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    Epiphany's House mid day music session

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    Since I am on vacation I thought it would be cool to just simply play some dope tracks...Hope u can tune in..

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    Epiphany's House welcomes Audrey Michelle!

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    so I have always wanted to sit a spell and chat with her..aftyer nearly 8 years on air I finallt will..Come by the show and dig the artistry of the lovely Audrey Michelle...See ya at the show..

    "I am attitude and confidence. I slice with pure wit. I know what I want from life and I work to obtain it. I think deep and I speak my thoughts. My son is my world. I love with a heart of gold. I hurt when I'm broken. I continuously seek more from life. I am sexy and I am beautiful. I am a continuous mystery. I am a woman. "-Audrey Michelle


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    Epiphany's House welcomes Tavis Brunson!

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    I took a day of rest last week but I am back...I give to ya dope fellow word sayer..Tavis Brunson!!!

    "I write for the same reason I breathe — because if I didn't, I would die. — Isaac Asimov

    Tavis Brunson a.k.a. “The Minister” is a native of Columbia, SC. He began writing in high school around the age of 15, starting with raps of a secular nature and received high grades on English assignments when he exercised his poetic gift. While attending college in Atlanta, he began writing on more Christian subjects. When he moved back to SC, he turned his talents to songwriting for budding gospel group, Complete. After that, he took a hiatus from writing for a few years, except for the occasional poem here and there.

    He moved to Orlando, FL in 1999 and in 2002 his writing was re-born from great spiritual and emotional trials. In finding this new voice, his writing evolved into a spoken word style and he first performed this new work in church. At the urging of some friends, he attended his first open mic in Orlando; he was very well received and it was on…his spoken word career began.

    He was a 3 time member of the nationally ranked Columbia Poetry Slam Team (www.ColumbiaSlam.com) , 2006 Southern Fried Champions. He was also the 2006 Columbia Grand Slam Champion.

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    Epiphany's House welcomes Phonte!

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    Beautiful ones..it is soooooooo my extreme pleasure to welcome one of my long time,all time fave artists...I give to you all..Phonte..I am thrilled to have him and he is waiting for your questions!!!!! Please submit your dope question IN ADVANCE to win a very special gift form Phonte....uh huh



    Grammy-nominated rapper/singer/songwriter/producer Phonte Coleman was raised in Greensboro, NC.

    Phonte got his musical start by singing in his grandmother’s church choir and making beats on a Gemini sampler in high school. After entering North Carolina Central University in 1997, Phonte met future bandmates Thomas Jones (Big Pooh) and Patrick Douthit (9th Wonder) and formed the group Little Brother in 2001. The group released four critically acclaimed albums before finally disbanding in early 2010. Afterwards, Phonte focused his career on singing, songwriting, and producing with longtime Foreign Exchange partner Nicolay.

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    Epiphanys' House Welcomes Billy Tuggle!!!!!

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    So I simply adore comming across the kindred cosmic ones..as feel we are linked together by a universal yet invisible thread...That is exactly How I feel about this episode's guest..Billy Tuggle...

    Billy Tuggle is a South Side Chicago native; a vocalist, performance poet, mentor and teaching artist. His involvement with HipHop culture and the competitive art of poetry slam has enabled him to perform and facilitate workshops in his craft across North America. Also known as Karma Threesixty, Billy has presented his work in such diverse venues as the University of Connecticut, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History among others. He represented his home town a for 10 years running as a competitor and/or coach in the National Poetry Slam and is a 2006 Rustbelt Champion [Team Mental Graffiti]. Billy  has shared stages with such luminous writers/performers as Patricia Smith, Saul Williams, DJ Spinna, Brother Ali, Psalm One and KRS-ONE. He  is a member of the PolyRhythmic arts collective; co-founder of the Chicago Four Star Poetry Club; curator of the Haiku Battle Royal; co-host of the long running open mic In One Ear. Often published and recorded, his latest printed collection, 'The Way of the B-Boy', is a series of poems and meditations of HipHop culture, its urban roots and its global reach.


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