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    The Equal Rights Amendment

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    It was proposed for the first time in 1923 by the suffragist leader and founder of the National Woman's Party, Alice Paul.
    The language of her proposed constitutional amendment is beautifully simple.
    Section 1: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.
    Section 2: Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.
    It seems simple, obvious and right. It sound like justice. And yet, this constitutional amendment has been one of the most contentious in the history of the United States. It has been repeatedly struck down over the years. Not struck down by men, men's rights activists, or the male owners and proprietors of female-enslaving-sammich-factories (FESM). No, it has been struck down by women who recognized that actual equality under the law would mean, for themselves levelling down to match the rights and obligations of men. Levelling down. But it's time, and the Equal Rights Amendment is an idea whose time has come. Tonight on AVFM Radio, Karen Straughan; (Girl Writes What), Kristina Hansen (The Wooly Bumblebee), and John Hembling (John the Other) will be putting thier weight behind the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the

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    The Fight for the Equal Rights Amendment (Memorial Day Replay) w/ Shannon Fisher

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    This episode of The Authentic Woman's originaly aired on April 7. We are re-broadcasting it this week to pay homage to those who have lost their lives in the fight for women's equality in America - especially in the fight for women's suffrage! And, of course, we would like to remember and thank the men and women in the United States Armed Forces who have died for our collective freedom.

    Tonight's show shares the history of the Equal Rights Amendment's lengthy path to ratification. Most Americans are shocked to learn that there is still resistance to the ERA's ratification in 2014. Senator Ben Cardin held a Senate Briefing about the ERA this spring, featuring many longtime women's rights leaders  whose speeches are shared in this episode, as well.

    Hosted by women's rights leader Shannon Fisher,  The Authentic Woman shares Perspectives on the Female Experience in America by delving deeply into the worlds of writers, artists, celebrities and community leaders - discovering their personal inspiration and passions. Shannon was named one of the “Richmonders of the Year” by Style Weekly for her activism in women’s rights.

    Contact Shannon: Facebook - Twitter - The Authentic Woman

    This podcast is owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. Thanks to our sponsor Michael Lowndes at www.pmlmedia.com.

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    We ALL deserve EQUAL RIGHTS.....Stop Judging Others!

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    Equality : that state of being the same in quantity or measure or value or status. In law, it means that citizens are given equal opportunities without discrimination of sex, blood, language, social origin or religion.

    What if you was discriminated because of your race, beliefs, looks, age, gender etc. How would you feel?

    Do you think equal rights should be EQUAL to ALL?

    Do you agree/disagree with Gay Marriage?

    Join in on the topic of discussion: We ALL deserve EQUAL RIGHTS.....Stop Judging Others! Tuesday Jan. 21st at 10pm Call me at 646-378-1328 & give me your feedback! #RealLifeReality 

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    Special Rights Are Not Equal Rights

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    After a crazy week, I'll be attempting, technology permitting, a special Labor Day edition of American Faith Today.  On today's show I'll take a look at some of the political, cultural, and legal fall out of not only the Supreme Court decision with regard to the DOMA but the overall winds that blow across the land on this issue.  They're actually blowing across the world on this issue.  Christians are fighting what at times appears to be a frustrating losing battle as courts and legislatures across the land work to promote and protect a certain class or group of people over many in the majority.  As I wanted to try to hit in in my Thursday show that went haywire, we can't be laser focused,as Obama might say, on making sure one class of people gets special rights or special favors and call it equality under the law.  Someone else's rights always suffer as a consequence, and it's usually a Christian's.  I'll take a look at some recent news items- some you've heard about.  Maybe one or two you haven't.  But I'll discuss these cases and also discuss what the core issue or the core question needs to be on American Faith Today!

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    Wise Woman Media 11/8/13-the Equal Rights Amendment

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    On tonight's show we are welcoming back a special guest, Sandy Oestreich, who has worked tirelessly for many years to get the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT ratified here in Florida.
    Sandy will tell us why women are still not equal legally and what we need to do to change that in our state and beyond. We are finally in the last stretch of this race to get equality for women! 
    Wise Woman Media is hosted and produced by Anita Stewart. 
    See complete show descriptions, links to our social networks and a list of our sponsors at WISE WOMEN MEDIA.

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    Human Rights, Equal Rights, and those crazy North Koreans...

    in Current Events

          On this episode, lets talk about an issue that is center stage in the American spotlight. Equal rights.... those two scary words, as well as another rant about the ever increasing craziness of North Korea. So get pumped and tune in!!
    *Send me feedback of any thoughts or ideas you might have about any of the topics you have heard here!!
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    Ferguson Missouri. ( Micheal Brown )

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    Will their ever be equal rights and justice in this country ?

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    Carolyn Cook - Equal Rights Advocate

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    When Carolyn Cook, SOC/BA ’90, was laid off from her job at Discovery Communications, she decided that corporate America was not for her and it was time to fight for something she truly believed in: women’s rights.?? After being laid off, Cook went on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton, where she was shocked at how Clinton was covered in the media compared to the other candidates.? ?Since the campaign, Cook has been working on behalf of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which expired in 1982. It was three votes short of ratification and has been introduced in every Congress since it expired. The ERA would eliminate all types of discrimination based on sex. To fight for this issue, Cook founded United for Equality, LLC, in 2010 to push for the ratification of the ERA and spread awareness about the issue.

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    Equal Rights/African Americans Support

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    Do all people have equal rights in this country.
    Why is it so difficult for african americans to support each other?

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    Africa On The Move

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    Join "Africa On The Move" on Sundays at 7PM est, online at www.blogtalkradio.com/africa-on-the-move, or dial in at 323-679-0841 to shall your views and comments on topics of importance to Africa and the African communities worldwide. Tonight night program features: "Cuba  - U.S. Relations and Obama's Press Conference" and "FEMA, the Role of the Church & Incarceration."

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    Equal pay for women,equal rights, equal status.

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    All of the above will come up for vote to congress. Republicans won't let it. Fox News gives excuse for it not to pass. And there WOMEN!

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