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    Derek Khanna on Real Free Market Policy

    in Self Help

    Michael and Derek Khanna, Yale Information Society Project Fellow, talk about Derek’s Piece in the American Conservative called The Party of Innovation.

    The article encourages the Republicans to embrace what Khanna calls “real free market policies” to foster in a new revolution in tech in the American marketplace.  Khanna advocates free markets as a path toward economic growth.  He encourages big “disruptive” innovations, like Tesla stirring up the automative industry, and Uber challenging the taxi establishment.

    Khanna tells the tale of Outbox, a start-up that offered a service digital scanning and email paper mail for consumers.  Eventually, as they grew, the Post Office stepped in and quashed the start-up.

    23andMe was a company that analyzed DNA for $100 and told individuals what their genome indicated.  They got a letter from the FDA saying that they were diagnosing people and needed to cut it out.

    Derek saw how mobile phones were tethered to carriers as a slap in the face of the free market.  Some legal barriers arose to prevent consumers from switching handsets between carriers.  Copyright, it seems, has been used to stifle innovation, so Khanna is fighting to make sure these kinds of rules aimed at protecting content creators aren’t used to stifle innovation.

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    How To Eat Healthy With Cancer? on Cure Panel Talk Show

    in Health

    The Cure Panel Talk Show is hosting Mantazh Khanna of P.S. It's Healthy on June 6th @ 6pm ET to discuss, 'How To Eat Healthy with Cancer'. Mantazh, herself a cancer survivor will be giving out tips and sharing recipes live on the show.    Supporting Mantazh on the panel are Myeloma survivor/blogger/author Pat Killingsworth, Myeloma Beacon columnist Nancy Shamanna and Nutritionist from Nutritionrank.com, Dr. Smriti Parikh.      

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    Join us as Dr. Ann Khanna's guest will be Tory J. Nordlinder, D.C. of Neenah West Chiropractic in Neenah, WI.                     For more information about Dr. Tory visit www.NeenahWestChiropractic.com

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    Prenatal Massage

    in Health

    Join us as Dr. Ann Khanna's guest will be Linda Williams of Serenity Zone in San Diego, CA.

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    Kanti Khanna Spiritual Teacher & Great Soul

    in Spirituality

    Come listen to this wonderful spiritual teacher who has studied and practiced Raja Yoga for over 26 years!
                                                                                                            Kanti Khanna, 5th of 7 surviving children was born in the of North West frontier provinces of Sub Continent British India and moved to Calcutta soon after Indo/ Pakistan partition. Times were hard but the family was offered a beautiful home and a job to make life extremely comfortable.
    Kanti’s father, a generous man invited his cousin+ wife and his 7 children, also refugees to live as a joint family till they could find some work. Within the household was a party everyday with food and entertainment, whereas the rest of the country was still struggling from the recent upheavals that took a long time to overcome that huge turmoil
    Kanti has been a keen student and facilitator of Raja Yoga that completely changed her life for the better: a happy medium of worldly and spiritual values. 
     Kanti's supports our Reiki Gong dvd project:  http://www.rockethub.com/projects/18463-reiki-gong-dynamic-health-practice-for-mental-emotional-stability

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    Good Vibrations

    in Health

    Join us as Dr. Ann Khanna's guest will be Deb Lewis-Hasenberg, co-owner of Good Vibrations Studio in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Deb will be discussing whole body vibration and her intention of empowering people to become more aware of what they can do to have a healthier, happier life.
    For more information about Deb visit www.goodvibrationsstudio.com
    For more informationa about Dr. Ann visit www.rainbowsinharmony.com

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    Talk Forward: Parag Khanna (Archive)

    in Business

    TF hosts Gary Harrell and Tray Bailey interview author Parag Khanna on geopolitics, international governance, and global economic development.

    Dateline: September 2010

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    Key Cloud Benefits and Challenges

    in Education

    Topic: Today’s Key Cloud Benefits and Challenges
    Join us Tuesday February 5th 2013 at 3:00pm eastern time as we welcome Purposeful Clouds CEO Mr. Chander Khanna.  He will be coming to us to discuss the topic Key Cloud Benefits and Challenges.
    For more than a year now, Cloud Computing has grown in the mainstream adoption phase by an ever increasing volume of business endeavors.
    This expansion in its adoption and the related experiences encountered across a diverse set of use cases; ranging from software development, content delivery, to big data analytics has resulted in significant knowledge maturation and lessons learned.
    Enterprises have started adopting the Cloud for selected mission critical workloads. We have acquired a much higher level of baseline understanding and clarity vis-à-vis the benefits of the Cloud as well as its remaining challenges.
    We will discuss key benefits and challenges during today's Blog Talk Radio (BTR) broadcast.

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    Building Automated Software Dev/Test/Support Cloud

    in Technology

    Join our special guest Chander Khanna for a dicussion on building automated software development, test and support  Cloud. http://purposefulclouds.blogspot.com/
    Software development, testing, and support workload represents not only one of the easiest ways to start your journey to the Cloud but also an ideal use case with numerous unique business benefits from the Cloud. These benefits can be realized due to numerous synergies that exist between Agile software development, DevOps and Cloud computing business model supporting self-service, on-demand, flexibility and scalability. We will discuss how to build your automated software Development, test and support Cloud.

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    USA Manufacturing for Profitability and Sustainability

    in Business

    Host Lori Wilk celebrates National Book Month with a book review of "The Entrepreneurial Nation" written by Ro Khanna, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce to President Obama. This book is about "why manufacturing is still the key to America's future." Published by McGraw Hill Professional books division. Send questions or comments to lori@successipes.com. For book review of your upcoming book, please be sure to get us a review copy. Live call-in 347-237-5638.

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