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    G-Talk Open Mic with Special Guest Eshon Burgundy!

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    Get ready for another divine interview/open mic!! We keep getting better and better! Halellujah! This month...Hip Hop recording minister and true soldier Eshon Burgundy. All poets, singers, rappers, and listeners call in and be heard! We're taking the web and airwaves!

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    America's Favorite Pastime: Victimhood

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    Before we start condemning Brian Williams, let’s look at ourselves.

    Whether NBC News fires or demotes Williams, I don’t care.  It is their business.  Frankly, ratings will decide his fate.  If people stop watching NBC News and advertisers stop advertising, then Williams will probably be a talk show host and not a news anchor anymore.

    But the Brian Williams story goes deeper into our media, our politics, and our culture.  And it is – well – kind of embarrassing.

    It’s called Victimhood.

    And we all do it.

    Brian Williams portrayed himself as a victim.  He told us that he was in a chopper that was under fire in a war zone.  Why?  It made him look good.  He wasn’t just a talking head sitting behind the desk.  He was a reporter in the field.  Trust me, every news anchor wants to prove that.  Every news anchor doesn’t want to look like Ted Baxter or Ron Burgundy.

    Haven’t we all done that at some point?  I am sure I have.  But I just don’t remember at the moment

    We want to be thought of as someone who is heroic or who has done good – for people. 

    Is Brian Williams victimhood horrible?  Maybe not.  He was doing his job in some respects.  He was making himself look good for ratings.  I am not saying that is right.  He should be more in-tune to the truth.  But he’s making 10-million a year to keep that image.

    The worst faux victims are people like al Qaeda and ISIS and other extremists.  Osama bin Laden felt victimized – and he used it.  ISIS feels the world is a horrible place because there is no caliphate.  Really?  No, they want the power -- they can’t have -- because the mullahs in Iran and the royal family in Saudi Arabia have it.

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    IWC Monday Mayhem: First Blood, SSN vs TJ, IC Championship #1 Contender

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    Welcome to the Road to IWC X-treme!

    *Derrywickle joins the Kiss my ass Club

    *Iwc X-treme new


    First Blood

    Moxley vs Dave Scott

    Head Booker Challenge

    SSN vs Tj

    IC Championship #1 Contender

    Pik vs Ron Burgundy


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    K & K SPORTS TALK on KLJN 107.7 - Hosted by Kat Brooks & Keith Blake

    in Football

    DEBUT SHOW - LIVE ON THE AIR!    (347) 237-5342

    NFL, with another flavor...


    Kat is a devout Christian ,professional event planner, talented designer, resourceful travel planner who resides in Atlanta Georgia, and loves the grid iron!  

    Since the age of 8 years she has followed her beloved Washington Redskins all the way from RFK Stadium to the now FedEx Field.

    In 1978, Kat began following her favorite players such as John Riggins, Ricky Sanders, Sean Taylor and her top of the list Doug Williams.

    Coming from a large family with athletic abilities across the board, Kat even wanted lace up and join her team as a field goal kicker.

    "Our fan base in the Washington D.C. area operates as a family. You wear the Burgundy and Gold, you're family." - Kat Brooks


    Keith is a sports enthusiast residing in Sacramento, California.

    He's been very much into sports since 1975. Keith has played all levels of sports in high school and college.

    He owns a barbershop in Citrus Heights, California, called All Welcome Barbershop which is a sports hub.

    Even though he doesn't have a favorite team, California sports is what he favors.

    For example the San Francisco 49ers, the San Francisco Giants, the Sacramento Kings, and the Los Angeles Lakers,  just to name a few.


    Listen to K & K SPORTS TALK with Kat Brooks & Keith Blake...LIVE on KLJN 107.7 Radio.

    Call (347) 237-5342 

    Download the KLJN Mobile App for your mobile device.   Google Play - Search KLJN 107.7 - Free App.

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    My Brain Changed. Now What?

    in Self Help

    Hey Everyone,

    Last weekend we had our 2nd Annual Aneurysm/AVM Awareness Walk in Sacramento, CA. I was overjoyed to meet so many people. The event was incredible. Thank you to everyone who participated. I also enjoyed your little furbabies too.

    How can you show your support for Brain Aneurysm/AVM Awareness Month? Wear burgundy or a green butterfly.

    Below are some helpful sites for Brain Aneurysm/AVM Education and Awareness





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    The Rise, FALL, and Rise of Chardonnay In the Words of the Winemakers

    in Entertainment

    Hosts Linda Reznicek and William Pollard, wine writer and reviewer at Wild 4 Washington Wine, explore the up and down trajectory of the world's favorite varietal, Chardonnay, through the words of great Chardonnay winemakers.

    Why did Chardonnay go out of favor, or did it? What makes a GREAT Chardonnay?

    Chateau Montelena: They won the the white wine competition at the famous "Judgement of Paris;" their winemaker Matt Crafton will share the philosophy behind their great Chardonnay.

    Bouchaine Vineyards: A 40 year pioneer in the California wine industry, Michael Richmond founded Acacia Wines in the Carneros district of Napa Valley and now makes wine for Bouchaine. He brings the history and his love of wine education, experience, and adventure.

    Forgeron Cellars: Winemaker and managing partner Marie-Eve Gilla was trained in the Burgundy region of France and understands the long tradition of great Chardonnay craftsmanship.

    Cote Bonneville: Kerry Shiels' Chardonnays are hailed as some of the best, regularly garnering 94's by the major wine magazines.  She brings her lifelong experience and intimacy with the fruit to winemaking.

    Join us for an evening of Chardonnay and Chardonnay artistry and genius.  



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    IWC: ZWO Mstrmind REVEALED! Tag Team Turmoil! Tag Title Rematch! MNW v WOLFPAC

    in Entertainment

    IWC is on it's way. You Voted, you decided and here it is!!

    IWC & Annihilation Go-home Show

    Tag team #1 contenders TURMOIL!
    Good news Burgundy  (Good News Barrett and Ron Burgundy) vs wwe hater and clyde vs Big Loveshaft: Papi and hP Loveshaft vs Ny-Cali Connectiion (Erick V Veras and MrIdeal) vs Weed the People: Towel-Ra ( Towlie and Mumm-ra)

    MOS special referee
    Jamari vs Scandal


    Tag team title rematch!
    Emperors of the universe (Ming and SSN) vs ZWO (Chuck and Jack)


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    The Event Jeannie’s summer “Wet Your Whistle” Series continues with French Reds

    in Lifestyle

    The Event Jeannie’s summer “Wet Your Whistle” Series continues with French Reds

    French wine production dates back to the 6th century BC and on the assumption that most of us don’t have time to figure out what’s been happening over the past 1500 years, we invited Charles Curtis to sum up the most salient points about French Red Wine.  And since Charles just finished a book entitled the “Original Grands Crus of Burgundy” – it’s hard to imagine that even the most experienced wine connoisseur won’t learn something too!

     Jeannie will be live at noon on August 13th, with Charles as we examine Red wines and grapes comprehensively from Cabernet Franc to Syrah!

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    FALLOUT! RAW 8/11 Hogan's Birthday, NWO reunites, IWC: Ron Burgundy vs Scandal

    in Wrestling


    Monday join Hollywodtonyp as he hosts an all star- panel from WAW and the iwc.



    *Hogans Birthday?


    *Predictions from our panel


    Ron Burgendy vs Scandal, (Wiiner wiull be the NEWEST MOD on WAW!

    (stip chosen by you the listener during the show!)

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    The “Wet Your Whistle” Series continues with MICHAEL MADRIGALE, HEAD SOMMELIER at Bar Boulud!

    We can’t imagine anyone better than Michael Madrigale, Head Sommelier at Bar Boulud and overseer of the wines at Epicerie and Boulud Sud to talk us through how to intelligently buy wines in a restaurant.  A Food & Wine 2012 “Top Sommelier” title holder, Michael is well positioned to guide us on how to order wines properly, what to consider, what to ask and most importantly, what NOT to do.  In particular, the restaurant’s emphasis on Rhone Valley and Burgundy wines will allow us to relate specific examples of Michael’s wisdom in a narrower band to make the discussion far more applicable in a restaurant setting generally or specifically at one of the Boulud restaurants.

    Join us live at noon on July 23rd as we continue our Wet Your Whistle series, and give you something tangible to show off with the next time you pick up the wine list at a restaurant!

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    Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 61

    in Soccer

    It's still World Cup time, and all of our predictions are still looking decent, though that might be because most of the teams have only played one game. We'll find time to talk about all sorts of World Cup material after an incredibly exciting first round of matches on this week's Rapids Thugcast.

    In more Rapids-centric news, the burgundy boys played Orlando City SC in the US Open Cup yesterday, earning a lovely 5-2 win off the back of a Deshorn Brown hat trick. Does Pablo play another first-choice team next week against the Atlanta Silverbacks?

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