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    Tuesday Finale - Nick and Erik Committee Meeting / Frugal Baptist Church

    in Motivation

    It's time for Nick and Erik to take inventory.. discuss the great thing that has become Nick and Erik in the Morning!

    Also: Bishop No Bread and Deacon Discount drop by for their Farewell segment. It's almosttime to break for the holiday season. We'll be back in January. Two more shows !

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    The Erik Rush Report. Was Downed Russian Airliner an Obama Proxy Attack?

    in Politics

    The sound of an apparent explosion can be heard on the flight recorder of the Russian-operated plane that came down over the Sinai peninsula, killing all 224 people on board, adding to mounting evidence that a bomb was smuggled aboard, French media sources said on Friday. Giving further credence to the idea that the plane crash was a terrorist act rather than because of structural failure, Russia, which for a week has been resistant to speculation about a bomb, suspended flights to all Egyptian airports.

    An Egyptian-led international team of aviation experts, including some from France, successfully recovered the black box, the flight recorder, from the crash site. Several French media outlets, including the television station France 2, reported that the investigators had listened to it and concluded that a bomb had detonated, which would seem to rule out structural failure or pilot error. The pilots can be heard chatting normally, including contact with airport controllers, up until the apparent explosion.

    The reports about the black box contents came as British attempts to bring passengers home from Sharm el-Sheikh descended into chaos on Friday.

    Scott Bennett is on the first hour to give a military perspective.

    *Erik Rush *Founder and Chief Editor Instigator News Network instigatornews.com   Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist, author and speaker who writes sociopolitical commentary for WorldNetDaily  and other publications. He is also the founder and Chief Editor of Instigator News Network.  In February of 2007, Erik was the first to break the story of Barack Obama's ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright on a national level.

    Open Telephone Lines.

    Call In Number: 347-989-8853 (press 1 to get on the air)

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    Humor and the House of Kerouac with author and columnist Erik Deckers

    in Writing

    What do you get if you cross a syndicated newspaper columnist with a business book author on a Pearson imprint with an entrepreneur who owns Pro Blog Service and novelist who's the Spring 2016 writer-in-residence at the Jack Kerouac House in Orlando, Florida?

    Erik Deckers, this week’s guest of Behind the Prose.

    I interviewed Erik in August, just before he relocated to Florida. (Ironically, he was already planning a move there just before learning that he won the coveted residency).

    By now, I’m sure he’s settled in and enjoying the “vibrant literary community” of Orlando that he talks about in this episode.

    But before we get to the Kerouac Project, we go through his decades long career as a humor columnist and his book deals on Que Publishing.

    In this interview you’ll also learn:

    The rhetorical move he started using in his humor and now can’t stop
    How travel writing led him to making an activist move that sent one of his posts viral and cost him a job
    His trick to churning out content on a weekly basis

    There’s also some discussion of Pluto. And if you listened to Sean Ennis’ episode, you might find this kinda spooky. Well, it is Halloween week. Or maybe I’m just subconsciously drawing this Pluto stuff to me. (Remember the Reading-Updike-Keillor thing?)

    Either way, like Erik’s buddy Karl the Curmudgeon, I’m still kinda mad about Pluto too. Get show links at behindtheprose.com.





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    Portland Trail Blazers Preview with Erik Gundersen

    in Basketball

    Erik Gundersen (@BlazerBanter) of the Vancouver Columbian's Blazer Banter blog joins Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) to preview the Portland Trail Blazers 2015-16 season.  Topics include: His reporting on the LaMarcus Aldridge departure, a potentially underrated offense this year, who will emerge among the youngs in the wing and big rotations, and his grade for GM Neil Olshey.

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    Why Thugs Hate Church

    in Comedy

    Less than a month remains this season. Help us finish strong.

    I hope you enjoyed "Why Youth Hate Church". It's Week 2 of our Evangelism series, and each week gets more compelling as promised.

    This week, we're taking all you Christians to a place most of you hate to go, but know very well. We're taking you to the streets. We're taking you to the corner right outside your house or right up the street. We're going to the same corner your cousin, brother, son, daughter or best friend calls home.. the same corner you used to call home. We're going to the Strip Club. We're going to the prison. We're going to the crack house.

    This week, we're discussing drug dealers, drug abusers, strippers, pimps, prostitutes, killers, etc. How much better are you than these people? Do you know any of them? How do you treat them? How should an evangelist approach them? Does an immense resume of sin make someone "worthy of judgment" ? ..more worthy than you?

    Don't forget our Season Finale Survey. Send your "Best Black Comedian of All-Time" in to the show!

    And join us this week for . . "Why Thugs Hate Church" with Pastor Danny Sutton on The Erik Terrell Show

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    Why Youth Hate Church

    in Comedy

    Christians !

    Our last series of the year is for you! We're getting religious, and we're getting real. Join us for our Evangelism Series! It's the realest Evangelism Series you've ever seen..

    First up.. Minister Mike Burger will join the crew to discuss the Church's approach to the Youth. Is there a window for which people are impressionable and open-minded towards religion? When's the window close? How can we get there before it does?! And who are we competing with exactly?

    The Season Finale Survey was revealed last week: Who's your Best Black Comedian of All Time?

    Join us this week for "Why Youth Hate Church" on The Erik Terrell Show..

    Love y'all !

    - ET

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    Does Transracial Adoption Work?

    in Comedy

    So, what is your opinion of Transracial Adoption??

    Black children dominate the foster care system. Will these kids get a "better" life growing up in Lancaster than in North Philly? Is it worth possibly sacrificing their cultural identity? What if they raise them in a white home with white schooling and ship them to an HBCU? But then that'd make them "bougie" right? Oh Lord.

    What about the reverse?! Can little Bob grow up in North Philly.. or will people look at his parents funny?

    It's a Phone Blast. "Does Transracial Adoption Wor?" this week on The Erik Terrell Show.

    Also: Season Finale Survey Revealed !

  • WWGW's Independent Boldness w/ Dr.Aarron (Fearless) Smith

    in Motivation

    The Season Finale is here!!! Nick and Erik Who We Got Wednesday of the year!! This week Nick and Erik stepped it up to the highest notch. You may have seen this special guest on the news, you may have heard him in your headphones, or you might have seen him in class. This week Nickand Erik have the Professor. The Doctor. The man often known as Fearless joining the show to discuss Independent Boldness!! This episode is bound to be full of greatness!! TUNE IN

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    Can Celibacy Ruin a Relationship?

    in Comedy

    Can celibacy ruin your relationship? Is sex something you need? Or an enhancement to your love? What if you aren't in love yet.. Or looking for it?

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    Watch Your Worship. The Goodness of Gratitude. (Worship Wednesday)

    in Motivation

    It's Worship Wednesday Family! Tune in as Nick and Erik feed your spirit with some of the Lord's word!

  • Tear Up Topice Tuesday's- From Manzel to Man handling & Preacher to Pistol

    in Motivation

    SWITCH!!! Ha Ha! That's right! Nick and Erik are switching places. Tune in as nick leads Tear Up Topic Tuesday this week. Guess what.. Nicks got 5 the 5 signs you... Click the lin