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    Erotic, Sensual and Love Poetry on LLR!

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    Welcome to Liquid Libations Radio!  Tonight, join your hostess Andrea Weston at a special broadcast time of 9:00pm EST/ 6:00pm PST for sensual, erotic and love poetry, conversation, music and ???  Sit back and enjoy the power of the spoken word!  The chat room and the phone lines (646-478-5072) will be open for those that wish to share their sensual side tonight! 

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes's Darker Side of Romance!

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    Welcome Everyone!  IndieReview Behind The Scenes's segment The Darker Side Of Romance all new episode! Tonight join host Author Ronda Caudill  as she chats with Author Destiny Blaine!

    Destiny Blaine is an award-winning, international bestselling author. She writes under several pseudonyms and in most genres. Her current books are published by Siren Publishing, Dark Hollows Press, and Kindle Worlds.

    Writing as Natalie Acres, the author is published exclusively by Siren Publishing. Destiny currently carries seven active pen names. The first author to be 'dubbed' as a "sprint" writer, Destiny has over 300 titles on the market today with at least twenty-two novellas and novels coming in 2015.

    A career author for more than a decade, Destiny's pseudonyms have earned the coveted #1 spot in over half of Amazon's sub-categories. Her books have landed in the top 20 in many sub-categories at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA and Amazon Australia.

    Destiny Blaine is represented by Dawn Dowdle at Blue Ridge Literary Agency. Contact Dawn at query@blueridgeagency.com if you need to book Destiny for a ghostwriting job or would like to have her work sent to you for future consideration.

    Purchase link to The Vampire Diaries by Destiny Blaine  http://www.amazon.com/Vampire-Diaries-UNQUENCHABLE-Novella-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B00TIX3SRC


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    Darryl J. Johnson grew up reading any and everything by Stephen King and sneaking to read his mom’s Harlequin novels so he learned the power of words and mental imagery from two very unlikely sources. In his adult years he was introduced to Zane, E. Lynn Harris, Eric Jerome Dickey and Michael Baisden and his mind was blown! They made mommas Harlequin novels look like a Nancy Drew Mystery and the truly erotic side of him was awakened. In high school while all of his friends were beating on the lunchroom tables with aspirations of becoming rappers he was writing rhymes for a completely different reason. He started writing poetry as a way to get people to overlook my stuttering and to get the attention of females. He was encouraged to publish my poetry by a nosy yet well intentioned ex-girlfriend when he forgot to hide my rhyme book any curiosity got the better of her. He write mostly erotic short stories and poetry that delve into the depths of sex, love, lust and everything in between. He enjoys telling people "I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination". Recently He's embarked on a journey of introspection because like Aristotle said “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” The original title “Mental Penetrayshun” was inspired by one of his favorite songs by Dead Prez called “Mind Sex” and because everything is written in such a way that a vivid mental picture is painted of a very sexual nature. He says he misspelled penetration on purpose because "misspelled words tend to stick out in people’s mind".

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    Book Reading and open discussion of "Tribulations of Love"

    in Romance

    Tonight, join Author Lynne Parrott for snippet readings of her book "Tribulations of Love" Through the Good and the Bad and find out the motivation behind her story.

    Had questions about the characters, want to know about self-publishing or just want to encourage the author...tune it tonight!


    Call in # (347)215-9556

    This mildly, erotic romance drama based on the lives of a Christian couple touches relationship issues like infidelity, broken trust, domestic violence and a few more and resolutions that lead to healing spiritually as well as emotionally.

    Hebrews 13:4 reminds us that "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge."  As these couples grow together as one, they begin to learn the true meaning to that verse. 

    Tune in tonight, listen and be a part of this virtual Book Read.   "Tribulations of Love"  Through the Good and the Bad.


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    Come and hang with us "between the sheets" every  MONDAY thru FRIDAY night  from 9pm to 11pm PST!!!!

    Join us for:






    You NEVER know what we are going to talk about next! From Sex to Pop Culture, Current Events and our personal lives!! NOTHING is off limits for us and ANYTHING goes when it comes to our show!! :-) Bring and open mind and a sense of humor and leave the rest to us!!!!

    Don't forget to check out www.schreeandbaby.com for EVERYTHING Schree and Baby!!!!


    We have the hottest girls waiting to take your calls for only .99cents per minute. CALL... 1-800-685-7908 for the time of your life!! XXXXX


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    Into Temptation

    in Romance

    Join the Temptress for another sensual and enticing erotic conversation. 

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    Intimate Relationships Commitment & Love Contracts

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    Join us tonight as we discuss being in an intimate relationship with someone who’d rather enter into a love contract rather than a marriage certificate. Does it still symbolize the next step to dating? And should be it be just as legal and binding as a marriage certificate. Join us to find out, and call in to give your input on this juicy erotic topic of the hour. 


    NOTE: If you have facebook, join our group page on Erotic Talk Radio and ask to join the group to get in on some of our juicy, erotic, but respectful discussions. 

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    The Edge with Cassandre Dayne

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    Join Cassandre on Sunday, May 17th at 2pm EST as she talks with horror and erotic author Dale Reierson - writing as S.E. Rise. A fireman and bouncer, Dale lives life to the fullest. His words... "Who would you rather find in your bedroom, a steamy hose-wielding fireman or a dangerously obsessed ex-boyfriend? What if you found both?" I can tell you what all the ladies would prefer.

    This is just some of the excitement he brings to books being published by Booktrope. Simmering is set to release in May with Sinning and Sizzling soon to follow. His books are described as a steamy, thrilling in a gritty atmosphere. His characters are true to life, living on the very edge. He also has several books in the horror genre being released in the upcoming year as well.

    Come and take a scintillating ride into the realm of firemen, heartbreakers and those who dare to take a chance.

    If you hunger...



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    treasure blue talks e-bookology with forever redd

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    ForeverRedd is a South Carolina native and mom to four. She began her literary walk when she won a Lt. Governor award for a story she had written back in third grade. ForeverRedd has always been a lover of writing as well as reading, but both took the back burner when she traveled abroad to serve this country and when she became a mommy. She picked her pen back up in September of 2013 and her first book, Sleepin' In Heaven Wakin In Hell was released in December of that same year. March of 2014, she released an erotic short story entitled Freakizm. In June, ForeverRedd signed with Lockdown Publications and Cash, did a revise and re-released the original, Sleeping In Heaven Waking In Hell. The series was continued with Sleep No More and Blessed By The Fire. ForeverRedd started 2015 out by unveiling the cover of a solo project, the re-release of Freakizm, which was expanded to a novella and is available on Kindle and Paperback!

    Get to know her pen today...


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    @KEMTopTalk Interviews #Erotic #Author Cassandre Dayne

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    Marabelle Blue is back from a week of recooprating! Join us Tuesday night as we interview Cassandra Dayne, Erotic Author and writer for Kink~E Magazine. Check out her fantastic bio below.

    Cassandre Dayne is the award winning, best selling author of over one hundred and seventy books She is also a blog talk radio host of ‘The Edge’, highlighting authors, publishers and other artists who take their creative pieces to a raw and unconventional precipice. Her works as Cassandre have delved into various aspects of BDSM, D/s, edge play, domestic discipline, LGBT, poems and dark thrillers in books as well as her widely read blog. She also has a love of all things terrifying and pens horror and paranormal pieces. Cassandre is an advocate for education and continued understanding of a true D/s lifestyle, one widely mistaken as a form of abuse. 

    With her co-author, Christian Jensen, she’s written several books that are considered edgy and terrifying. The books will be publisher by Booktrope under the Edge Imprint. She won second place for the paranormal ménage of the year for Bad Things from the Paranormal Romance Guild as well as Honorable Mention with RWA Passionate Ink for Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper. She’s also received several other awards throughout her career. She is the Managing Director for the Entice and Edge Imprints for Booktrope. 

    She’s a proud member of: The International Thriller Writers, The Australian Romance Readers Association, EPIC

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    Only The Yoni with Practical Spirituality

    in Spirituality

    This month, in honor of Beltane, one of our favorite holidays, we will celebrate all things Yoni. We will cover it all with our special guests Jade of Erotic Talk Radio, and Gigi of Sex Let’s Make It Better. From yoni eggs, herbs and oils to health, sex toys and new levels sensual, sexual, fulfillment… These experienced Sex Coaches has an answer for all.

    So join the Diyah aka Ori’s Oasis and Glammie Wytch, the goddesses of Practical Spirituality, and our beautiful guest Friday May 15, 2015 @ 10pm EST. Don’t forget to bring tons of questions and as always one lucky caller may win a free live reading.

    Gigi Watts has done Course work through American College of Sexologists International Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR), Cultural and Biological Underpinnings of Sexual Health. She has her Discipline of Sexology, American Red Cross Certification in HIV Fundamentals, Developmental and Medical Aspects of Sexual Health, and Psychosexual Behaviors. Sex...Let's Make It Better™ Community, Page, Podcast, and Radio Broadcast will provide sources of better adult sexual health information, tips and education. 

    Jade Byran is the owner and founder of Erotic Expression, which is where she found her passion of speaking to women and couples about enhancing their relationship and erotically expressing their passionate desires. She educates at adult toy parties, workshops, and creates uniquely designed erotic greeting cards that she sells all over the world. She is also the creator Erotic Talk Radio, where she discusses topics that can stem from relationships, to foreplay, and everything in between.