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    The Entity Within | Paranormal, Supernatural, Horror, Ghosts

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    Could the actions of their ancestors be the reason a family of listeners cannot rid their home of spirits?

    A beautiful old plantation home is the perfect backdrop for a wedding, except for the entities within.

    A deceased brother wakes his brother in time to save his newborn daughter’s life.

    Could it really be a deceased Grandma that helps to locate missing items, or is it a trickster entity?

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    Ether in short is the connecting energy of spirit that unites the physical and non physical worlds. Ether is energy...well so is everything. Everything that is, is an etheric vibration of energy. Scientists know that an atom comprises 99.999% space, this space is not just empty space, it is ether, the life giving force to all, it resonates on a myriad of frequencies and allows many densities to exist in the same space without each interfering with each other (ether contains more substance than any amount of matter, it is like squeezing 1000 tons into a pea, we are the pea, so there is far more that you cannot see, detect and understand than you can). 

    QUIET YOUR MIND.................(logic)

    and project from your heart...................(love)

    and enter into YOUR ENERGY / eternity................(longevity)

    Where/Who/What are you getting your energy/entity from?

    and...........more importantly.............

    What/Who are you giving your energy/entity too??????

    Where attention GOES energy / entity FLOWS!

    All people are a collection of energies OR ENTITIES.  Like a snowflake no two people are the same, although very similar are still a varying collection of energies. Like the wave pattern of thought two people can be very alike and are attracted to each other through likeness because like attracts like. You send out the thought that attracts energy to you and you invite these energies to flow into your being, you then express yourself with these energies that you invited in with your thoughts. You have many, many energies flowing in you at any one moment although only one or two may be obvious to you at any one moment. Energy is like a wind. 







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    Shane Hunt - Illinois Missouri Entity Trackers

    in Paranormal

    Tonight our guest is Shane Hunt from Illinois Missouri Trackers who is new to the paranormal but has great enthusiasm and is very lucky to work with such awesome mentors. This is what Shane has to say about himself.

    I have always been fascinated with the paranormal. Didn't know that my best friend that I known for 15 yrs was also interested in the paranormal as well. About 6 months ago we decided that we wanted to do more other then looking at what other teams were doing. Looking around on facebook we saw that il-mo entity trackers were looking for new members. We called Teri and Sharon, the co-founders of the team and the rest is being written as we speak. Being a new investigator in this field is interesting. I love to sit back and listen to other investigators. To hear all the stories is one of the things I love about this field. Love taken in all the knowledge I can get my hands on. Being taught by someone the has yrs under their belt is a the best experience anyone can get. Love the team I am with and the new people I get to know.

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    Liability Insurance and Entity Liability Protection. Is There a Difference?

    in Legal

    Business owners don’t often realize that liability insurance and entity liability protection serve two different purposes.   However, both liability insurance and entity liability protection help to minimize the risk of financial losses as a result of a lawsuit. In this show Bill and Rick distinguish the two protections available to business owners and point out the conditions during which each come into play.

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    Practical Business Entity Tips - Is Your Business Safe?

    in Legal

    Have you ever wondered what terms like, “Articles of Incorporation,” “Organizational Meeting,” “Bylaws'” and “Minutes” actually mean, and do you know when and how to apply them to the smooth operation of your business entity? In this show, Bill and Rick discuss these issues and much more as it regards the practical everyday business tips you need to keep your entity protection the best it can be.

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    Teri Mosby - Co-Founder of Illinois-Missouri Entity Trackers

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    Teri Mosby is the co- founder of Il Mo Entity Trackers. After being on a couple of teams in the past, in 2012 Sharon and I decided to blaze our own path and created the team and website. Our number one concern as a team is to help find answers and bring peace of mind to our clients, and provide them with the best possible answers and evidence we can find Our team doesn't just "ghost hunt". Our members are also involved in community activities, including raising money for local charities. We love working with other teams in our area and believe we can all learn from one another..

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    LIVE! with Cathi...The POWER of THOUGHT!

    in Fitness

    THE POWER OF THOUGHT!  Thoughts are more than things, they are the cause of things!

    THOUGHTS can change your brain in positive or negative ways.  But what, exactly is a THOUGHT?  Is it a mental process, an idea, a belief? Nobody really knows.  In some ancient  philosophies, THOUGHTS were considered to be a spiritual quality, and many religions equate the mind (the 'entity' that generates thought with GOD) or Universal Consciousness.  That's why Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am."

    If you're put in a brain scan machine, you'd see that every THOUGHT stimulates different arears.


    Negative THOUGHTS disrupt...etc.

    Optimism even though...etc.

    THOUGHTS are a string of...etc.

    The new mantra..."I am, therfore I think"...etc.

    THOUGHTS give our lives...etc.


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    Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler of Expedition Entity: Pursuing the Paranormal

    in Paranormal

     Join us tonight for our great guests Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler from Expedtion Entity: Pursuing the Paranormal as we discuss their upcoming plans for the future, paranormal experiences, about their new webisodes on their You Tube Channel including their other videos as well called Lifting the Veil: Haunted or Not? It will be a great 2 hour show where we will also be sharing information about our upcoming Loyal Listener Contests beginning in March where we will be giving one lucky winner two times in March on the 9th and 23rd shows some awesome prizes. Details about the contests are posted on our new website at http://www.hookedonhauntingsradio.weebly.com

    Be There or be Square all you ghostie lovers...our show will rock the airwaves

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    Anyone who uses drugs or alcohol will pick up entities when in a high, inebriated, drunken, stoned state of mind.  It even happens with the use of some medical sedatives such as Oxycontin and others, or even too many sedative herbs, possibly.

    When a woman is raped, for example, she usually picks up a slew of harmful, nasty or just mischievous entities from the rapist.  Some entities enjoy hanging around rapists for the fun of it, or to burrow into the woman raped for some sort of odd sexual experience.

    Although it is not mentioned much, whenever a baby is born, entities gather around.  Unortunately, newborns are vulnerable to entity attachment.  It could even happen before birth, but it definitely happens at and right after birth.

    Some entities love being inside a woman’s vagina, or perhaps inside a man.  When people have sex, particularly casual sex with people not their spouse, entity attachment is extremely common.  It almost goes with the territory.  This is a powerful reason to not engage in casual sex, even if you are single and unattached

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    We create our environments THEN our environments create us!

    We live in a vibrational universe and we are vibrational beings. We are energy beings with consciousness and wisdom of our own.

    If you are designed and you are put on earth to be one of the world’s greatest quantum energy computer processor generators, the problem is, over the course of growing up you gain “viruses” as you grow up that block this energy; it messes up the electromagnetic field. If you learn to clear this energy it would begin to function at the level it was truly designed to function at.

    The cell is a part of the system that sends and receives the signal into the field and forms the DNA. You can reprogram your DNA and broadcast a new signal to the universe if you like. This was discovered in 1985. The cell is a liquid crystal semi-conductor with gates and channels, like a computer chip. The old belief was the cell nucleus was read only, in that the DNA told the cell what to do or what it was going to be.

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    Choosing the Right Business Entity in GA

    in Legal

    Choosing the right business entity is the most crucial first decision any business owner will make. Your choice could have tax and liability consequences in the present and growth consequences in the future. Know which entity is right for you based on your current and future goals and objectives.

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