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    DONE Having Kids? Advance in Permanent Birth Control

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    Are you DONE having kids, or thinking about it?
    Last week we spoke with Tracey who shared her experience and decision for permanent birth control.  There are over 17 forms of birth control but only ONE surgery-free non-hormonal option so learning how Tracey made the decision to go for the surgery-free option was interesting.
    This week we are bringing on her Ob/GYN, Dr. Amy Brenner, practicing women's health care physician in Cincinnati Ohio,  to share all the things we women must consider before deciding to have this surgery-free non-hormonal option.
    The product, ESSURE, is made by Conceptus and they are sponsoring this conversation so women can be more empowered with information and insights .... that help them live better.

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    "Why I Chose Permanent Birth Control"

    in Health

    Mark your calendars and get the story straight from Trista Sutter, star of the first season of ABC’s The Bachelorette, about her decision to undergo the Essure procedure after the birth of her second child. Learn the benefits, what the surgery involves and any possible risks.

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