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    Tonight- we discuss websites for Creatives Etsy to Pinterest

    in Social Networking

    Come join in and share how you use these wonderful sites!  Pinterest, Etsy, soundcloud, instagram, facebook and more!!! Whether you are familiar or not with these life changing sites they are changing lives as we speak!  Tonight we give a basice overview of some popular websites for creatives and some of the exciting and creative ways that people are using them!  

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    Positively Present with author Dani DiPirro - Living a Positive Life

    in News

    Dani DiPirro is an author, blogger, and designer living in a suburb of Washington, DC. In 2009, Dani launched the website PositivelyPresent.com with the intention of sharing her insights about living a positive and present life (something that didn’t always come easy to her!). Anything and everything focused on positive personal development has a home on Positively Present including: tips for being more positive; advice for living in the moment; articles on how positivity can improve you; information on positive personal development; insights on how to share positivity with others; and resources and inspiration for being positively present.

    In 2012, Dani left her full-time job in Marketing to pursue a career with Positively Present. Since then, she has self-published Stay Positive: Daily Reminders from Positively Present (learn more at StayPositive365.com) and published The Positively Present Guide to Life with Watkins Publishing. Dani has also created e-books on specific topics such as self-love, holiday planning, and organization. She is currently working on her next book.

    While expanding her career as an author and blogger, Dani also began learning about graphic design and illustration. In 2012, she took her first Nicole’s Classes course online and fell in love with creating illustrations, typography, and design. She has since launched a design studio, Twenty3, in which she creates downloadable content on Etsy, designs products for Society 6, and works with individuals and businesses to help create modern, uplifting illustrations and designs.

    When she’s not designing, blogging, or writing, Dani can be found with her head in a book (check out what she’s reading on GoodReads), creating images for Instagram (follow her on @positivelypresent), or pinning like a madwoman (take a peek at her Pinterest boards).


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    Soapmaking and Easter with Leslie etsy.com/shop/1966

    in Social Networking

    Happy Easter! Enjoy your Easter with Leslie and let us talk about the soapmaking process

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    Soapmaking for the hobbyist

    in Social Networking

    I will discuss the art of soapmaking and soap for sale in my etsy.com/shop/1966


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    The Real Reason Your Etsy Store Isn't Getting Traffic and Sales part 1 of 3

    in Blogs

    In This Episode: 

    Do you know the real reason your etsy store isn't getting the traffic and sales you want?

    The Number one reason is a failed understanding of marketing - Not having a marketing plan is the second.

    My Etsy Background (part 1)
    How to Understand the Traffic Mystery (part 1)
    Finding Your Sweet Spot - Your Ideal Customer (part 2)
    Developing and Understanding Your Sales Funnel (part 2)
    Sample Sales Funnels From Crochet Businesses (part 3)
    Resources for Further Study (part 3)

    Crocheting a Business is a weekly podcast from Sara Duggan, editor of CrochetBusiness.com. Topics include blogging, email lists, increasing sales, and crochet business highlights. 

    Additional features may include crochet patterns, writing patterns, craft shows, selling crochet tips, and interviews. 

    Questions? Leave a Comment Below. 

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    Dream Spirits: create a sacred day Special guest Lozen Brown Bear

    in Self Help


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    Etsy Store - go to dreamspirits.com to get to her store, shop online, check out the new Spring sprays, Dream catchers, and much more

    purchase "Meet Your Animal Guide" meditation, as a download or a CD.

    look to enhance the experience with adding to your purchase, Special Blend: Meet Your Animal Guide

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    Katie Ferrara - The Mini Concert

    in Music

    This month I'm going to Austin to play at SXSW! Check out my tour dates here! I just finished making the flyer. :-) 

    In other news, the Beat Buddy Guitar Pedal has released the video I made for them on Youtube! Last month they put it up on their facebook page and it got over 1,000 likes. I am working on more pedal demos at the moment so stay tuned for those. The Beat Buddy is a Drum Machine Pedal I use for songwriting, and practicing guitar. I basically can control the drum beat as I play a song. Check out the video for more info. This video is also featured on the Beat Buddy Website at http://mybeatbuddy.com/

    This year I have also been playing at a lot of flea markets and farmer's markets in LA including the Melrose Trading Post, Altadena Farmer's Market, and So Cal Etsy Guild and I have caught the attention of an online magazine called Roots Revival Co! The magazine features small businesses, artists, musicians, and handmade crafts! With that said, I have an idea to start a blog on my website about my experience street performing. It will include info about where to busk, how to set up, what to bring, what songs to play, and what gear to buy!

    You can check out the article here: http://www.rootsrevivalco.com/category/zine/

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    Psychic Readings with Michael Dunlap

    in Spirituality

    Michael Dunlap is an Intuitive and Practitioning Witch with over 15 years of experience. He is known for his "spot on" intuitive and psychic abilities as well for his gentle magickal wisdom for his clients world-wide.

    Come join in for some free readings and chat! First come, first serve. Come in and make some magic!

    If you would like a reading with Michael Dunlap please visit http://www.dunlapinsights.webs.com for more information!

    Michael Dunlap is available for readings at Oranum.com (live webcam) and at PsychicsForHire.com (telephone readings). He also offers indepth e-mail readings on his Etsy shop "IntuitivePerspective".

    For Readings visit one below:

    Live Webcam: http://community.oranum.com/en/psychic/12882

    Phone Reading: http://www.psychicsforhire.com/michaeldunlap

    E-mail Reading: https://www.etsy.com/shop/IntuitivePerspective

    Tune into your creative intuition today!

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    Let's Talk ETSY!

    in Art

    CALL 347-215-7225 & discuss anything & everything about ETSY!  (And check out my shop at www.etsy.com/shop/chelle0774 )

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    Creative Ways to Market & Promote Your Etsy Shop

    in Moms and Family

    Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade crafts or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies. Etsy boasts hundreds of thousands of Etsy sellers. The small business landscape is becoming increasingly more competitive. It is vital that business owners take ownership of marketing and promoting their brand.
    Tara Rex is our guest for this episode and she's going to share her tips for promoting an Etsy shop.
    Tara owns a successful handmade sewing business that has found her items in many celebrity's hands,Rachael Ray, Uma Thurman, Beyonce, and more. Her Etsy shop, Taradara, sells iPad covers, iPhone covers, Kindle covers, wallets, business card holders ... just to name a few.  She also blogs at Taradara Made It where she shares her exciting life, sewing tutorials, DIY projects, and more. Recently, Tara contributed to a new book called "Pinterest for Business" and will be in the December issue of Sew It All magazine and is taping a full segment for Sew It All TV.

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    Welcome to abroomandthemoon radio! Please join us for our 19th episode Wednesday January 21 at 8:00PM PST we will be discussing animals in magic, astrology, and the chakras. So please join us for abroomandthemoon's 19th radio show! 

    To request a future topic to be discussed please send me a message on facebook.

    Where to find Jenn Embers?

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