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    Reason behind Gentiles' Enslavement of Black people

    in Education

    The Gentiles have never told black people why they enslaved them. To my knowledge, blacks have never asked for a reason. Black people do not know why they were enslaved by the Gentiles. That, the enslavement, being a part of our history, blacks should desire to know why. To that end, as the title suggests, I shall give reason for the Gentiles' enslavement of black people.

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    o YE Drybones : Operation Stingray Technology of Enslavement / special guest

    in Current Events

    The StingRay is an  (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), a controversial cellular phone surveillance device, manufactured by the Harris CORP. Initially developed for the military and intelligence community, the StingRay and similar Harris devices are in widespread use by local and state law enforcement agencies across the United States and possibly covertly in the United Kingdom. Stingray has also become a generic name to describe these kinds of devices.In active mode, the StingRay will force each compatible cellular device in a given area to disconnect from its service provider cell site (e.g., operated by Verizon, AT&T, etc.) and establish a new connection with the StingRay. In most cases, this is accomplished by having the StingRay broadcast a pilot signal that is either stronger than, or made to appear stronger than, the pilot signals being broadcast by legitimate cell sites operating in the area. A common function of all cellular communications protocols is to have the cellular device connect to the cell site offering the strongest signal. StingRays exploit this function as a means to force temporary connections with cellular devices within a limited area.

    A StingRay can be used to identify and track a phone or other compatible cellular data device even while the device is not engaged in a call or accessing data services.

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    The Real Slavery is the Enslavement of Self

    in Spirituality

    When a man is out of touch with His Creator and no longer choose to do His Will. Subjects himself to the Will or ideas of those in control of the governing system that he is a part of. When he cuts himself off the Almighty G'd, Allah, he allows himself to become a slave to his own false desires and live in acceptance of the rules and ideas of the governing body that he is a part of. He has no say so over his life and how he is to live it. He accepts what the ruling master says is best for him and does not question it. He has forgotten about G'd's Laws altogether and allows himself to become the subject of the evils of society.

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    Escaping enslavement to reLIEgious Mind-Control

    in Religion

    Brother Lex Lee Vortex, Once a part of the Hebrew Israelite Movement that has swept across the United States and beyond, will share with us, his reasons for leaving. Once identifying with a religious and ancestral identity, we ask Brother Lex what would compel him to now abandon such a label. Join us as I interview Brother Lex and endeavor to gain enlightment from his progression from beLIEf; to now one of KNOWing. 

  • Legalizing Enslavement of Blacks, Plot?

    in Entertainment

    With all of the carelessness & unconcerned attitudes by both state and federal governments regarding the racism, racial profiling, senseless murdering and intentional economically-financially crippling of blacks and many neighbors with predominately black residents. It kind of make you think if there’s a plot to make enslavement of blacks “legal”, again. Join us as we talk about the various types of things that has happened that make it seems like there's a legalizing enslavement of blacks, plot. 

    *Visit Our Website: http://www.zhemagazine.com

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    *Twitter: http://www.twiter.com/zhemagazine

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    HU: Ramifications of Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Language in Ritual

    in Education

    In this episode of ODWIRA we examine the use of our Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Languages in the context of ritual and the ramifications for those Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans) who were dispossessed of the knowledge of their direct Ancestral language as a result of the Mmusuo Kese (Great Perversity/Enslavement era). We examine the nature of Sacred speech as embodied by the Obosom (Deity) Hu in Khanit and Kamit (Nubia and Egypt).

    We examine our book UBEN-HYENG The Ancestral Summons:



    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 

    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 

    Akwamu Nation in North America 



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    The Solar Storm: Jayme Louis Liardi

    in Politics

    Kyle talks to Jayme Louis Liardi about his new book Revelation: A Return to Virtue. Topics include: the indoctrination system that imprisons our bodies and minds, the plastic consumer culture all around us, awakening the true spirit, finding ways to live a virtuous life, the reality of racial differences, seeing the signs of synchronicity, and organizing our opposition to this system of enslavement.

    Website: JaymeLiardi.com

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    Our Enslavement - The Plot

    in Politics

    08/14/013 - Today's topic - we will venture deep into history and discuss how old the plot of our enslavement is, and who the elite who pushed it through are.
    Hosts Jim Edmund and Kimberly
    Find us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thenwowillfail
    and Twitter at www.twitter.com/nwowillfail

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    When The Students Are Ready, etymology with Dr. Addullah Bey

    in Culture

    The Moorish Enslavement and Ransoming of Europeans during the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s: Reexamining the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Presentation from Abdullah Bey's book Moors and Masonry Part 1 scheduled to be released in April 2016

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    Soul Food Remix: Soul Food Remix: Goddess Awakening

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Dr. Amah Maat-Kare wants to know:  Have you Black Woman felt a spiritual calling on your life but are unsure hot to manifest your calling?  

    Rev. Dr. Amah Maat-Kare, Goddess Minister and Afrocentric Wholistic Health Practitioner wants you aspiring Afro-spiritualist to tune in so you can be empowered to becaome a spiriutal emancipator and learn how to establish a Mother-centered Goddes spiritual institution. Our goal is to empower and equip you to provide spiritual leadership in your home and communities.  

    The Creator of the Universe was worshipped as the femal mother Goddess before she was reduced to a holy spirit.  Knowledge of her existence has been suppressed along with the feminine principle and rulership.  It is time to confront the age old enemy of male dominate religions that have perpetuated crimes against us and our forebears. 

    We must not continue to be spirutal slaes to male-centered religions.  Stoop serving nature's destoyers and be the Queens, healers, teacher sand soul chefs to stop spiritual enslavement.  The call for us to return to the Queen of Heave and Earth has gone out and unheard for to long .  The time has come for us to take action.

    Awaken my Sis-Stars to your true purpoose and initiate yourself back into your true status as Priestess, Agents of Nuith and Maat to heal our families, communities and eventually the world and fee our peole the true food for the Soul, Soul Food Remix,  healing the planet one Sis-Star at a time.  

    Our objectives are to:
    1. Empower you Black Queen to become spiritual emancipators;
    2. Encourage you in spiritual leadership and spiritual institution ownership;
    3. Restore truth and wholeness vs. holiness;
    4. Free you from religious oppression and enslavement;
    Awaken, you sleeper who are the true Christ!


  • NIGGASPIRACIES #24: Conspiracies from A Nigga Point of View

    in Comedy

    A DECEIT that runs DEEP is going on in order to keep the MINDS of the PEEPLE ASLEEP and OBEYING all of these WORLD GOVERNMENTS. And this program Discusses and De-Codes how THIS IS constantly DONE thru mediums such as MOVIES, MUSIC, NEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA and The INTERNET in general. We DE-CODE this MADNESS of POP CULTURE for Its TRUE meaning and apply that meaning to our World-At-Large to uncover Conspiracies as well as to De-Bunk Conspiracies while minimizing Fear Mongering.