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    Planning for Evacuation!

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    The Prepared Canadian on American Preppers Radio! Saturday *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/ Your home is your castle and I’m sure, like me, you don’t plan to leave it all behind unless you absolutely have to. Sometimes though, bugging out is the only option, and the decision to do so may be made for you either by evacuation orders or the nature of a disaster. Among the topics will be planning multiple destinations, mapping out routes and alternatives, having many ways to communicate with other members of your family if you are not all together, as well as some advice for bug out bag contents that will not only help you get where you’re going, but also help restore some sense of normalcy when the dust settles and your normal lives begin to come back into play.   Tags: Prepared Canadian, Preperations, Bug Out, Evacuation   

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    When you need to evacuate, what should you take; how should you pack and what is the most effective plan for a safe departure and return?  These and many more pertinent questions are answered on this show.

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    Evacuation Preparedness! on The Road Less Traveled

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    Evacuation Preparedness!
    The Road Less Traveled!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Brenda will discuss personal preparedness for evacuation. She’ll enumerate a laundry list of things many already may have, but some may not. GaryL will begin to apply some of the characteristics of energy, frequency, and vibration to people. How do these things affect us in our everyday lives and how does all this define us?

    Gary's Facebook - Here 

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    Gotham Talk Podcast Show #5 - VIPER Episode 5 Season 1

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    Bruce plans to find a way to speak to the board members of Wayne Enterprises to know their connections of the Arkham Project. A new drug called "Viper" is hitting the street where the user gains super-strength while having to consume milk and cheese to replace their used up calcium and would kill them if the calcium is not used. Maroni plans to rob a casino owned by Falcone. While Gordon and Bullock look for supplier Stan Topolski, Gordon is brought to Maroni when it comes to Cobblepot. Afterwards, Gordon learns from an old professor of his that Stan plans to distribute the "Viper" drug (which turned out to be an earlier version of Venom) at a charity event held by WellZyn and Wayne Enterprises which Bruce and Alfred are attending. Stan takes the "Viper" drug canister to the rooftop in order to flood the ventilation as he broadcasts into the charity event. Gordon and Bullock arrive where they arrange for the evacuation. When Gordon shoots the canister upon making it to the roof, Stan gets exposed to it as Bullock arrives. Stan then jumps off the rooftop as he suggests that they check out a warehouse.

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    Dark side of Cruising & Travel Insurance 101

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    World Footprints will open up our new "Travelers University" to share some important things that you should know about the cruise industry and travel insurance. 

    Whether you are a first time cruiser or have sailed the seven seas for years, there are things about the cruise industry that you probably don’t know. For as much enjoyment as a cruise provides there is a dark side to cruising that generally goes unreported.  Author and Saturday Evening Post contributor, Elizabeth Becker, joins us to reveal the dangers that passengers often face upon boarding.

    World Footprints Travelers University will continue with an expert panel that will addresse many questions surrounding the decision to purchase travel insurance.  If you’ve ever questioned the necessity of travel insurance or a medical evacuation plan, many frequently asked questions will be answered today from experts at the TravelInsuranceStore.com and MedjetAssist.  You’ll also hear from a traveler who suffered severe injuries in Africa and how his care and rehabilitiation was managed through his travel insurance policy.

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    NYC Evacuation questions for Bob Skinner !! Call NOW

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    Evacuation Maps below;  Call or Chat
     Bob Skinner - Your Host !

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    TSR with Tahir RBG talking Evacuation Route

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    On this show we welcome Tahir RBG who is a music producer/emcee. He has produced for dead prez, The Roots, Jay Electronica, The 69 Boyz, The NappyRoots, The Coup, and many more artists including film scores/soundtracks. He has released 12 projects as an emcee and a host of features. His subject matter is Afrikan Liberation and Nation Building.TahirRBG@gmail.com for more info and contact. You can listen to and purchase Blakkberry Filez vol. 8 at the following link http://tahir.bandcamp.com/album/evacuation-route-blakkberry-filez-vol-8-mixtape-best-of-tahir-rbg

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    Reader's Entertainment Radio Presents: Alex Bexar

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    From an early age, Texas native, Alex Bexar steered clear of playing with dolls and frilly dresses.  Instead, she gravitated toward family members and their discussions on experiences in military, reading science fiction novels, and watching scary movies.  Her  latest novella, Now You're Dead, is set in her favorite Sci-Fi genre and weaves an intriguing tale about the problems of scientific pursuits without the balance of compassion and an ethical compass.


    Captain Andy Jones rescues an infant during a mass evacuation of Eden Village failed resort community on the planet Virginis. Dr. Minos is so impressed with Captain Jones' mental and physical abilities, he selects him to be his first subject in growing a human brain in his lab. Captain Jones is unaware he is about to lose his head in exchange for Dr. Minos' obsessive pursuit of science.

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    Ivan Eland--Libya And The Failure Of American Interventionism 31.Jul.14

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    Ivan Eland thinks that the American foreign policy elite should learn something from the recent humiliating evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli, Libya -- amid the chaos of tribal civil war in that country -- but probably won't. Since World War II, this bipartisan elite has thumbed its nose at the traditional U.S. foreign policy of strategic independence and military restraint overseas, which was initiated by the nation's founders and lasted through the most of the republic's history. Then the second great world conflagration demonstrated to the elite that new interdependence among nations somehow made that policy obsolete. Really?

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    Disaster Preparation - Evacuation: Plan to Stay or Get Away

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    Evacuation: Plan to Stay or Get Away is this year’s summit theme and will focus on the safety of residents and resources available to prepare for possible emergency evacuation including A Plan of Action, Recovery of Infrastructure following the disaster, Awareness of the PVAMU Weather/SCAN station, GIS Technology and the continuity of Agriculture and Business. For more information visit us online at http://pvcep.pvamu.edu.

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    Anne Redelfs on Expert Insights Radio!

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    3pm ET / 2pm CT / 1pm MT / 12pm PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 646-727-1711)

    Viki Winterton interviews Anne Redelfs!

    Anne Redelfs is a retired psychiatrist who has been studying human beings for as long as she can remember. She has a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a medical degree from Tulane University, where she completed two years of residency in pediatrics and three years in psychiatry at Tulane-affiliated hospitals.

    However, she considers life her greatest teacher. She passes on this instruction to others that they too might learn to listen to their lives.

    In her book, The Awakening Storm, readers join Anne on her evacuation from her New Orleans home as Hurricane Katrina approaches and in the trauma of the ensuing levee disaster. In between story lines, readers learn about post-traumatic stress disorder in layman's terms and the stunted psychological development that results from chronic, untreated traumatic experience. Most importantly, readers become practiced in helping to remedy these epidemic conditions - within themselves, within their relationships, and throughout society.


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