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    Secrets of A Socialprenista w/Andrieka J. Austin

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    Join Destiny Empowerment Hour as we sit down with Certified Business and Personal Life Coach Andrieka J. Austin CEO of The Socialprenista™ and Author of Secrets of A Socialprenista: The PINK Print {The Top 8 Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke, Stuck, and Struggling in Their Business and Inspiration for The Journey}. 

    I am Andrieka "AJ" Austin, aka The Socialprenista™ (pronounced Social•pre•nista), a passionate, Certified Business and Personal Life Coach for women entrepreneurs seeking to increase their impact, influence, and income via transformational business and life coaching programs that offer clarity, focus, and accountability for starting, sustaining, and scaling a successful enterprise!

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    Amazing Lady Nana Mystery-Live from Detroit! Light Being Alien Translator

    in Spirituality

    Nana Mystery- "I'm an E.T., Down to Earth Goddess Warrior, Mama Light Being, Translator & Numerologist."
            Nana has been a Creative Entrepernuer for over 40 years,  as a Portrait Artist, Sculpturess, Designer. She has been doing Astrology and Numerology for 45 years. 
          My Desire is to Join The Masculine with Feminine & Create Humans then, 
          Join the Matriarchy with the Patiarchy an Create A Happyarchy!

       Nana's tools are Numerology and Card Readings with a little Astrology too. 
    Nana says: " Remember Life is a Gift of Love & Lessons some
    are Good others Hard Designed to Bring about True Happiness and World Peace!"

    For Private Readings, Soul & Happy Coaching or Number & Astrology Readings or a Light Healing with Light Beings & Angels go to Nana's Website: 


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    Monetize Your God Given Talents

    in Motivation

    Using Your Gifts and Talents in Business

    Wondering what you have to offer as an entrepreneur?

    Tune in today at noon and hear Dr. Lesly share the importance of being Stuck on You.

    Be sure to call in to have your questions answered by Dr. Lesly.



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    Christians and Finances

    in Religion

    Do you shop with your emotions? Do women spend more money than men? Are you looking for a quick fix to your finances? Do you believe in paying tithes? What is your credit score? Does it matter? Do you seek God's wisdom on handling your money or do you just spend spend spend? What does God say about being in debt? Join me March 12, 2012 7:00 p.m. Eastern as I discuss spending habits with Mrs. Nicole Paul. Nicole is a business women/entrepernuer. She is a military spouse married to Major Pau

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    A new look at "Corruption" in music

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    A Hip Hop artist, Social Activist and Entrepernuer all rolled into one. Today I will introduce to you by way of interview Mr. Gary " E.D.O.T." Houston ( Nephew of Whitney Houston).
    Originally from New Jersey E.D.O.T (acronym for: Every Drop of Talent) brings a fresh new approach to Hip Hop. Refusing to live up to what everyone else’s image is of what he ‘should be’ he pushes his own personal limits every day, vowing to never keep within the limits of his surroundings that just keeps him comfortable.
    E.D.O.T currently lives in Pittsburgh where he attended Park Point University. It was there that he obtained degrees in Business Management, Sport and Art Entertainment Management.
    E.D.O.T is about to make his international launch by performing in the UK in September at The Peacekeepers UK launch, in Battersea London. E.D.O.T is a member of the celebrity panel who actively support The PeaceKeepers Global Initiative. The PeaceKeepers strive to make the communities safe in which we live. Something that E.D.O.T is passionate about.
    To buy tickets for The PeaceKeepers UK event go the the website www.thepeacekeepersuk.org
    E.D.O.T has released an EP and 3 albums all available for download from his website.
    To keep up with what is going on in the world of E.D.O.T and be the first to know about events and new releases including "Corruption 1 & 2" visit his website www.leveleonline.com

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    Barber/Sports Talk

    in Entertainment

    Al (Mr.Fademup) Dillapree sr. host, co-hosted by (Doc) and (Nat the Barber) show that focuses on Sports, the Barbershop and the Barber culture. Todays show will discuss the Miami Heat, Cam Newton and the NCAA Rules, NFL Talk. Todays guest is Master Barber/Entrepernuer from NY, host of the NY City Barber Battle, Kamal Nuru.

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    Wendy Hanson www.thesassyladies.com

    in Women

    Wendy will speak about women business and many great women issues

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