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    Event Planner/Small Business Consultant Stacey J on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes event planner and small business consultant to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the building of STACEY J. ENTERPRISE and what it's been like to help others build their dreams.

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    Networking CEO: Shelly Rice, Life Changing Event Planner

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    Shelly Rice is an award winning event planner who has been in business for 26 years.  She has produced a wide variety of events including festivals, trade shows, business expos, conferences, workshops, antique shows, health expos, networking events, and community fund raisers.

    Shelly is a relationship expert, master connector and a serial entrepreneur. She credits collaboration, risk taking and hard work as her three keys to success.  She has collaborated with dozens of business leaders, on events and projects that have benefited small businesses and she has raised both awareness and money for 50+ charitable organizations.

    The Life Changing Conference for Women Who Mean Business is Shelly's most current event.  The conference features round table business-growth workshops lead by business experts, a content-rich presentation and open networking.

    Shelly’s book, ‘I Talk to Strangers’ is being released on November 28th, 2014. 

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    EVENT PLANNER TRAINING - New Ways to Network: The Key to Max

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    EVENT PLANNER TRAINING - New Ways to Network: The Key to Maximizing Any Event with Marnie and Mary Beth Dunn, The Strategic Connector.
    During this program, you’ll discover…
    a. How to set goals for incorporating networking as part of any event.
    b. How an in-the-event networking opportunity differs from a full-networking event.
    c. Multiple Networking Formats, Strategies & Facilitation Tips.
    d. How to help guests follow-up with contacts they’ve made.
    And more with Marnie & Mary Beth Dunn!

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    SOGOPA: LaTonya Washington Producer & Event Planner

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    LaTonya Washington is the boldest person I know in Event Planning, Radio Hosting and Producing. She doesn't know it but she is a mentor to people that she's never met in person.  Me being one of them. LaTonya has always been the most knowledgable when it comes to handling things and protocol in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.  She is the go-to lady.  Whenever I have an issue with logistics, I look to LaTonya for advice and she responds immediately.  I have grown immensely with her help. I love her to pieces. :o). LaTonya not only has a successful event planning business, she also hosts a radio show, right her on Blog Talk Radio called Real Talk: The Movement http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realtalkthemovement and she is the Producer of The List Tour for San Diego, Los Angeles and coming soon, Atlanta.  Not everyone can or will be on The List.  LaTonya is by trade a Nurse but she decided to shift gears and become an event planner.  She is certified and has alot of big names that she has supported through her business.  She is on several boards in her community and continues to engage on a daily basis to suppport positivity and success.  We look forward to having her on the show. Check out her website at http://www.lwspecialevents.com

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    Min. Anne Greenwood-WOP Event Planner-Author

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    The most influential people in my life were my dad, a small business owner and my mother a housewife, mother, and minister of the Gospel.  Life was happy and safe as I grew up during the 1960's and 1970's.  Our home was full of prayer, laughter, love, and peace.  Not until I stretched my wings and launched out into my own marriage, did I understand the perils of life.  With the enclusion of all the challenges I experience in life, I felt compelled to write 'Pearls & Pigs; The Backslider's Journey Home", in hope to inspire, encourage, or perhaps forewarn anyone that may be walking down the same path I treaded.  I admonish you to take claim of your personal value and never exchange it for anything else, no matter what.

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    Superstar Hollywood Event Planner, RRIVRE DAVIES!

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    Welcome to this week’s fabulously entertaining and informative “OH MTG!”. It’s show #35. We are growing up so fast! And here we are, smack dab in the middle of June - wedding event season, so naturally on this week’s show, we have one of the world’s leading innovators in event designs, Rrivre Davies as our featured guest.  Rrivre has literally paved the way in event planning through his unique and custom-made designs. Since 1994, Rrivre Davies has been the creative force behind Rrivre Works, Inc. He has been producing unique rental furniture and creating custom event designs infused with his experience and extensive knowledge of art, film, architecture, floral design, and global cultures.

    Our “Just the Tip” list this week comes from event planners across the country who share some of their industry insights to planning a successful event: “Quick Tips Offered by Event Planners That You Can Use”.

    This week’s “Jukebox 5” song selections are designed to create that ultimate Hollywood-infused event spectaculaire - inspired, in large part by this week’s “OH MTG!” featured guest, Rrivre Davies - the creative force behind Rrivre Works, Inc., one of the world’s leading innovators in event designs.  Slip on your Jimmy Choos, kids and sashay onto the scene with songs by Murray Head, Eddie Murphy, “Housewives of Atlanta’s” Kim Zolciak, newlywed Kim Kardashian and the iconic Hollywood Star of Stars, Miss Marilyn Monroe.


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    LaKesha's Lunch with Elaina Whitley, Event Planner

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    This week I will have lunch with Event Planner Elaina Whitley, CEO and VIP Event Planner with Enjoy Yourself Events LLC, a lifestyle event management and entertainment firm. 
    With the holidays upon us, many business owners want to do something special for our clients, family and friends.  What can you do that is more special than planning a great event to get everyone together?  Well that sounds good but where do you start?  What ingridients will contribute to the success of your memorable event?  If you think you know the answer and want to be sure or if you have no clue... you must tune in to this show.
    Tweet your questions to @LaKeshaWomack or @ElainaMWhitley using #LWBTR

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    Keshaw & Nerissa of Lay Down Flat Productions from Atlanta, GA Joins Me

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    Tie Jones The Voice of The Peole, talks with 2 powerhouse women who have come together and formed an Event Planning Company out of Atklanta, GA..These 2 Ladies are all work and also play..Keshaw is a strong worman serving her country currently in the US Army..Tie Jones "The Voice" will ask these ladies how did they get this started and what was the motivation behind this as well as how are they  juggling their jobs, personal lives and event planning, and finding time to sleep..lol we will find out!


    Follow Keshaw on Facebook at


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    Ask the Event Planner

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    We have the pleasure of speaking to another dreamer, who does event planning and more. Let's hear from Dana Neal (Milwaukee, WI).

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    The LizyT with Allison Harvey with EVENT: WOMAN ON FIRE MARKETING BOOTCAMP

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    The LizyT with Allison Harvey with EVENT: WOMAN ON FIRE MARKETING BOOTCAMP

    Guest speaker are;






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    John Chen - Conference Gamification – Meetings Meets Games!

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    With Special Guest – John Chen of geoteaming.com

    Have you ever been tasked to plan a corporate or association meeting – and you struggled with how to get engagement from your attendees at meetings? Are you tired of the same old thing and wondering how to get a younger audience interested – to attract and retain millennials and gamer profiles to your event?

    John is pulling back the curtain to share with us his 17 years of corporate team building and his past 4 years of Conference Gamification experiences – so you’ll be ready to dive in to using gamification to improve networking, education and engagement for conferences from 200 to over 3,000!

    About John Chen:  The CEO of Geoteaming, John is a Digital Team Building Expert. The Wiley author of 50 Digital Team Building Games, John has completed over 1,110 team building events with over 100,000 clients, and has earned the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Top 40 Entrepreneur under the Age of 40 Award, the Better Business Bureau’s Innovative Practices Award, Meeting Professionals International’s Supplier of the Year and Training Magazine’s Top Young Trainer. Connect with John (@bigkid) www.geoteaming.com NASAGA - www.nasaga.org

    About Your Host:  A gamification keynote speaker and curriculum designer, Monica Cornetti is rated as the #1 Gamification Guru in the World by UK-Based Leaderboarded. She is the author of the book Totally Awesome Training Activity Guide: Put Gamification to Work for You. Monica’s niche is gamification used in the corporate environment. Connect with Monica (@monicacornetti) www.monicacornetti.com

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