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    Corporate Thuggin: With Special Guest Rageni of Protect Ya Neck Records!

    in Radio

    Greetings Family!  Join us tonight for another engaging episode of Uplift Radio with Special Guest Rageni as we explore the concept of Corporate thuggin.  Has someone ever refered to you as a Corporate thug?  How did it make you feel?  Where you proud of the label?  Do we always have to wear a suit and tie to do good business?  Or can we find ways to succeed as we are?  So Buckle up and snap on your chin strap cause we goin in!  Peace Family! 

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    Trans INC. How DO we Create our own Content as TransFolk in 2014??

    in LGBT

    This week we talk with the Pioneering KOKUMO KINETIC. She's breaking new ground as a TWOC (Transgender Woman Of Color) who so happens to be the CEO of KOKUMOMEDIA INC.

    How do we become builders and creators of our own content?? How do we tell our own stories and become the "Gatekeepers" of such content?? Kokumo joins us this Saturday to talk to us about entrepenuership in the Trans Community as well as her amazing voice and projects she is working on... JOIN US :)

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    Style with Trysh

    in Entertainment

    We have Mark Breedlove - Owner of Elaine Breedlove Fashions on today's show to educate us on his road to entrepenuership and we'll pick his brain on his definition of the current state of women's fashion. Join us. 

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    Interview with Sales Professional Vendo Toming

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    Join me as I interview one of the Hospitality indistires to minds in Sales & Markeitng, Vendo Toming  Principal,VT Associates, LLC Mr. Toming’s hotel career started in the Hilton Management Training program at the Palmer House, a Hilton Hotel, in Chicago.  He was very quickly slotted into the Sales Department and rose to the level of Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing for the 2,100 room hotel before being transferred to his first Director of Sales slot.
    The majority of his career has been spent in multi-property roles with several companies (Regional VP of the Springer Group/The Continental Companies; VP of Sales and Marketing for Pickett Suite Hotels; VP of Sales and Marketing for Park Suite Hotels, Regional VP of Sales and Marketing with Highgate Hotels).
    The largest amount of time was with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts (16 years) with the majority of that (13 years) as Divisional VP of Sales and Marketing.  The majority of that time was overseeing all Hyatt resorts (Hawaii, Domestic, and Caribbean).  This included the pre-opening sales and marketing of 7 Hyatt resorts in the U.S. and Caribbean.

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    The Whitfield Analysis on NGC radio via BTR

    in Politics Conservative

    On this  edition of The Whitfield Analysis: Obama's comment on Entrepenuership will be examined thourougly. Plus, Is the Obama campaign desparate? Sam also takes your phone calls.

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    in Religion

    Is your work in ministry preventing you from HANDLIN' YO' BIDNESS? (Isn't handlin' yo bidness, minstry?). Have you ever been so focused on serving your pastor that you can't support yourself or your family?  You may be meeting the basic needs, but what if you want to get a better job or start a business.  Is your work in the ministry keeping you from going to school, or getting a license? Within the CFR family, we've been experiencing blessing that come from new business opportunities, which have affected schedules for a little while. We believe that their priorities are in the RIGHT place! And when their schedule gets more free..their PLACE is right there waiting for them. But how many of us had to take a ministry BREAK, and were condemned and rejected for it? God wants you to handle yo' bidness...but does the IC Church want you to?

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    SBDC are they really working for small business??????

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    Join me as I talk live about issues with starting a small business- getting loans and working with the small business administration.  Truck drivers, small contractors, freight haulers, anyone trying to get a contract through the city of philadelphia you don't want to miss this!!!! 

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    Dream Killers In The Church

    in Religion

    In today's show we will be talking about an individual's calling and how the "church" can get in the way?  Does your church try to water-down and "control" your anointing? Do they tangibly support your godly ambitions or are they jealous of it?  Do they try to control your career? Do they really want you to succeed in what God has called you to do, as long as it through them and on their terms? Does your church help or hinder your own personal goals? 

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    Talking with Gail Gibson

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    Gail Gibson is the Founder & CEO of MyLoveablelegs.com, LLC. a direct sales company that offers unique hosiery fashions from around the world. There are more than 200 Independent Consultants nationwide which why Ms. Gibson has been touted “The Mary Kay of Hosiery”. Gail credits her faith in God and His favor on her life for everything she has accomplished and her company is a living testimony of that faith. Gail has over 25 years of marketing and advertising experience. Former owner of Sankofa Communications, a subsidiary of the renown Chisholm Mingo Group of New York City, along with The WadioWorks, a radio production, syndication and radio media buying firm, where she produced and planned media and public relations strategies for such clients as KFC, Union Bank of California, McDonalds, One-Stop Career & Youth Centers, Goodwill Industries,and others.

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    Is Progress a Plaza or a Smorgasbord?

    in Culture

    The Buzz.. Here in Philadelphia we HAD a strip mall that consisted of a Black owned and operated bank and several little stores named "Progress Plaza". It was the brain child of Leon H. Sullivan to make progress in the way of redevelopment and job opportunities and give inner city folks a place to shop (were several supermarket chains there back in the day) as well as other businesses that were not able to thrive under the pressure of newer bigger better enterprises. But, the sentiment was a good one..

    The Sting... The mall was not able to sustain major chains or retailers and became a dilapidated strip mall that did little to lure folks to shop there. What role does gentrification play on progress? Did it help the neighborhood even tho it tore down Progress Plaza and renamed it to include an upscale supermarket?
    Is the history represented by those unkept structures more important than moving into the next century? Is there anything wrong with tearing down a place called Progress Plaza? Is the end of the era that provided pride through entrepenuership as exhibited by building Progress Plaza?

    The Healing...sometimes the way to new progress is to rebuild on the old. Here's a sports analogy...This year the Eagles are rebuilding the team and there are some who are angry McNabb is gone and others who realize that in order to make progress you have to sacrifice. are you one for progress by rebuilding or progress by renovation? lemme know

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    The War To End All Wars

    in Politics Conservative

    Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook, has been involved in advocacy to protect internet privacy. Find out more of the incredible tale of this wunderkind toddler billionaire.