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    Evaluation is the key to growth

    in Motivation

    Evaluation by others or self evaluation is key to personal growth. In this episode we discuss evaluation techniques. 

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    Jane chats with Stephanie Evergreen: 2014 ANZEA conference & qualitative dataviz

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    Dataviz queen Dr. Stephanie Evergreen recently keynoted - no, ROCKED! - the 2014 ANZEA conference in Wellington, New Zealand. Jane Davidson talks to her about becoming a southern hemisphere evaluation rockstar at long last - and finds out what's the latest on qualitative dataviz!

    This short (6 minute) podcast is the first of a series of four from Jane and Stephanie:

    The 2014 ANZEA conference - and what's new in qualitative dataviz
    Awesome reporting (the stuff that gets to the point and conveys it brilliantly)
    From "eek" to "Awesome!" - expert help to totally transform your evaluation reporting
    Workshops & sessions at EES & AEA - and why Obama's slides totally need an overhaul!

    Stay tuned to the Genuine Evaluation podcast channel to hear all four!

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    May 4: Recruiting evaluation

    in Sports

    On Gold and Black Radio, we'll talk the latest in Purdue basketball recruiting, after a big evaluation weekend, plus football too, which saw the Boilermakers get their first commitment of the 2016 class. 

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    Fresh Starts and Life Evaluation

    in Spirituality

    With all the back to school energy, September is a great time to start a new project and take advantage of all the excitement of new beginnings. 

    September is a good time to reevaluate the past year and acknowledge what worked for you, and release what did not.  We all have choices to keep doing exactly what we are doing or to refresh and try something different.  

    What are you dreaming about creating or doing?  Where are you blocking or sabatoging yourself?  

    Wisdom from an illustrious Psychic Cowgirl ®; Reverend Shannon Laackmann B.Msc brings a practical cowgirl wisdom to metaphysical topics to help you increase your awareness, intuition and understanding of yourself on your personal journey. Warning: hanging out with this Psychic Cowgirl will automatically raise your vibration, and increase your intuitive talents.

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    Perception & Evaluation

    in Spirituality

    Ideally we would always be perceiving from the standpoint of TRUTH and then our evaluation of a given experience would be accurate. Yet a funny thing happens over time... our perceptions become altered by life experiences. For instance, we become derailed when we experience shame. Shame is involved with the perception and evaluation of the whole self because it hits us in our core... and we do our best to hide it from everyone... including ourselves.Join us today to discover how to take steps that get you beyond shame and closer to the truth.

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    Life Challenges- THE SELF-EVALUATION with Donald Ray Mills

    in Culture

    Katherine ThisNeedstobesaid Waddell. Thanks. Because of your ground work with Blog Radio, the Life Challenges series became a reality. THIS SERIES CAN BE HEARD TODAY-WEDNESDAY at 2pm EST. You can listen and participate in the discussion by dialing 347-994-3320, then press #1 if you would like to comment.

    Who are the Life Challengers? What do they stand for? How do I become one? Well, there is the greater chance that you are already a Life Challenger! This is an opportunity to brush up on your Life Challengers skills and become familiar with the Life Challenges concepts. Register now. Registration is free.

    Today is Wednesday, August 19, 2015. Life Challengers would ask the question "Is where I am this very moment, where I thought I would be in my Life Domains?

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    Self Evaluation, Supplementation and more.

    in Weight Loss

    Today we spend time talking and conencting about proper self evaluation, supplementations (fads and fiction), and more.  Guests can call in to the live show and ask questions related to any topic.  I want to be your weight loss coach.  You supply the willing and wanting heart and I will supply the push and the knowledge you need to lose the weight and keep it off forever.  

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    Saturday Night Special 10/3/15

    in Current Events

    I will be discussing the shootings that happened in Oregon, and why gun lesgistaion and mental health evaluation needs to be an immediate priority for Congress and the President as this is in my opinion a major national crisis that has to be job #1!!! 

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    New ! Free Psychic Readings! Psychic Medium & Matchmaker! Christine Nicole!

    in Spirituality

    Christine Nicole was blessed with the gift of being a Psychic Medium and began giving readings and connecting with spirit at the age of two. Her earliest memories are of hearing, seeing, and feeling the presence of those in the spirit and angelic realm. She may also experience a sense of their personality, names, scents, memories and other specific details.

    She has helped many with the grieving process by connecting with loved ones who have passed. She is known for her ability to deliver messages that bring healing, closure and a deep inner peace.

    Christine Nicole also helps clients gain a broader insight into their life’s purpose and path including relationships, love, family, career or business.

    She has a uniquely direct and clear style. Her straightforward and honest presentation of information is a breath of fresh air that helps you understand the information that comes forth with clarity and ease.

    She does not use Tarot cards or any other divination tools in her sessions.

    Her special perspective on life has allowed her to create meaningful and inspiring events with recognized speakers and topics that appeal to everyone seeking personal growth and wisdom. (See Events Tab)

    Christine has always known that she was different and destined to do great things. In fact, as I child, she would often role-play that she was being interviewed by Oprah and her dolls and toys were the audience!

    Christine Nicole has her Certification and completed training as an Enneagram Personality Coach. She uses this training during her personal evaluation while she is working as an Intuitive Matchmaker. She is able to intuitively determine any barriers and false expectations connected with your vision of a successful and fulfilling relationship and your future.


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    Anabolic Steroid Induced Hypogonadism - Do you need anabolic rehab?

    in Health

    In this episode Dr. O'Connor will discuss the real medical diagnosis of Hypogonadism from an Internal Medicine perspective after 10 years of being Americas #1 expert in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.  He will also answer the following listener questions:

    1. I am very interested to learn your evaluation of Clomid to jumpstart T production, especially as an initial experiement before committing to a lifelong injection based protocol?

    2. I am an endurance athlete and assuming this is reducing my T levels through raising cortisol.  Should endurance athletes be aware of and consider implementing cortisol reducers such as Phosphatidylserine or DHEA?