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    Constitutionalists Conservatives vs Today's GOP Establishment

    in Politics

    Today's GOP Establishment has Rejected the Constitution of the United States of America......Just like the Progressive Democrats!

    It is Time for the GOP to Go the Way of the Whig Party!

    How many ways does the GOP reject our Constitution?

    Rejection of God and Country
    The Elected are Above the Law - They assume the Role of God over the rights of the People
    Work for Corporations - Not the American People
    Reject National Security - Refuse to Secure our Borders
    Support and Promote Amnesty
    Reject States Rights
    Surrender Rights of Congress to Empower A Dictator NOT a President
    Support the Patriot Act which is totally Anti-Constitution
    Support NSA Anti-Constitutional Envasion of Privacy
    Support So-Called "Free Trade" and Sacrifce American Jobs and American Workers
    Support Federal Control of Education
    Reject Limited Government
    Promote Government Control over Property/Land
    Support Media Control over Elections

    Face the truth.....The GOP has become part of the DNC Progressive/Communist Party that rejects the rights of the individual and the principles of our Constitution.  

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    Leftists, Establishment Wimps and Islam Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in Politics Conservative

    Just when I thought I was out, the establishment pulled me back in!!!!

    The watchtower doors will open once again and your humble host has much to talk about. We will talk about what the left has been up to, how the GOP establishment is undermining the conservative liberty movement, the crreping terror known as Islam and still have to mock Karl Rove.

    I invite you to join me in the Watchtower as we press on in the fight for liberty!!!!

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    The Writing is on the Wall.Identifying the Establishment Media.

    in Politics Progressive

    African Americans are on everybodies minds these days.From the deepest bush in Africa to the Eskimo and to the average White Americans.But it seems no one really knows who we are after countless movies,documentaries,news reports,history books,museums ect.No one knows us at all.Tonight we will prove this.We will talk about the attacks on the Honorable Dr Umar Johnson as he is dedicated his life for the betterment of our people,by rouge hippos in the Black Lesbian community parroting for their Liberal Establishment benefactors.I believe this college he wants to build is essential to realizing our vision for a nation of our own.The fact that he is being attacked and Pan Africanism and any Black empowerment,traditionalism and Black culture are also being attacked.

    Tonight we will introduce new termonolgy.Establishment Media and how to identify whether a blogger is a plant of the Establishment Media or are they part of the grassroot activism.There is an effort to silence Black alternative media,in order to incorporate it into the Left or Right Wing Establishment Media's agenda.So who are we?What is our purpose?Are we to live on the Democrat or Republican Plantations forever?Tonight we may have an important guest on.Mr David Alexander Hitt of the IAAC to discuss nationalism in 2014.

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    Establishment Defeated, Getting Conservative Grassroots Candidates in Office

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative Grassroots Prevail !  Matt Bevin Defeats Establishment Opponient by 83 Votes. However, we CANNOT Stop. We need YOU in moving forward.

    Join the host Robert Jetter, Jr. , panelists Activist Cindy Todd, Constitutional scholar Kelly Mordecai, and Dan Gray former columnist of the Washington Times. Please Remember to Share this Link !

    Matt braved a run against GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as the Conservative GOP option in the primary. Not to be deterred in his desire to serve the people, Matt is running for Governor.

    Matt's plan includes what all our states in America need:








    Matt is also fight against Kynect, his state's version of Obamacare.

    Matt is the only candidate in the race who is calling to get rid of Kynect.  Like other states the citizens can't afford it, yet the other candidates seem to think the people ought to keep it because it is already there.

    About Matt Bevin. He attended Washington and Lee University in Virginia with a four-year ROTC scholarship. Upon graduation in 1989, Matt was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army, ultimately rising to the rank of Captain spending four years on active duty. After his military service, Matt worked for many years in the financial industry. Matt founded several local firms and invested in a number of other companies. These companies range from manufacturing to investment management to medical devices. They employ dozens of people and annually provide millions of dollars in payroll and benefits to hard working Americans.

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show

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    How far has the white establishment in America gone to cover their tracks?

    in Radio

    Tonight a histroy on the White Establishment in America and how they have opperated under cover since their take over of the united States of America. How do the Masons and the KKK connect with the White Establishment? Through a variety of "front" organizations the White Establishment has been controlling everything within American society. The Scriptures tell us to expose what is in the darkness and bring it out into the light. 


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    The Entrepreneurial Spirit And The Medical Establishment!

    in Health

    Greetings and welcome to Radio Time Productions with Host, Valerie Jarrette Bass. Broadcasting live every Monday and sometimes Friday at 5pm. Interviewing exciting experts and entrepreneurs from the health and wellness and business professions. 

    We will feature medical and business expert Ken Esrig, CEO of Delray MRI, Producer, and CEO of Live Pain Free...  Ken will be discussing his exciting new medical format and other forefront information. 

    Ceo And Founder MIST Healthcare Services Marketing medical practices at 571-600-HURT. 

    TV Host on Live Pain Free  Dedicated to interviewing physicians on alternatives to narcotics and surgery to Live Pain Fre&nbs

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    Establishment Clause & Abortion Laws

    in Blogs

    Today's segment of the show will cover two topics, the narrowing of the Establishment Clause and informed Consent Abortion Laws. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment states "legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." This segment analyzes the Court's interpretation of the Establishment Clause. North Carolina has a law requiring doctors performing abortions to subject patients to an ultrasound while simultaneously describing the fetus to the patient.

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    Episode 336: How to fight the establishment, and do we have better choices?

    in Politics Conservative

    Why do so many Americans assume that we need to vote for either a Republican or a Democrat? How did we get to this point where we put so much of our hope in people who really can't give us any hope! Should our leaders be rulers of the people or stewards of what God and our fore fathers have blessed us with?


    Constitution Party Platform

    Why do we need to stop "Overreacting" to False Doctrines

    To the States: Resist Much, Obey Little

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    Super Dave Show - Is Establishment Politics Ruining This Country?

    in Politics

    John Boehner won Speaker of the House again, and those that stood up against him will pay the price.  What areyou going to do about it?

    Changing lives every day of the week!

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    Super Dave Show - Here Comes The Mud! Establishment Ready To Reveal Themselves!

    in Politics

    Obviously the Establishment is worried.  You will now see the mud coming.  The Establishment knows that they live on corruption but now they will say that everyone else is corrupt.  More on the show!

    Changing minds every day of the week!

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    Hard Starboard Radio: A Valentine To The "Establishment"

    in Politics Conservative

    "Many conservatives have of late demonstrated a worrying tendency to believe that the virtue of their grievances and the legitimacy of their pursuits must automatically translate into political victory — and that if these do not, that this is the fault of the leadership of the Republican party. I appreciate that this is difficult for some to hear, but I would venture that the opposite is the case. In my estimation, the only thing of which Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have been guilty in the past few years is to have worked tirelessly within political reality and to have reacted sensitively to the hands that they were dealt. The hysterical epithets and acronyms, the witless talk of the amorphous 'Establishment,' and the lucrative fundraising e-mails all to one side, there is little that either man could have done differently while their party controlled just one half of one branch of government.

    "There is, I’m afraid, a touch of Occupy Wall Street about much of the Right’s insurgency — an unlovely propensity to believe that if a small group just wishes hard enough for a particular outcome, it will be able to achieve it. The most risible thing I saw during my time in Zuccotti Park was the participants’ perpetually misguided belief that they were representing a silent majority. “The people united shall not be defeated,” they would cry, without doing anything at all to indicate that they were indicative of anything of the sort. I have recently encountered a similar tendency among people with whom I politically agree."