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    The Life...presents..."You gotta let it go!"

    in Christianity

    Listen to this moving discussion between Pastor Eunice, Gabe and Nikki...as they explore how critical it is to let go of grudges and bitterness and unforgiveness. You don't want to miss this episode of The Life!

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    Speak Live Nation with Cedric Nettles w Author LaSean Rinique

    in Radio

    LaSean got her entrepreneurial spirit from her family bloodline. After completing August Martin High School in Queens, LaSean entered Delaware State University.  

    While in college, LaSean pursued Journalism Mass Communications, and then switched to Hotel Restaurant Management and Business Administration, and was soon bitten by the entrepreneurial bug after graduating from Delaware State.  

    In 1995, LaSean began piloting different business ideas, and with that type of exposure, and ambition LaSean embarked into the entertainment business-and successfully went onto acting/modeling working on such shows as Law and Order, NY Under Cover, Extra Roles in several Box Office Movies, An Off Off Broadway Play written by Ms. Tanganyika Fredericks (“Caught Up”), a lead role in “UBig” a local Long Island Access channel comedy show and she landed a main spot with Los Banditos Chocolates Improv team during their premier run-featured at Roses Turn.

    LaSean also is a radio personality known as Mz. OptimiZm. Mz. OptimiZm is an on-line and FM radio personality that holds a high spot in the Charts and known in the DE area for her Radio Slot on WAMS FM. She has interviewed celebrated guest such as Dr. Eunice S Thomas, Dr. Nikki Giovanni, Easy Mo Bee, Aaron D Spears, Marvin Dixon, Blue Williams, State Representative Darryl M. Scott, Syleena Johnson, and Dr. Lucy Perez to name a few.

    She resides in DE with her family and is an active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. The goals and passions that LaSean holds dear are: Philanthropy, Mentoring, Radio, Commentating latest events and Ground Breaking News on the Television Circuit, and most of all, Family.

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    The Life: Moving Forward

    in Religion

    On this episode of The Life...Pastor Eunice, Gabe and Nikki discuss the topic of forgiveness. They address the forgivable, the unforgivable and so much more!

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    The Life: presents....The Debt Trap

    in Religion

    Pastor Eunice, Gabe and Nikki engage in a lively discussion about the effects of debt from a biblical perspective.

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    The Life : The Love Of Money

    in The Bible

    Pastor Eunice, Nikki and Gabe of the Life Generation Ministries discuss The Love Of Money on The Tru radio network. You can listen live on this link or by calling 347-884-9299 Monday night at 8pm.

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    Now that we've got half of January 2015 covered, let's move on to the other half! On this EPISODE we start out with MORE WINTER and MORE WRECKS, with GLOBAL COOLING EFFECTS and the NAHUM ROAD WRECKS PROPHECY! Then we move on to the latest updates on GLOBAL WARMING EFFECTS, along with FLASH FLOOD STORIES in the news. We also talk about CYCLONE EUNICE reaching CAT 5 status. While we shake things up with CYCLONE UPDATES, we also talk about EARTHQUAKE updates in divers place. Dont forget the latest on SINKHOLE stories. ALL THIS AND MORE ON TONITES SHOW. STAY TUNED! STAY INFORMED! GET IN THE KNOW! TELL SOMEBODY THAT "STEVE SI - THE BIBLE GUY", AKA, THE SINGING BIBLE SCRIBE IS ON THE AIR AND YOU ALL DONT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW! ...

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    The 2015 ASWIFTT Literary Visual & Performing Arts Awards

    in Entertainment

                                        ***********SHOW WAS RESCHEDULED*************

    New Date is 2-1-2015 at 7 pm CST, 5 pm PST, 8 pm EST, 9 pm AST

    Join ASWIFTT RADIO Host, Brenda Johnson Padgitt along with her co-hosts Glenda Fields and Eunice Bridges on January 31, 2015 at 5 pm CST, 6 pm EST, 3 pm PST and 7 pm AST, as they host The 2015 ASWIFTT Literary, Visual & Performing Arts Awards.  This will be ASWIFTT’s 1st annual awards ceremony for ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild members and ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC authors.

    The awards recognition platform seeks to recognize and appreciate its members for their works, publications, community involvement and contributions in the Literary, Visual, & Performing Arts.  ASWIFTT Award categories range from Education, Global Outreach,Transitional Figure & More.

    Winners will have the opportunity to call in to give a 2 minute acceptance speech. They will also receive their awards and prizes in the mail.

    ASWIFTT is for the author, artist, playwright, movie producer, director, journalist, etc. who has the talent to put pen or brush to paper to create a unique & valuable piece of work. ASWIFTT is always looking for new talents to enhance the Literary, Visual & Performing Arts.

    The Mission of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild is to mentor, support & help develop guild members in their chosen craft. ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild plays a key role in helping guild members to discover & use their God given talents to impact the world.

    For more information on:

    The 2015 ASWIFTT Literary, Visual & Performing Arts Awards Show
    e-mail us at: info@aswifttwritersguild.com or call 1-866-302-0508.

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Winter Storm Linus a Blizzard has hit the Midwest and headed toward the North East leaving a foot of snow in Chicago and northern Indiana. Also Cyclone Eunice a Cat 5 is in the Indian Ocean 160 miles near Madagascar. Also 32 earthquakes in the last 24 hours including several large quakes in Alaska. Also ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has beheaded the second Japanese citizen in Syria. Also the UN says 1,375 people have been killed in Iraq during the month of Jan of 2015 as ISIS continues their run of terror. Also thousands of people protested in the streets of Hong Kong, China with pro-democracy rallies. Also Saudi Arabia has now executed 5 people since the New King Salman has taken over the Kingdom. Also a bridge has been stolen in Hammand Indiana. Katy Perry will preform the Half Time Show at the Super Bowl as the Illuminati will promote their the rise of the Beast. These and much more with current news events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Independent Everything: LIVE with Black Earl at the #GetOnIt Release Party

    in Music

    Black Earl from Eunice, LA, is a humble 27yr old Hip Hop/Rap Artist ready to captivate the world with his smooth, melodic flow. Simply put, he is Black Earl. Average hard-working father of a 2 year old son. As a child, Black Earl's mother sang in the church choir. Quickly he developed an interest for music.  Playing in the band all through school gave him a 6th sense in music of all sorts. He has considered himself a rap lyricist since the age of fifteen.

    In May 2014, everything Black Earl had been working hard to obtain finally came to pass. He saw this as his opportunity to show everyone just exactly what he was made of. Black Earl was signed by Metal 2 Music Entertainment Management to Metal 2 Music Records. In less than a month, he had dropped two singles (but a total of four) from his first promo, entitled No Sleep. All available now on Amazon.com, iTunes, Beats Music, and Spotify, and all fine digital download and streaming sites.

    Since then, he has released a plethora of singles and delivered just as many hooks for various artists. Black Earl has been featured on numerous Coast 2 Coast mixtapes; selected to perform at Coast 2 Coast LIVE Tour in New Orleans; featured on the Unsigned Hype Krunk Atlanta Mixtape; and has had numerous interviews. His music is also in rotation on stations like AllThingzFranz.com Radio, FSC Radio, Street Level Radio, WWRN, WTGM, and many more.

    His highly anticipated first commercial project, #GetOnIt is set for release on the M2M/SMG label, 02/01/15. Thirteen explosive, lyrically diverse tracks, that will keep your head banging and mind humming his catchy hooks nonstop. 

    He is motivated, determined, dedicated, ambitious, and consistent. Simply put.he is Black Earl.


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    ASWIFTT Publishing Literary Segment with Eunice Bridges

    in Writing

    Jan. 10, 2015 Brenda Johnson Padgitt of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC teamed up with Host Etienne A. Gibbs of In the Author’s Corner With Etienne to educate and enlighten the listening audience, especially novice and aspiring authors, on various literary, visual, and performing arts topics; provide marketing opportunities; address their concerns and questions, help listeners discover and seek out their passion in the Fine Arts.

    The ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Literary Segment airs on the second and third Saturdays of each month at 1:00 pm PST; 2:00 pm MST; 3:00 pm CST; 4:00 pm EST; and 5:00 pm AST. This week’s guest is Eunice Bridges.

    Eunice Bridges, as the founder and Executive Director of EB's Flip the Script Productions, LLC, is the mother of 3, grandmother of 6. The main purposes of EB's Flip the Script Production, LLC are to lift up the name of the Lord, Jesus, and to minister throughout our community.

    Born in Mobile, Alabama, Eunice moved to California at the age of 6 years old. In 1978, Eunice graduated from Cordova Senior High School and is currently working as a Deputy Clerk III for the Superior Courts of California.

    Published Author: Destiny of Flight (2010) and A Day Like Mine (2010); upcoming publications: A Child's Laughter and Silent Cry (2012); Short films (DVD) The Prayer of a Righteous Seed (2006) and Ain't Going Out Like That (2011); a DVD commercial: In My Life Time (2010); Radio Broadcasting with ASWIFTT Writer's Guild.

    Contact Eunice at http://www.ebsflipit.com/

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    Leaving the cities- Will you stay or Prepare ?

    in Self Help

    A Story by:  Eunice Schaefer

    When Eunice Schaefer moved back to the village after more than a decade of city living, relatives often appeared at her doorstep with food. They had caught extra fish or killed extra birds, they would say. Did she want some?

    These members of her extended family, some of whom she barely knew, didn't really have food to spare, she understood.

    "Moving from Anchorage to a village, or any city to a village, you're used to things not costing as much. It's harder to budget. And you know my pride kept me from asking for help when we first got here," said Schaefer, a 32-year-old mother of seven.

    "I'd rather go without and a lot people knew that. They'd just bring things over," she said.

    I met Schaefer in late September at the Kwethluk Native Store, where she works as a clerk. As her young family toughens to life on the Lower Kuskokwim River, they are among the hundreds of Alaskans who have moved from Anchorage to villages in the past two years, many trading city "luxuries" like indoor plumbing and big box stores for the backyard salmon streams and berry fields of Bush Alaska.

    An exodus of villagers to Alaska cities -- an urban migration -- grabbed headlines over the past decade. But the river flows both ways as many rural residents return to hometowns across the state.

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