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    That's Entertainment

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    What was the real reason that Zayn Malik of One Direction quit the band?  Why is Cissy Houston already at peace with her grand daughter health?  What has Mad Men star, Jon Hamm been up to for the past 30 days?  Is Vin Diesel making Oscar predictions for "Furious 7?"  Which former basketball wife is making a return to reality tv?  And is Bradley Cooper adding director to his resume?  Tune in to That's Entertainment!  Your #1 source for entertainment news and pop culture, every Wednesday afternoon, with your host Tammy Jones-Gibbs, today at 1pm ET on www.blogtalkradio.com/tammyjones-gibbs.  

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    Bad sentences beware of Washington Post nonfiction book critic Carlos Lozada

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    Woe be unto you writer, should you land in a Washington Post article titled “The five worst sentences I read in January.” When I read that post written by the new nonfiction book critic Carlos Lozada, I knew two things. First, I needed to interview Lozada. Second, I was afraid to write him an email.

    Lozada’s voice engaged me because in addition to rhetorical smarts, he’s pretty funny. Though he’s been at the paper for several years, he began his new role at Book Party in January.  I’m proud to announce the March 22 episode of Behind the Prose will feature an interview with Lozada. In classic Behind the Prose fashion, I’ll learn how he approaches his own writing craft and process and what it’s like to read and write for a living.

    Besides the five worst sentences he read in January, we’ll discuss his Book Party posts including the hilarious book review “Reggie Love on life as Obama’s “chief of stuff” and the ballooning list of journalism cliches forbidden in the The Post’s Sunday Outlook section.

    Oh, and if you do find yourself in one of Lozada’s worst sentences articles,  don’t be upset. He just shames your offending sentence, not your entire book.

    Unless, I suppose, it needed it.

    Carlos Lozada is associate editor and nonfiction book critic at the Washington Post, where he has worked since 2005 in various capacities, including economics editor, national security editor and Outlook editor. Previously, he was managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine and a Knight-Bagehot fellow in economics and business journalism at Columbia University. A native of Lima, Peru, he is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Princeton University.

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    @KEMTopTalk talks #indie films with Robert Perez

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    Independent films have long been a form of expression told in a short story. It will still would grab you at your heart, make you laugh at the silliness that we normally do in private but shown on the big stream for the audience who can appreciate a story being told in short form, in third person or first person.  Robert Perez, who's our guest today will discuss his film projects and his inspiration for his latest project: https://youtu.be/wSS6s_82EHU

    Honorable mentions: Sybian, Danny Blaq, Planet12Law, Howard Stern, George Takei, Moe The Monster, Angelo Lozada and Edwin Pagan. Thanks to Nelson Torres for joining in and Jorge for this thoughts on the reality shows discussed on the show.

    The fun sexual inudendo words today were "Pin" and "Plug"

    Follow on Twitter: @MarabelleBlue @KEMTopTalk @KinkEMagazine

    Note: Connection was lost on the call due to the silence after Robert Perez intro. 

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    Doctor Evenlyn Drayton Live On Here

    in Christianity

    Author Dr. Evenlyn Drayton sharing her latest books and sharing her testimony.

    Want to laugh? Want to use your imagination? Want to learn? Evelyn shares extraordinary wisdom and gives early childhood experiences with feathered friends that have played a part in her life over the years. Evelyn further relates those childhood experiences to real experiences in the lives of Christians through her own observation and Biblical principles.

    Evangelist Evelyn Murray Drayton is an ordained minister and Christian author who earned a Masters Degree in Theology from Cathedral Bible College in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Her writing is an effort to teach and reach people from all walks of life, even those whom she may never actually personally greet or meet. Evelyn has appeared on radio and television for interviews. She is a member of WomenNpower, an international organization empowering women to unreservedly minister to the Body of Christ. She is available for workshops, conferences and seminars. Evelyn and her husband, Russell, reside in the Plantersville community of Georgetown, South Carolina. Together they have two sons, Justin and Nicholas.

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    PBM Presents The Season Ticket - Are Celeb Exes Off Limits? Should They Be??

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    Proud Black Me presents The Season Ticket Tuesday Night Sports Bar with MoJo and the Fellas!! We will discuss this past week in sports, NFL and MLB games and Highlight and Preview the NBA Season! Our topic for tonight stems from a picture of Iman Shumpert that was posted on his girlfriend Teyana Taylor's Twitter page.  Should celebrities that have been in high profile relationships with other celebrities or sports figures be off limits?  Would you date Kim K if her and Kanye West divorced??  Should Evelyn Lozada have been able to score ANOTHER baller??  Let's discuss it tonight!!  


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    CORY KAHANEY appeared on the Late Show with David letterman , Late Late show Criag Ferguson, Nick Mom and Last Comic Standing.

    Gotham Comedy  Foundation show Oct. 7  6pm at The Gotham Comedy Club   208 west 23rd Street, 212-367-9000?  http://gothamcomedyclub.com/event.cfm?id=337880&  www.gothamcomedyfoundation.org 

    FamilyKind’s Fall Friendraiser.  Met Opera tenor Michael Forest, theater and cabaret performer Rachel Hundert, comedian Nancy Lombardo, accompanist Benjamin Steinhardt in a special  benefit FamilyKind.  A Different “Kind” of Variety Show 

    Sunday, October 5, 3:00 PM doors open 2:30 www.familykind.org

    Metropolitan Room • 34 West 22nd Street • NYC $35 (plus service fee, tax, and two-drink minimum  tickets online at metropolitanroom.com or call 212 206 0440 for r

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    Domestic Violence...." Where were the VOICES and OUTCRY BEFORE NOW?"

    in Self Help

    Rihanna, Evelyn Lozada were abused and publcly ashamed in the media but for all of the wrong reasons.  They were victims and did not receive the sympathetic media hits as Janay Palmer is receiving.  Why did it take a FIST to knock a woman UNCONSCIOUS for the media to find it IMPORTANT enough to place on their REPLAY! REPLAY! REPLAY! Breaking News Feed?

    Rihanna is a young woman who was badly battered and displayed classic symptoms of a woman defined as:  Battered Woman Syndrome.  However, there were no Anchorwomen, movie stars, football wives/girlfriends coming forth to say that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE MUST BE EXPOSED AND STOPPED.

    Kerry Washington has a Purple Purse Campaign when did this start?  Meredith Vieira now shares WHY SHE STAYED in her abusive relationship.

    What am I saying.....WHEN ANY ONE WOMAN OR MAN IS ABUSED EVERYONE SHOULD BE UPSET and VERY UPSET.  Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence is wiping out families and it seems that only when it is CONVENIENT people are raising their voices.  Miss America had a world platform to discuss this  epidemic...but after the fact she mentions that she was abused....Meredith talks about how her CAREER played into her continuous abuse.

    WE must come to a clear logic place to UNDERSTAND that what is in place DOES NOT SEEM TO WORK!

    Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence comes from a SPIRITUAL place and the only way to ERADICATE it is to deal with the spirit (innerman) to CURE IT!

    We are going in deep tonight....and talk about this in the RAW!

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    Meek celeb gossip.

    in Entertainment

    Omg! Who's beefing with who? 

    What celerities are taking to tweeter and aiming at each other with words?

    Plus. Find out how I gotten "Catfished"


    Join me at 4:30pm and call in at 347-989-0537

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    D. Author Evenlyn Drayton

    in Religion

    Dr Evenlyn Drayton will share her experiences and tell her testimoney.

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    Minister Evenlyn Jackson

    in Religion

    Minister Evenly Jackson, of San Jose, California. Member of Golden Altar Ministries. Entrepreneur, TCAssembly, performing songs and written monologues. Bring monologues to share and discuss.

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    A Dose Of Sportsology-by Kenith Lozada

    in Sports

    Insight and Predictions from our sports director of TheBevNat join us