it was an ex-boyfriend calling from across the street at the 7-11 for a booty call at two in the morning!'
    Breakfast is the main attraction with names like 50 Ways To Leave Your Lovah French Toast, Brie Rules The World Eggs; one with lobster because hey, it's the beach.  Laurie gleefully recites the ingredients as you enter the dining room insisting on seconds.

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    SCI Encouragement Group-The Cynic

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the Encouragement Group, host David Gerber relates the following Oscar Wilde quote to recovery: "A cynic knows the price of everything , and the value of nothing." Many people enter into treatment and recovery as "yes but" people. They look at the negatives in recovery, the loss of their drug of choice but don't pay attention to the value that lies in sobriety. Michael Boccia lends to the discussion by offering a second look at often used cliché's that make little sense in recovery and only serve to bring us down. Listen in as miracles will be shared.

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    What is Google Paying Attention To? And What's Evergreen Content?

    in Marketing

    How many of you business owners and marketers wanted to just be able to sit down and have a conversation with Google? To really ask some questions that have been bothering you like…

    What in the world are you going to be paying attention to for my site to rank???

    Well, Google spoke at a recent summit, and we’re going to talk a bit about it today – getting some answers that you can use for goals to optimize for…because: GOOGLE SAID SO! 

    We'll also discuss how to create powerful evergreen content for your website?

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    Wake Up To Jesus, (Always thank God the Father for everything)

    in Christianity

    The Jesus Saves Ministry
    509 Evergreen Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11221
    www.tjsm.org or www.wutj.org
    E-Mail: gojesusnow@aol.com
    TEL. 718-574-2244
    Pastor, Apostle Lonnie Stocks

    Ephesians 5:18-20 (GW)
    18  Don't get drunk on wine, which leads to wild living. Instead, be filled with the Spirit
    19  by reciting psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs for your own good. Sing and make music to the Lord with your hearts.
    20  Always thank God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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    Wake Up to Jesus ( Are you still in the back of the bus?)

    in Christianity

    The Jesus Saves Ministry
    509 Evergreen Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11221
    www.tjsm.org or www.wutj.org
    E-Mail: gojesusnow@aol.com
    TEL. 718-574-2244
    Pastor, Apostle Lonnie Stocks



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    Make the game better

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    Et skråblikk på begivenheter i Norge og resten av verden.

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    Pådrivere av konkurranse, middelmådighet, dominans og forvirring er i full kamp påt pådrivere av frihet, samhold, harmoni og visdom. I kveldl lar vi de aktuelle temaene som mest er naturlig utvikle seg i samspill med lyttere og programledere - så vi kan komme inn på det meste i kveld.

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    Beauty arises in the stillness-being present and mini 3 card tarot readings..

    in Spirituality

    On my recent vacation to the Caribbean - Cozumel, Belize and Rotane Hondarus.

    I found this to be very magical and shifted me in many ways. In Belize I found that the plants in this beautiful place- most of the plants can be made into medicines that are used to help heal a variety of ailments. ( I will only talk about 2 on my show, so many plants used for medicinal purposes are so very helpful and healing. (1 - Snake Plant- this plant is used for snake bite- the Belizeans are taught to identify the species of snake life on the island- types of coral snakes and many venomous snakes. This aids in the slowing of the venom, until a hospital can be reached. 2) Gravola tree - (Sour Sap). Soursap is the fruit of Annona muricata, a broadleaf, flowering, evergreen tree native to Mexico, Cuba, Central America, the Carribean islands of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico are only some of where this is found. this can save lives, fill up hopes and build confidence.

    Have you ever gazed into the starry night or into space on a clear night: awestruck by the absolute stillness and inconceivable vastness of it.

    Have listened, truly listened to the sound of a mountain stream in the forest, or to the sound from birds.

    To become more aware of these things, the mind needs to be still. You may at times have to put your foot down for a moment your personal baggage of problems, of past and future, as well as all your knowledge; otherwise, you will see but not se, hear but not hear. Your total presence is needed.

    Would it be there without your presence? Go deeply into it. Find out for yourself.






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    Wake Up To Jesus. (Change your belief, and change your Life)

    in Christianity

    The Jesus Saves Ministry
    509 Evergreen Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11221
    www.tjsm.org or www.wutj.org
    E-Mail: gojesusnow@aol.com
    TEL. 718-574-2244 
    Pastor, Apostle Lonnie Stocks

    Mark 16:15-18 (GW)
    15  Then Jesus said to them, “So wherever you go in the world, tell everyone the Good News.
    16  Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.
    17  “These are the miraculous signs that will accompany believers: They will use the power and authority of my name to force demons out of people. They will speak new languages.
    18  They will pick up snakes, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them. They will place their hands on the sick and cure them.” 



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    Uniquely Elegant HOLIDAY Pageant EXTRAVAGANZA

    in Radio

    The weather outside is frightful but the EXTRAVAGANZA is delightful!!  That's right the Uniquely Elegant HOLIDAY Pageant EXTRAVAGANZA is just around the corner.  It's coming to Wichita, Kansas December 19,2015 at the Holiday Inn Hotel 549 S. Rock Rd.  For tickets you can go to their website http://www.uniquelyelegantpageants.com/

    Uniquely Elegant Pageants encourages the community to come out and celebrate with us for this wonderful Hoilday event. Applications are being accepted now if you would like to participate. The pageant is open to All States and Age Dvisions Infants to Adults. Please visit our website for more information. Thank You ! Registration starts at 9:30am.

    Rhonda Spann, and is the State and National Director for the Uniquely Elegant Pageants LLC. She has been producing pageants since 2010. Her experience in pageantry goes as far back as the 1960’s when she was a contestant. A wonderful experience she will always remember. Which is why even today she has such a great interest in being able to bring this same experience to others.  So with that said she now know both sides of the pageant world and she is learning something new every day as time goes on.  As a Director she wants to bring the true meaning of pageantry back, and that is to help build strong confident women as leaders. Poise, grace, and self-confidence along with good sportsmanship are just a few of the many qualities young ladies will learn when participating in pageants. She feels being able to provide scholarships on the National level for our contestant’s education, as well as training classes that prepare the young girls, and young women for their future.