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    Witness Radio - Episode 084 - G220 Evangelism Tour

    in Religion

    Witness Radio is the only show that doesn't care about ratings because our sole purpose is to save souls... on purpose!


    On this episode of Witness Radio, we interview Ricky Gantz from G220 Ministries about their College Evangelism Tour!



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    Fred Hammond - Festival of Praise Tour

    in Music

    Join us for this special edition with Fred Hammond as we discuss his tour, his charity and what's next, Fred Hammond is a musician singer from Detroit Michigan going to Mildred have a 1961 and it was one of three boys.  Having a background in church and music from young age Fred's first instrument was drums and eventually progress to bass and piano bass being his most prominent instrument after high school he joined the US Army along with a close friend of his Mitchell Jones after they had gotten out of the army the two began to get involved in the music ministry together have and then audition to play bass for the gospel singing group the wine is and toured with them from 1980 to 1982 

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    Racism On College Campuses, European Terrorism, Black Sympathy/Double Standards

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss racism on college campuses. We cancelled last week's show but felt we need to have a dicussion on the amount of racism Black students have to deal with when attending predominantly European schools. If you've read last week's show description you should have a good idea of the things we will discuss.

    We will also discuss the so-called terrorist attack on France and why Black people shouldn't give a damn. Why are Europeans the only people who get to define terrorism? Why do Black people allow double standards when dealing with our tragedies as opposed to other nations? Why do we sympathize with the people who hate us? We will discuss terrorism from a Black perspective.

    Ronda Rousey and Charlie Sheen; what do they truly represent? We will discuss these things plus more. Join us.


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    INDIE ARTISTS are READY to tour! #speakSpitSmooch #openMic

    in Music

    Smooching is our NAME and GIVING artists the LIGHT is our FAME! WE know artists need more than radio play..If you are READY to give us YOUR tour INTRO! Do it now! Call in OPEN mic OPEN your MOUTH 626-213-5635...Smooches RADIO is taking COMMUNITY RADIO to INFINITY its our LIFESTYLE! Stay Tuned for info on new artists tours!

    Ig: SmoochesRADIO

    Twitter: SmoochesRADIO

    FACEBOOK: Smooches RADIO

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    PNN - Our European Cousin

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN's Rick Spisak and featured Commentator Brook Hines discuss todays Political Terro-scape

    Then PNN News Director Rick Spisak welcomes Denis Campbell Publisher of The UK Progressive, and Producer of The Three Muckrakers as he discusses politics in Wales, the UK and the latest news from Europe.

    Hope you can join us (Live or Anytime)

    Produced by Rick Spisak News Director Progressive News Network

    We want to thank our Underwriters and Sponsors



    [ Annie Appleseed Project + Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida

    + Humanists of the Treasure Coast + Trademark Attorney

    + Anonymous Bloggers

  • Medieval Upheaval, A Catalogue of Bloody European Evils

    in Culture

    Europeans are some of the most violent people that ever walked the planet. Europe’s historians say that warlords battled fiercely over territory, ethnic supremacy and power during Europe’s middle ages. As gory battles raged on, torrents of human blood saturated lands and streamed into rivers. “Life was not worth much,” their historians tell us.

    In more recent times, Europe’s children - the so-called white Americans - burned black towns to the ground, murdering innocent black residents. Coolly, they tortured and then dangled lifeless black bodies from trees, carrying away penises and fingers as trophies. Currently, we witness the blood of black children, women and men puddling rural and city streets of America. It’s not surprising that Europe’s children repeat the cruel blood rituals of their parents. What’s surprising is that so few of us have connected the dots.

    If we are casual readers of history, we probably don’t know how vicious and bloody Europe’s story is. We don’t realize just how many medieval European laws and customs are practiced today. We can’t connect the dots from the past to the present.  In fact, we don’t know that the past is present.

    Sheshet Kemet, author of the new book Medieval Upheaval, A Catalogue of Bloody European Evils, discusses Europe’s bloody history.  She says murderous medieval madness stains European DNA and fuels the violent actions of their white children in America today.

    However much their myths are used to harm black people, their truth will set us free. Let’s go in. Sunday, October 25. 1030p. Black African Power.

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    Season II on the Powwow Trail, Episode 4 The European Powwow-WTF?

    in Culture

    This episode is going to discuss the European Powwows. Yes the European Powwow. Have you been to a European Powwow? The Native Guys are going to discuss these powwows, as you can google these types as many are held in Poland, UK, Germany and a few other countries. When did this begin, does this make this a honorable thing or is it a way for other cultures to make money of the Native Communities?


    Disclaimer-- This is all opinion, all information discussed are the views of the hosts, and not of Native Communities as a whole. To find more information on the powwows in Europe, the best would to find information and contacting these organizations to learn more of how and why they do powwows. Again, this is all for entertainment purposes.

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    Hell In A Cell: Tour, Pay-Per-View, and predictions

    in Wrestling

    Tonight we talk about WWE Hell In A Cell! From the tour to the pay-per-view

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    Audio Tour of the Door County Maritime Museum

    in Lifestyle

    On Thursday, November 5th, Going Home with Tony takes the Hot Water 911 Boiler Room Studio on the road again.  This time host Tony Scimeca and cohost Claudia Scimeca go to the Door County Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.  There they will do an audio tour of the museum and talk to the wonderful staff about the ships of Lake Michigan, ship building, ship wrecks, lighthouses and more.  We will be there at the start of the museum's Merry-Time Tree Festival which runs until December 8th at which time, the trees, decorated and adorned by local businesses and organizations will be auctioned off to lucky winners. We are thrilled to be able to experience the museum and its treasure trove of information while delighting in holiday decorations!  AND, as if hanging out at this amazing museum wasn't enough, because it is the first Thursday of the month, our resident tech guru, Carolyn Nicander Mohr of The Wonder of Tech will join us to share the latest and greatest in tech innovations. 

    Find out more about the Door County Maritime Museum by checking out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

    Enjoy the show!

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    Ol' Bag of Donuts: Revenge Tour (1997 Edition)

    in Football

    Ol' Bag of Donuts takes their tour to the Rockies this weekend to preview the Green Bay Packers vs. Denver Broncos. Chris and Adam go over where the Packers stand on the injury front and lay out their serious concerns for Sunday. The guys also get into a little trade talk and openly recruit a NFL start to come to Green Bay (not named JJ Watt, sorry fans).

    Ol' Bag of Donuts is a part of Packers Talk, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes.


    Chris Lempesis and Adam Somers bring their offbeat brand of podcasting to Packers Talk, with the latest rumors, news, and prognostications about your Green Bay Packers.

    Follow them on Twitter at @olbagofdonuts and @ASomers_time and stay tuned to Packers Talk Radio Network every week for more of Chris and Adam!