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    GOLD - Entrepreneur Mindset

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    Join Christine Monaghan and guest Lloyd Merrifield of www.karatpay.com.

    GOLD is our word of the week. Lloyd Merrifield is on the leadership council for the new kid on the block in the gold industry that is a game changer. He will share this concept that will influence your perception and reality of how gold can serve your entrepreneurial journey.

    Don’t miss this power hour! To learn more about Christine Monaghan and how she sparks inspired acumen and transformation in entrepreneurs, please visit www.entrepreneurlifestylenetwork.com. Sign-up on the home page for your FREE e-book on "Why Productive-Purpose?"

             This show is sponsored by www.KaratPay.com / www.webfriendly.ca

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    How to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset: Leadership Best Practices

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    HEADER: How to Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset

    THEME: Leadership Best Practices



    1. No Drama.

    2. Develop Everyone.

    3. Be Presence – Start with Time Blocking.

    4. 6 Week Action Plan-Be the General on the Hill.

    5. Connect with others doing it right.



    Tami Bonnell


    Exit Realty

    400 Trade Center Suite 5900 Woburn Mass

    Best Number :01801 1-877-253-3948

    Cell 1-781-888-4331

    Email: tami@exitrealty.com



    Eric Lawrence Frazier, MBA 

    President and CEO


    The Power Is Now, Inc.

    Corporate Headquarters

    3739 6th Street

    Riverside, CA 92501

    O  800-401-8994 x 703   |

     D ? 714-361-2105  |  C 714-475-8629

    Skype: 714-845-7263  | Skype ID: frazier.eric

    eric.frazier@thepowerisnow.com  |  www.thepowerisnow.com




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    Mindset Masters: Teaching Entrepreneur Mindset

    in Writing

    Mindset Masters is an anthology in which 16 individuals from around the world teach Entrepreneur Mindset lessons from our own lives.
    Having an entrepreneur mindset is so powerful!. When thinking of how to write a book, most people focus only on the mechanics: what to call the chapters, how many chapters, how long a book, etc.
    Sharing your book in a way that feels "right" without being pushy or salesy definitely involves having an entrepreneur mindset.
    Mindset Masters book Develop your entrepreneur mindset in 31 days & watch miracles happen in the Miracle Mindshift Month. Your host is international bestselling author and Celebrity Author Mentor  Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady., who demystifies the technical aspects of being a successful author. Her BLISS Butterfly Author Success System teaches 5 key aspects of B.L.I.S.S.: Being, Legacy, Imprint,Sharing and Serving. having a strong entrepreneur mindset helps you SERVE  your audience well!
    Follow your bliss!

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    Author Entrepreneur Mindset: How's Your Mindset?

    in Writing

    How's your mindset - really?
    Most people think they have a great mindset, but if you're not getting the results you desire with your book, perhaps you could use a little help. You are both author and entrepreneur; mindset will either propel you forward or keep you playing small and getting less than what you desire and deserve.
    Many authors don't even think they need an entrepreneur mindset, because they're so focused on writing and publishing.
    Resources from today's show:
    I mentioned Social Buzz Club as a way to both share your posts and find good share.
    Get mindset help on the next LIVE author training.
    Help building an amazingly powerful author-entrepreneur mindst in the Miracle Mindshift Month
    Your host is international bestselling author and Celebrity Author Mentor  Ronda Del Boccio, who demystifies the technical aspects of being a successful author.
    Her BLISS Butterfly Author Success System teaches 5 key aspects of B.L.I.S.S.: Being, Legacy, Imprint,Sharing and Serving.

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    Entrepreneur Mindset Help Overcome Fear of Idea Theft?

    in Writing

    I often meet authors, musicians & other artists who are terrified of people "stealing my ideas." Can an entrepreneur mindset help?
    Yes! I never suggest being naive or careless, however ideas are everywhere, and "there's nothing new under the sun"
    Today's show shares some of the common fear-based comments and the mindshift that helps to think of those issues differently.
    Help with Entrepreneur Mindset: Miracle Mindshift Month
    Video of today's show
    BLISS Butterfly
    FREE Awakened Author Challenge
    Will you be the next author to follow your B.L.I.S.S.? I hope so!
    Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady
    #1 bestselling nonfiction and fantasy author & Celebrity Author Mentor

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    Storytelling Techniques Build a Strong Entrepreneur Mindset?

    in Writing

    You may never have thought about it this way, but human beings are constantly employing Storytelling techniques in everyday life. 
    Sound strange? Well, consider how you speak about the economy, your spouse, your work.
    Yes, everyone generates a constant stream of stories.This episode helps you create the best kinds of stories to help you move toward your goals and dreams rather than away from them.
    As an author, you want the stories inside your head adn the stories y ou speak aloud to be even more compelling than the stories you write!
    Every author is also an entrepreneur, and an empowered entrepreneur mindset will serve you well.
    Story Power storytelling techniques training DVD
    Miracle Mindshift Month entrepreneur mindset help.
    BLISS Butterfly
    Awakened Author Challenge
    Follow your bliss!
    Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady

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    Entrepreneur Mindset: How Relaxing Can Boost Productivity

    in Writing

    Entrepreneur mindset is something many authors don't think about, but it is the key to opening you to greater creativity and success.
    This show shares 5 tips for living a more BLISS-filled life and enjoying more creativity by relaxing.
    Ancient Wisdom Guided Relaxation Audio
    Follow Your Bliss - BLISS Butterfly Author Success Plan
    Write & publish a book in the FREE 30-Day Awakened Author Challenge
    Thanks for listening! Please be sure to give the show a rating (preferrably 5-star!) & tell your friends to listen!
    Follow your bliss!
    #1 bestselling nonfiction & fantasy author * Celebrity Author Mentor

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    What Grumpy Cat Teaches Authors about Entrepreneur Mindset

    in Writing

    FGrumpy Cat is that sour-puss-faced kitty that is growig a huge fan base simply for being HIMSELF>
    Grumpy Cat can teach authors a lot about entrepreneur mindset.  Every author is an entrepreneur as well, because you are connecting your work (fiction, nonfiction or poetry) to those who need, desire or crave it.
    Resources from today's show:
    Grumpy Cat slideshow mentioned in the show.
    Develo your entrepreneur mindset with  the Miracle Mindshift Month program at a 30% discount through m my link.
    Follow Your Bliss Radio gives you a snack-sized dose of inspiration, writing advice, book marketing help, product creation ideas, and more.
    Your host is international bestselling author and Celebrity Author Mentor  Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady., who demystifies the technical aspects of being a successful author.
    Her BLISS Butterfly Author Success System teaches 5 key aspects of B.L.I.S.S.: Being, Legacy, Imprint,Sharing and Serving.
    The episodes are short, so you can get back to the fun part of WRITING quickly, with an added dose of knwoledge, and bliss!

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    Your Life, Your Choice - An Interview With Rachel Rofé

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts interivews Rachel Rofé.

    Rachel Rofé is a multiple bestselling author that's been featured in Entrepreneur, Woman's World, and Fox News.

    Since she began internet marketing in 2006, she's developed over 30 products, 40 Kindle books, and bought and sold companies with as many as 120+ employees. She speaks nationwide about copywriting, book creation, outsourcing, and product creation.

    And her favorite part: she does all of this while living the "internet lifestyle", traveling the world and having fun.

    Rachel is also the host of A Better Life w/ Rachel Rofe - Personal Growth And Inspiration To Create An Amazing Life where she interviews amazing people on inspiration, motivation, self confidence, and personal growth every week.

    Find Rachel's books on Amazon:

    Take Control of Your Life - A 2 hour plan to help you set and reach your goals

    Make Life Easier: 23 Life-Changing Tools To Help With Your Productivity, Healthiness, And Overall Happiness

    The 30 Minute Happiness Formula: How to become more fulfilled in every area of your life with a 30 minute morning routine

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    Ira Rosen cracks the code on LinkedIn | Traffic Masters Radio

    in Business

    Ira Rosen is considered in the top 1 percent of all influencers in the world by LinkedIn. 

    With clients in over 30 countries, Mojo has produced videos for international stars like Mark Victor Hanson, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” & Les Brown, #1 motivational speaker in the world.

    MoJo’s team has CRACKED the CODE on Linkedin and has created a proprietary automated software that fills your calendar everyday. Mojo clients learn the award winning strategies on how to out navigate, out sell and out market the competition. Mojo prides itself in assisting companies with the most powerful, predictable marketing tools and strategies available.

    Each week, Jan Riley, Founder of "You Create You" hosts an intimate short with guests from Directions U. Listen  to Trish Samson share how to immerse yourself in a coastal lifestyle no matter where you live.

    Airing weekly on Tuesdays at noon eastern and in permanent replay, come learn how you can apply these secrets to succeed in your own business as well! In between episodes, you can get help any time you need it through the FREE Directions University's "Amazing Traffic Vortex" walks you through applying the internet marketing strategies and online business systems.  It shows you how to apply what you learn about on the show to YOUR business, step by step!

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    The Female Entrepreneur Radio Janice Montgomery Alboaki-Strauser

    in Women

    The Female Entrepreneur focuses on personal and business development of female entrepreneurs under the umbrella of having fun in business, motivation and building our perseverance.

    With diverse topics ranging from developing business tools to staying focused on your vision, this weekly show is devoted to working through and beyond obstacles and hurdles that women entrepreneurs deal with every day. Whether you are challenged by money, time, fear or lack of support, Thr Female Entrepreneur is committed to providing  solutions while having fun.

    WOMEN DO BUSINESS DIFFERENTLY THAN MEN: As women, we tend to juggle more than most men in business. Learning to balance our lives, feel fulfilled, make money and keep everything around us working can be quite a challenge.

    Show host and creator, Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser, described as a tenacious, passionate, radio show host, professional and entrepreneur has worked with the small business community, since 1993.

    Janice has coached and mentored more than 10,000 small business owners & professionals nationwide.

    Her career in ministry & business is driven with a desire to assist small business owners on their journey with a ‘Road Map and Keys to Success in Life & Business.

    (214) 548-2584 (817) 676-6074




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