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    Pet Radio-Meet Oldest Living Cat and a Cat Who is Soulmate to a 2 Year Old Girl

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    Today you will meet the worlds oldest living cat and a 3 legged kitten who is the best friend of a 2 year old amputee little girl. Corduroy is 26 years old and has been with Ashley since Ashley was 6 years old. Doc the kitten and 2 year old Scarlette have a very special relationship and together overcome adversity and the physical challenges of being an amputee.  This wil be an AWWW moment!

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    Episode 6: A Clockwork Orgy

    in Sports

    Frank and Ty attempt the podcast without Scott once again. It’s kind of like setting up a camera on a tripod and having one of the legs break. Enjoy! Yes, this description was written by Scott.

  • Yes Means Yes Law - Men you are so screwed

    in Entertainment

    I tried to warn you that this PC  way of life is killing us and this law proves it. Woman are no longer held accountable.Kevin Kirkham 1 month ago
     The only way for a guy to protect himself under the "Yes Means Yes" laws is for him to give her a breathalyzer test on camera with the results shown on camera and then getting the girl to give permission for him to take her clothes off and have sex with her.  he should also show his cellphone screen showing the date and time  He then mounts the camera on a tripod aiming it at their lovemaking location.  This allows the guy to be seen quickly getting off of her if she withdraws consent during the act so that she can't claim that he kept going after she said no.  This is why a written agreement won't work since consent can be withdrawn.  The camera should actually be mounted in a locked waterproof case just in case she later decides to press charges and tries to steal the evidence of him complying with the "Yes Means Yes" laws call oin join the talk Guest Call In (646) 595-3032

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    5 Tips for Shooting Videos on a Budget

    in Marketing

    Today on Video Marketing Madness - 5 Tips for Shooting Videos on a Budget:

    1) Camera. You can use your iPhone or a good Android (S5 or Galaxy Note). Get an app to control things like the iris and focus. iPhone has one called FiLMiC Pro. You can buy a camera at Best Buy for as little as $400 but make it has an audio input

    2) Camera stabilization. Make sure you have a tripod (and adaptor if you use your cell phone). $40 will get you a good tripod at Best Buy

    3) Audio. Folks judge a video by its audio. Try to stay away from the built it ambient mic and use a lapel mic that plugs into the camera. KV technologies has an adapter for cell phones. Rode makes a mic for cell phones and iPads. Ray sells a mic and tripod for cell phones.

    4) Editing software. IMovie will edit right on your iPhone or iPad. Android has an app as well. Adobe Premier works on a PC or Mac. WeVideo.com is a good, free online editor

    5) Lighting. Make sure you have plenty of that. Shooting outside is good. Indoors -  use LED or modern florescent light bulbs

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    The Rell and Randy Show, Episode 4 (money money money)

    in Entertainment

    today we will be discussing topics ranging from local news and also national news in sports and music. topics ranging from suge knight, michael jordan and his bank account to the hottest music trending right now on hot new hip hop .com. we are also discussing the nba power rankings and touching on the mvp race.


    as always we will be welcoming calls from all of our listeners and shouting out our sponsors for the show. 


    special thanks to gary kubiak today as well

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    First Contact Radio 1/26/15 - Cosmic Weather, UFOs, Apocryphon of John pt3,

    in News

    First Contact Radio 1/26/15 Show #1302 hosted by Joshua Poet


    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, January 23 – 31

    UFO News
    Ancient Dome Found In Mars Photo, Jan 2015

    Multiple UFO sightings captured over Sydney, Australia on Jan 25, 2015

    Amazing tripod UFO Observing Apollo 15 module, Jan 2015

    UFO sighting over Tijuana, Mexico on 23rd January 2015]

    UFO sighting above Cape Town, South Africa on 23rd January 2015

    UFO and Alien Enthusiasts Found A Hint Of Ancient Alien Civilization on Mars

    Bob Lazar 25 Years Later On Area 51, UFOs and Antigravity

    Asteroid The Size of A Mountain Visible From Earth On Monday

    Daily Stories
    The Nag Hammadi Library

    The Apocryphon of John

    The 9 Orders Of Angelic Beings

    The Angels January-24-2015 

    Warrior of the Light

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    SDC Radio Networks Top 50 Artists for 2014 - Show #3 (#34 to #27)

    in Music

    SHOW #3

    27. **Laird Oli – Ay – Yi - Yi

    28.  Melissa B – What You Started

    29.  Tripod – Meant To Be

    30.  Annie Sidley – Would You

    31.  The Bom – I Like Potato Chips

    32.  Valery Trails – Buffalo Speedway

    33.  Freddie Jackson – Love & Satisfaction

    34.  Vee Zed - Love

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    "Moon Viewing" with Barbara Yoshida

    in Spirituality

    Barbara Yoshida is an adventurous traveler and photographer who fills her backpack with tent, sleeping bag, large format camera, film and tripod, then sets out to photograph natural forms, spiritual locations and women artists in countries from Sweden, throughout Europe to the Ukraine, Armenia, Israel, Morocco, The Gambia, Japan, and Mongolia. Camping with her family in northern Idaho was an early influence. She picked up a camera after twenty years as a painter and six years making sculpture, and spent several years doing printmaking, using photo processes. A half-dozen artist’s residencies for the National Park Service resulted in a series of color landscapes as well as a series of photogravure prints. Following ten years of photographing Neolithic standing stones in moonlight, her first book was produced:Moon Viewing: Megaliths by Moonlight, published by Marquand Books in 2014.

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    Erica's Tripod: A Book about a Girl with Muscular Dystrophy:

      What Is Muscular Dystrophy? Muscular dystrophy or MD (pronounced mus-kyoo-lur dis-troh-fee) is a degenerative muscular disease where the muscles of the body get weaker and can stop working. For people who have MD, the proteins in the body are not made properly, and without these proteins, the muscles break down over time, so people with MD have problems with the way their bodies work. Erica has MD and she sometimes struggles with day-to-day problems, but she is learning how to manage her growing pains with the help of her new pet, Tripod the dog. It isn't easy for Erica, as her new dog Tripod is a brand new challenge. Erica's mom has brought home many pets over the years that needed homes. But this time it's different, this dog has challenges of its own. Can Erica make friends with the new addition to the family? Cynthia Fabian is an author and speaker who resides in New Jersey. She spent most of her life as a teacher of English and ESL. Though she no longer teaches, she continues to help children to cope with all types of obstacles in their lives. "It is a joy and pleasure to help others find a way to climb new obstacles and accept older ones. I only hope that children and their families can find happiness and acceptance in their lives." Her other books: Second Hand Art, a community survives a hurricane using recycled art. Orchestra in Our Brain, a story about a boy with epilepsy and the music our brain creates. Can't and Able, an inspirational story about two stars with an anti-bullying theme. Publisher's website: http://sbpra.com/CynthiaFabian

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    Pet Radio-Norman the Scooter Dog and the Magnificent 7 Cats will dazzle you

    in Pets

    Join us to meet Norman the Scooter Dog who has been all over television including Animal Planet, David Letterman, Good Morning America, and more. Also joining us is Sasha Jordan and her magnificent seven cats all the way from the UK! This former heavy metal tour model is very passionate about her cats and has a Facebook following of over 900,000 people! 

    Please follow our Facebook page Phone lines and chat room open during the show. Please join us! Prizes given away to callers. If you like this show, you make like these:

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    Pet Radio-Living with a Tripod Cat: three legged wonders

    in Pets

    Today our feature guest is Tripawds, the largest online community for three legged animals and their people., and Erica and her tripod cat named Jill. You will hear heart warming stories of living with 3 legged animals.

    Also joining us is Dr. Mitsie Vargas who will be discussing national pet week and what that means to pet parents, and Megan Kate Ferguson, (international animal trainer and enrichment specialist)   will tell us about the Pet Wall of Fame.

    So sit back, put your feet up, and get ready to smile and shed a tear! Get your cat treats out: it's time for the Pet Radio Show!

    Tripawds web site

    Tripawds Facebook

    Pet Wall of Fame

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