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    Beauty Talk with Skin Care Expert & Esthetician Lisa Porter

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    Join us this Sunday at 9pm EST for Beauty Talk with Esthecian Lisa Porter for a conversation about Corrective Skin Care.

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    Psychic Horizon

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    TPN Radio Presents the Psychic Horizon Show with Shelley Hofberg.

    Shelley Hofberg is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Tarot Reader, Pet Psychic and Healer. Her multi-faceted gifts are reflected in her multi-faceted psychic career. Shelley has appeared on NBC television, the Discover Channel and is included in feature articles of newspapers such as the Hollywood Independent and Ventura Star.  As a staff member of the West Coast Well Being metaphysical publication, Shelley was responsible for writing a pet psychic column and as a pet psychic, was mentioned in Lisa Barretta's published book, ‘The Street Smart Psychic Guide to Getting a Good Reading.'



    Special Guest: Cheryl Domino

    Cheryl is Clairvoyant, Clairsensitive, and is able to see, feel, and hear your guides around you giving you messages enabling you to see the "clear picture" to go forward with your goals. Cheryl senses energy fields and can feel what the person is experiencing. Her voice is calming and she gives you a sense of peace when you are receiving a reading.

    Cheryl is a licensed Esthetician for over 16 years. In the salon, she gives clients a combination of a facial, healing, and reading. She also a medical intuitive that cannot only see issues you may have with your health, but any blocks in your chakras.


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    What Does Your Skin Say About Your Health

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    What does your skin say about your health? We all want to feel younger, but we all want to look younger and that's where skin health comes into play. Join us this Tuesday evening as we speak to Esthetician, Antoinette Haynes, as she will educate us on how to achieve that younger look. Antoinette Haynes has been an Esthetician (skin care specialist) since 2010. She is located at 2307 W. Cone Bvd., Suite 150E, in Greensboro,  NC. Her philosophy is "Always Specializing in Your Skin". At her suite, she does customized facials, full body waxing, threading, natural eyelash extensions, and create natural skin care products. You may learn more about her at http://serenitysuiteskincare.com

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    Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Special Guest/Spot on Issues of the Day

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    Rose Colombo N The Justice Club is a breath of fresh air!  An Experience unlike the same old run of the mill take on politica issues as well as social issues in the USA and around the world.  As a critical thinker who used her first hand experience to create a ground swell against corruption, Women Fight Back, 20 years ago, she's helped people involved in injustices become survivors.  She's also knowledgable about the beauty industry having a career as an Esthetician and Aroma-Therapist as well as owning a quaint spa and product line prior to her corrupted experience in the legal system.  Her goal is to enlighten and empower power with knowledge.  She's written an award-winning book featured around the world and 2 Five Star Reviews, "Fight Back Legal Abuse, and Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Red Necks and Radicals....Follow Rose Colombo on LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as Facebook/The Justice Club, and Twitter@Rose4Justice, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Digg. Check out Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at www.rose4justice.com


    Please go to our website and chat room at http://www.freedomizerradio.com  


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    NiACOM Music Mix w/ Host Leslie Renee guest Arielle Kristen Gooden 2/10@8pm CST

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    The Music Mix is on the air tonight with your Host, Leslie Renee and special guest Psalmist Arielle Kristen Gooden. Having served as a television singer on The Hour of Healing: Something Good Tonight, as well as leading worship in Christ Nations Church in Texarkana. No stranger to ministry, she has sung background vocals for the late O'Landa Draper, Kim Burrell, Nikki Ross, Nakitta Clegg-Foxx, Karen Clark Sheard and a host of upcoming artist!

    Arrielle is a 2005 graaduate of ORU, 2010 from Texas A & M. She holds a BA in Physcology , a minor in Non Profit Busines and a Master of Science in Education. In addition to that, she is a certified Esthetician. In 2009, her 1st Single, Born 2 Love u proclaims that the answers to life's questions lie in the realization that we're all here to love Jesus Christ!!

    In 2012, Arrielle was struck by a moving train, and tells her testimony of healing everywhere she goes!!

    Join us!! You can also participate in our LIVE interactive audience...323 693 3830


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    Words from the Well with Wendy L. Harvey

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    “The skin you are in"

    Not sure about foundation/powder or the proper way to cleanse your face. After this show there will be no more confusion with the guidance given by a sought after makeup artist/license esthetician, my daughter, Alexis Hayman Zeiders.  

    Alexis covers an array of areas in the fashion and beauty industry. She is an upcoming sought after professional licensed esthetician, make- up artist, beauty expert, fashion stylist, jewelry designer and founder of a natural skin care line; specializing in exfoliating sugar scrubs made to cater to your specific skin care needs.



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    Wealth thru Health - What are you doing for you?

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    This week we will continue our topic "What are you doing for you.  We will be talking with Nancy Garlick of Beauty Bliss Skin Care & Body Apothecary. She is a SC State licensed Esthetician who believes in holistic skin care and using all natural, non surgical treatments to provide my clients with safe and effective services.

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    Wealthy Sistas® Celebrity Esthetician Germaine Williams

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    Favored by clients seeking results, Germaine Williams celebrity esthetician and make-up artist  has a passion for the skin.  She is a leading skincare therapist who combines high tech treatments with her in depth knowledge of nutrition and natural therapies.
    Germaine is the CEO and founder of The Red Bloom Wellness Spa located in the heart of Bethesda, Maryland and draws upon over 17years of experience and training to visibly improve her client’s skin.   She holds as BS in Health/Nutrition is a Certified Licensed Holistic Health Coach and Raw Food Educator.  Essence, Glamour, Allure and a host of other magazines have sought the advice from this beauty expert.  Rooted in the philosophy “the skin is a mirror of one’s internal health” she uses non-invasive alternative therapies, organic skincare products and food as medicine to help improve the skin and body. 

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    Look the Part! Be the Part! Get the Part!

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    Join Christy Demetrakis and her special guest Kristie Kennedy for "Look the Part!  Be the Part!  Get the Part!"  In this episode, we'll talk about the tips for entrepreneurs to overcome fear and achieve success by securing mentors and coaches. 

    Meet Kristie Kennedy:

    Kristie Kennedy is a visionary leader, who serves as a women’s beauty, business, brilliance and body image coach that operates in a multiplicity of gifts with a passion for empowering individuals to live magnificently in the face of adversity.

    Ms. Kennedy is a Notary Public and in May 2012 was appointed as the Tallahassee Ambassador for Heal a Woman, Heal a Nation, Inc. Served as 2012 Ms. Tallahassee, Fl. for Ms. Corporate America. She was crowned in September 2010 as the 2010 American Image National Woman.

    She is a Licensed Esthetician/Beauty Advisor (Graduate of Aveda Beauty Institute), Freelance Makeup Artist/Educator for Motives Cosmetics and Extreme Lash Stylist. Her industry experience ranges from Larinem Cosmetics, Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Birmingham Premiere Beauty Expo Make up Educator, Orlando Premiere Beauty Expo Eye Lash Extensionist and Former Makeup Artist/Educator for Mirabella Cosmetics and Borghese Cosmetics Songwriter, Poetess, Recording Artist, Author, Jewelry Designer, Fashion Model, National Spokes model for Fibroid Tumors, Modeling Instructor and beauty pageant judge.

    She is a daring woman who is unafraid to take calculated risks. Her gift of inspiration brings a pure delight to anyone she meets. Ms. Kennedy believes it is essential to remain steadfast, unmovable and always abounding in the work that is set before you in order to achieve lasting success.


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    "Lost between the Moon and New You City" w/Danielle Mercurio

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    On October 8th, a lunar eclipse will bring forth the "blood full moon". This is due to the reddish hue reflected on the moon from the sun. Besides being an amazing sight to witness, what does it all mean? The moon can harbor incredible effects on our emotions & psyche, and through this awareness we can maximize these lunar vibes to good use. 

    During the show, you’ll understand the spiritual meanings behind the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and how to best prepare. Danielle and guest moon-pert Anne Hayman will discuss how to use meditation, journaling, manifestation and other tools to channel your focus in a way to create change & get more of what you want in your life.  You’d be looney to miss out!

    Anne Hayman is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist + Esthetician. She's been on a natural path of healing herself for 20+ years. Growing up with an autoimmune disorder + anxiety {without knowing what it was} forced her to search out holistic therapies + become interested in {AKA: obsessed with} helping others with similar issues once she found things that really worked. Find out more at http://www.annehayman.com/

    Founder of New You City Coaching, Danielle Mercurio is busy working her urban gypsy persona & spreading her light in NYC. She believes that the answers already exist in the stars, and as such has a way of bringing them closer to reveal your fate. A city lifestyle expert and coach, Danielle which utilizes her cosmic tools that include astrology, tarot readings, planetary influences and intuitive guidance to bring forth clarity and awareness into your life.  Learn more at www.newyoucitycoaching.com

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    Writing Royalty Radio- "The Brother on the Down Low"

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    Writing Royalty Radio

    Topic- "The Brother on the Down Low"

    Guest Authors: Jamie Dossie and Tanya Harris

     Jamie was born and raised in the Chicago Illinois. She fell in love with urban novels, after her mom gave her a book by Terry McMillian called-Mama. After reading that book she began to read another and at that very moment she knew that these were the kind of books that she wanted to write someday.

    After the passing of her mom she began to write notebooks full of poems and short stories. She knew it was a way to cope with her pain, but at the same time she was building her writing skills. Growing up where people didn’t express their dreams she shied away from telling people that she wanted to be a Well-known Published Author someday.

    Jamie is always looking to improve her writing craft. She is also a licensed Esthetician and licensed Food Server. She is well known in her community for these crafts as well. She has written two books with one on its way of being published called “Double Back”. She is currently working on a third and is looking to start, as a new blogger in the near future. She would like to tell everyone to always follow their dreams, always step out on faith it’s the best thing anyone could do. She is currently living in Chicago with her children and is brain storming on her future projects.

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