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    Comedy Release with Eulalio Magana and Jonny Creal

    in Comedy

    Stand up comedians and lady killers (charges were dropped), Eulalio Magana and Jonny Creal talk about comedy, their lives, women, comedy, women, the news, comedy, women and their lives.
    This podcast will be all over your face after you experience a full dose of Comedy Release.

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    Comedy Asylum with Jonny Creal and Eulalio Magana

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    Comics Eulalio Magana and Jonny Creal have a podcast together.
    Nothing is off limits. They are comics.
    One hosted  an E-40 concert.
    The other took modeling pictures.
    You would be surprised who did what!

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    in Politics Progressive

    HOST: Serge Ndayizeye


    Tariki ya 1/07 ni umunsi mukuru ngarukira mwaka, umunsi abanyarwanda twizihizaho umunsi mukuru w’ubwigenge bw’Igihugu cyacu, umunsi abanyarwanda basezereye ku mugaragaro mu birori, ingoma ebyiri zari zarabatsikamiye: iya Cyami n’iya gikoloni.

               Ku itariki ya 28/01/1961 ni bwo u Rwanda rwavuye mu butegetsi bwari bushingiye ku ngoma ya Cyami rwari rumazemo imyaka irenga magana ane , ruhinduka  Repubulika.  Kuri uwo munsi ni bwo abayobozi bari bamaze gutorwa n’abaturage mu matora y’amakomini  yari yabaye kuva taliki ya 26/6 kugeza kuya 30/7/1960 mu Rwanda hose bateraniye i Gitarama bemeza  ko u Rwanda rubaye Repubulika.

    andikira radioitahuka@gmail.com cyangwa utubwire niba hari ibyo uzi ushaka kutubwira hano kuri radio Itahuka

    facebook/ijwi ryihuriro nyarwanda/itahuka

    follow us on twitter: rnc_usa

    call in to listen Live 347 945 6449


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    New Music Inferno w/ Cursed Sails!!!

    in Music

    Cursed Sails - Metalcore band from Atlanta,GA ft the Ferris brothers(Cory & Ben), Omar Magana & Brent Guistwite...Debut Record "Rotten Society" out now on Rise/Velocity Records..Out on the Vans Warped Tour 2014 until June 29th in Portland,OR...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/cursedsails

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    Zombie Messiah Insanity Tangent 23

    in Comedy

    Eulalio Magana aka Zombie Messiah is back for another 'show'.
    This time we will have a very good 'friend' of his who also performs stand up comedy like ZM does off the podcast circuit. Ok, they are not friends, but he is a funny guy named Manny Lucio.
    They will talk about the Aaron Hernandez ordeal and why sports is a good cover for zombies and more!

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    Zombie Messiah Insanity Tangent 24

    in Comedy

    Zombie Messiah Insanity Tangent Fourth of July Zpecial!
    Zombie Messiah takes a look at what it means to be American, a Zombie in the ever more complaining world!
    ****UPDATE: ZM's plan was to talk about the 4th of July but guest Joey Olson of GuyTalkRadio of LATalkradio.com decided to make it about racial comments against ZM.
    ****Stay tuned for the rebutle from ZM.
    Topics will be random as always!
    Check out Zombie Messiah aka Eulalio Magana on Facebook at facebook.com/eulaliomagana
    Check out our sponsor Dibbs Clothing

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    Zombie Messiah Insanity Tangent 20!

    in Comedy

    For his 20th episode ZM decided to something special: BROADCAST WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND!
    If you listened to this podcast years ago, you know that ZM has have had a horrifying dating life.
    Since ZM is now also doing stand up comedy this podcast will be mostly dedicated to talking about comedy movies AND cracking you up.
    For that reason Zombie Messiah will be reviewing Magic Mike wich his girlfriend made him watch. Hey he has to get 'brains' if you know what I mean. ZM made his girl watch Blazing Saddles which he will review with a possible comic caling in to review it, too.
    He wil also give you some info on his shows & future plans for this podcast.
    Sponsored by Dibbs Clothing
    Check them out at dibbsclothing.co.uk
    'Like' Zombie Messiah on Facebook.com/THEZombieMessiah
    'Like' Eulalio Magana aka Zombie Messiah at Facebook.com/EulalioMagana

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    Zombie Messiah Insanity Tangent 25

    in Comedy

    Zombie Messiah Insanity Tangent #25 is coming at you with extremely LOUD NOISES and OVER USE OF ADJECTIVES!
    In this episode we talk Lucha Libre, an UPDATE on the last episodes 'racist' guest. Hint, the very next day Karma got him back for me.

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    Zombie Messiah Insanity Tangent 29

    in Comedy

    ZOMBIE MESSIAH aka Eulalio Magana will take you on a random journey from the news, ideas, his personal life, his stand up comedy life and all with a Zombie punny twist.

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    Zombie Messiah Insanity Tangent 21

    in Comedy

    Zombie Messiah will have special guest comedian and political Facebook poster Ross Miller as a guest.
    They will address race, race cars, Paula Deen, Egyptian statues and whatever random things they can think of.
    Find out about what Ross Miller is up to by Facebooking him.
    Check out our sponsor Dibbs Clothing for great retro and pop culture shirts at dibbsclothing.co.uk.

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    ProWMMA Now! Episode 32

    in MMA

    ProWMMA Now! Episode 32 brought to you by Bangtown Fightwear and The Mile High Grizzlies.
    Friday September 7th,  XFC 25 : Boiling Point hits Albuquerque New Mexico. Our first guest to the show Angela Magana will face Stephanie Eggink in the first ever XFC womens championship match for a strawweight title.
    Paige Van Zant will join the show to drop details of her move and plans to continue her career.  Tune is as she discusses team transition and whats in her very near future.
    Kathina Catron fights this Friday at the Hardrock Hotel and Casion in Oklahoma.  She will join the episode as our third guest to talk about her fight with Susy Watson.
    Be sure to check out www.bangtownfightwear.com and https://www.facebook.com/MileHighGrizzlies

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