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    Evacuation at a Moments Notice!

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    Evacuation at a Moments Notice!
    The Prepared Canadian
    on American Preppers Radio!
    7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Do you have what it takes to survive an evacuation at a moment’s notice? What would you be left with if your home were destroyed by fire or a tornado? There can be any number of disasters that can force you to leave your home without the time to think. What if you needed to get home from work after disaster strikes? Will you be ready to care for your kids or pets?

    Visit the Prepared Canadian blog: Go Here!

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    When you need to evacuate, what should you take; how should you pack and what is the most effective plan for a safe departure and return?  These and many more pertinent questions are answered on this show.

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    Evacuation Preparedness! on The Road Less Traveled

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    Evacuation Preparedness!
    The Road Less Traveled!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Brenda will discuss personal preparedness for evacuation. She’ll enumerate a laundry list of things many already may have, but some may not. GaryL will begin to apply some of the characteristics of energy, frequency, and vibration to people. How do these things affect us in our everyday lives and how does all this define us?

    Gary's Facebook - Here 

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    Equine disaster preparedness and evacuation on Wild Horse & Burro Radio

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    Hosted by Debbie Coffey

    Our guests tonight are R.T. Fitch (co-founder & Pres. of Wild Horse Freedom Federation) and Terry Fitch (co-founder and Treasurer of Wild Horse Freedom Federation) who helped lead the evacuation of horses and burros for Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.

    Elaine Nash

    They will be joined by ELAINE NASH, founder and Director of Fleet of Angels, a grassroots movement of horse lovers who own trailers and are willing to help transport equines to safety when their lives are in danger.

    Tonight's radio show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

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    Seven things to do to Prepare your Finances for a Natural Disaster

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    Listen in to this week's MoneySmarts4U show when host Barbie O'Connor goes over the 7 things you need to do to prepare your finances for a natural disaster.  Whether for two days or two months, you'll learn about what you need to make it through difficult times at home or away in the event of a hurricane, tornado, terrorist attack or other catastrophe that displaces you and your family. This show will go over the documents you need to have with you, how to make sure you have food and a place to stay if you are displaced, how to stock your pantry to shelter in place to get the nutrition you need, prepping your car and your mind for evacuation, and developing a family plan for emergencies like these. 

    For more MoneySmarts4u, buy the book on Amazon.  Subscribe to the show.  Like us on Facebook.  Listen in on Itunes.  Email any questions to barbie@moneysmarts4u.com.  Check out the website, www.moneysmarts4u.com. 


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    I have not yet edited out the wait time up front. The call begins at 19:00.  It was suggessted I have a session with Michael Ellegion to ease people's confusion - too much mis and dis-information. I spoke with Voltra, Cosmic Psychotherapist and Sananda. We talked about the space wars and space allies and how and if they affect us..Now remember... Ashtar has sealed our planet, Earth, with a complete barrier - a planet in Ascension is sacred and "hands off."  NONE of this space war activity can affect Earth and her Ascension! -- How the Wave is affecting us and our families. How we can connect and open the hearts of those who have blocked themselvaes. Families coming together. Final word on the "evacuation."  Sananda comes in during the last 30 minutes and we talk about the Pillars of Light, the Accelerator Chair, the power of Love, going within, the amazing power of Twin Flames... and how to connect. - I apologize for the sound - Michael had to use his cell phone which was VERY loud - so you may have to keep adjusting your sound. Nevetheless, we are privileged to get these direct communications.

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    Joanna Langfield's Movie Minute Reviews of The Martian and The Walk.

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    The Walk

    Philippe Petit thinks of his tightrope performances as art. Taking on a high-wire task himself, Robert Zemeckis, retelling Petit’s most famous walk, creates his own art, with a 3D mastery that is nothing but depth defying and beautifully sweat provoking.

    Yes, this is the story of Petit’s notorious walk between the just built towers of New York City’s World Trade Center. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, balancing the Frenchman’s arrogance and lithe charm, plays the ambitious stuntman and much of the early part of the film focuses on how Petit learned his craft and then, collected the people and plans to help him, almost literally and certainly illegally, walk on air. All of this is handled with a light grace, along with a few comic moments. We know we’re all building up to ‘the walk’, a feat every viewer knows was actually accomplished. So how does Zemeckis grab us? It’s visual. And what visual.

    The Martian

    A mass appeal movie that proclaims it’s going to ‘science the shit out of this’? Go figure: this genuinely thrilling sci-fi thriller about smart people is also sensational entertainment.

    Ridley Scott’s savvy spin on the best selling novel begins as a team of astronauts high tail it off of Mars, escaping an impending dust storm. One of their own has been killed in the evacuation and the long ride home is sad and sober. What they don’t know is that the man they left behind, their friend, is actually very much alive.

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    How to Listen to your Life

    in Self Help

    Keilayn Greenwood  talks to  Dr. Anne Redelf author of The Awakening Storm and the  evacuation from her New Orleans home to escape Hurricane Katrina and about how we all, when we are young, evacuate from aspects of our humanity to avoid our life’s traumas. When our storms and disasters have consistently overwhelmed us.


    Contact Her  website : 




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    All About Veterans

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    Talking about the CVMA chapter in your area. www.warriortalkradio.com.If you have comments or questions be sure to call 646 595-3504. Our co-host this week is Jon C. Nelson Jr. Jon is currently the Combat Veteran’s Motorcycle Association Chapter 23-7 Senior Road Captain. Jon joined the US Navy in November of 1986 as an AW whose duties were primarily Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare and helicopter deployable Search and Rescue Swimmer. In July of 1992 he did an inter-service transfer to the US Army’s Aviation Warrant Officer Program, trained in Huey’s and flew Blackhawks for 6 years most of which were spent assigned to the 45th Medical Evacuation Co. stationed in Ansbach, Germany. Jon will be talking to us about his service and the CVMA. Our mission now is to support and defend those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Our focus is to help veteran care facilities provide a warm meal, clothing, shelter, and guidance, or simply to say “Thank You.” and “Welcome Home.”

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    Wisdom of the Watchers - Timothy Wyllie

    in Spirituality

    Writing together with Timothy Wyllie, the angel Georgia details the events of Earth’s ancient history from 39,000 BC to 16,500 BC 

    • Chronicles the destruction of Lemuria, the Pleiadian evacuation of Earth, and the Lemurian diaspora that spread to India, Tibet, China, and South America 

    • Explains angelic esoteric science, such as the link between spiritual centers on higher planes and ancient monuments on Earth, including the Giza pyramids 

    • Interwoven throughout with observations about Timothy Wyllie’s current and previous lives, such as his long involvement with the Process Church and his interactions with rebel angel incarnates like Timothy Leary 

    At the time of the revolt among the angels 203,000 years ago, Georgia was among those angels who aligned themselves with Lucifer and the rebels. She has remained on this world with occasional side trips to Zandana, another planet of quarantined rebel angels, since the time of the revolution, taking on the angelic role of Watcher. Writing together with Timothy Wyllie, Georgia provides her personal account of the period on Earth from 39,000 BC to 16,500 BC. 

    His website is: http://www.timothywyllie.com/

    To Listen to more Soul Talk Episodes click on this link: http://www.soultalkradio.org


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    The Knowledge Show Live 8/09/15

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    Topic 1: Operation EEP Update (Earth Evacuation Plan) The Host will discuss the Updates to EEP and the selection criteria.

    Topic 2: The Fear of the Black Man (Negrophobia) Revisited. Reasons why Society is afraid of Black People.

    Topic 3: Playing Devil's Advocate: The Reason Why Black People Get Harassed, Beat Up, and Killed By the Police. The Host will discuss several instances where public disobedience results in police shooting Blacks including the Sam Dubose shooting.

    Topic 4: What is your projected outcome of the Freddie Gray trial?

    Topic 5: The Dilemma between a Quick errand vs. Leaving the child in the car. What should you do? The Host will discuss random child abandonment situations

    Audition results will be counted all day and hopefully announced at the end of the show.