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    What's In It For Me - Christian Radio Show: "Does Religion Enslave You?" Part 2

    in Christianity

    Tune in to part 2 of the heated relational and historical discussion on the topic, Does Religion Enslave You? In part two we will address the question, "Does free will truly allow freedom of choice?" We'll offer strategies for how to overcome the feeling of being in bondage, as well as dialogue with the audience to answer heart felt questions on the topic that they posed to the hosts. Special guest hosts Brother Brandon Arnold, Ayton Taylor and Minister Reginald Fuller will rejoin the discussion offering their insight. And as usual you can look forward to us sharing the word of God with you on the topic.

    In the meantime, we invite you to ask youselves, "Who is your Master, and is worshiping him done out of duty or servitude?" 

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    ROE v WADE ,DOE v BOLTON, AND UCCJEA as a vehicle to Kidnap and Enslave!!!

    in Higher Education

    It may appear that the U.S.Supreme Court Along with the STATE OF TEXAS and the STATE OF GEORGIA tore the children apart Literally on Paper. Follow our frank discussion about the Roe V Wade and the little known companian case Doie v Bolton that actually has two completely seperate outcomes and consequences. What did these panel of Men U.S. Supreme Court Justices do under the case back in the 1970s?





    Carol Keihn Isaacs Disclaimer THIS BROADCAST IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. 


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    Wendy Greene The Angel Warrior Show

    in Politics

    Wendy Greene The Angel Warrior Show 

    Call in at 657 383-0530 in the U.S.  uk 01444 390270 

    Freedom Talk Radio - The arrowhead for global remedies for humanity. The war has been ongoing between humanity and satanity, and now we declare that it has been won by humanity.  http://www.angelwarriors4justice.com/

    We want to hear your success stories, how you fought and won, to help others further down the road. Volunteer your experiences, knowledge to teach others in the remedies we all have under common law, ancient laws, divine laws - which serve and protect the people.  http://freedomtalkradio.co.uk/volunteers-wanted

    We must demand our inherent rights which are common to all laws which serve and protect the people. We disown all man-made laws which are used to enslave and rob the people.

    We declare our divinity over all man-made laws and religions. We condemn all crimes of murder, sodomy rape and cannibalism against babies, children, women, dead bodies, dead animals.

    We enshrine the original 7 principles in public office as HONOUR and crimes of corruption and fraud as DISHONOUR, which will cause immediate removal from public office and citizens arrests to be issued by our common law Peace Officers, Sheriffs and Grand juries.

    Email Andy freedomtalkradio2013@gmail.com

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    Trans-Pacific Partnership - The Death of Sovereignty with Meghan Sali

    in Politics

    Trans-Pacific Partnership

    12 nations, 11% of global population, 40% of the global economy, 25% of global imports, 30% of global exports. 800 million people bound by an agreement negotiated in secret from the citizens and almost all elected representatives. Who wrote it then? Trade representatives with multi-national corporate lobbyists and executives at the tables from start to finish.

    A 30 chapter agreement with 5 involving actual trade. Environment. Financial Services. Patents. Copyrights. Intellectual Property. Pharmaceuticals. Health Care. Investment. Labour. Market Access. Procurement. Tobacco. State Owned Enterprises. Biotechnology and GMO's. And a new iron-clad version of the infamous Investor State Dispute Settlement "mechanism" complete with secret tribunals, secret judgements and secret awards. 5,544 pages worth of regulations, schedules, indexes, timetables and LOOPHOLES to empower the most powerful corporations on earth to have veto power say over how signatory nations will live their day-to-day lives. This is the latest method for the mostly American corporate elite to bypass the WTO, exclude and isolate "unfriendly" economies, enslave "freindly" economies and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Protests have been raging in every "partner nation" for years as February 4 nears as the day for "signing" of the agreement in Auckland, New Zealand. There is no opting out of any section or provision unless stated before that signing by any nation. No renegotiation.

    We are joined by Meghan Sali, a digital rights specialist with OpenMedia,org, leading the organization's free expression campaigns. For the past two years, she has been co-ordinating the campaign to shed light on the implications of TPP as they relate to preserving our online rights and building a properous, inclusive digital future.

    Tune in and hear the facts on TPP.

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    in Current Events

    IN Observance Of Black History Month "LET'S TALK BLACK!"


    In order to enslave us the slave master first destroyed our knowledge of ourselves, he changed our names, destroyed our religion, Our religion was “One” with nature and “One” with things that are natural to us, and he gave us his names and his religions.  He even changed our language to his.  When you take away one’s language you take away one’s history!  Next he divided us into opposing camps by arming us with false knowledge.  Then an incident was provided that would cause us to fight and weaken ourselves.

    We have always been lead to think that we are not who we are until we get an approval on paper from our oppressor.  “YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE!" So Join us for a journey “Black” to the future!

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    Financial Peace - Eliminate Credit Cards

    in Finance

    Credit has become the modern-day shackles that enslave many people, from Beverly Hills to Boc Raton.  Our debt level and our lack of savings make the nine-to-five job mandatory.  Between our mortgages, car payments and credit card debts, we can't afford to quit. We are minimizing our lives and financial potential by making minimum credit card payments.

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as we discuss why cash is better than credit and how to break your credit card addiction.

    Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.

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    Ep. 5, Escaping the Money System of Man, Reflecting The Way Radio

    in Religion

    In our previous two epeisodes we took a look at where money comes from, what it's true and occult uses are and how the money system has been designed to enslave the common man. In this episode we will look at the story of Jesus walking on water found in Matthew 14:22-23. It may surprise you to learn that this story has a secondary meaning that is tied directly to economics and your relation to money and debt. Can't figure out how that works? Tune in and learn the connection.

    Be sure to check out the articles; Money and the Root of Evil: How is Money Created? and Money and the Root of Evil: Modern Slavery and Vampirism. These articles will fill in all of the details.

    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for the e-mail list at Reflecting The Way.

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    Jeffrey Daugherty On Paranormal Filler

    in Paranormal

    Jeffrey Daugherty is a former 20 year preacher and Bible College graduate with over 35 years and 100,000 hours of Biblical study under his belt.  A spiritual awakening led him to question if Pauline Christianity had co-opted the original message of Jesus (Yeshua) and turned it into a fear and guilt based matrix of control.  Jeffrey now researches and  proclaims the original liberating message of Yeshua and the true nature of the Kingdom of God.

    He also is an author and popular conference speaker.  His unique perspectives across the broad spectrum of the unexplained are both refreshing and challenging to the status quo.

    Daugherty’s main themes are the assertion that we must individually take a fresh look at the New Testament, realizing the historical facts that it was vetted, censored and cleared by two ‘one-world’ governments, the Roman and British empires, and that the original order of its book have been intentionally scrambled to make clear understanding of the flow and development of first century thought, practice and belief difficult at best.  He also emphasizes that Yeshua (Jesus) taught we are not born with original sin but have the spark of divinity within with His words ‘the kingdom of God is in you’ and many more.  Daugherty further contends that Paul the apostle co-opted the original message of the Yeshua Movement and warped it into a fear and guilt based control matrix.  He further contends that the Apostle John wrote the book of Revelation not to inform about the ‘second coming’ but as a warning about the great final false flag attempt to enslave humanity and the planet we live on.

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    Ep. 4: Money and the Root of Evil (Part 2), Reflecting The Way Radio

    in Religion

    In this episode we will expose the occult energy grid created and sustained by the money in your wallet. Starting with how that grid works to psychically suck your energy and enslave you. We will also look at how the modern interest driven fractional reserve banking system is really the ultimate incarnation of alchemy and the numerological curse encoded in your work week. If you're ready to have your understanding stretched, listen on!

    Be sure to check out the articles; Money and the Root of Evil: How is Money Created? and Money and the Root of Evil: Modern Slavery and Vampirism. These articles will fill in all of the details.

    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for the e-mail list at Reflecting The Way.


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    Power of Giving on The Morning Glory International Voices of Hope

    in Self Help

                                                                                                  Rejection Granted Me Freedom

    Today’s guest is going to inspire you to once and for all deal with “REJECTION”.  She is here today to talk about her latest edition “Rejection the Silent Killer”. This book speaks about her journey with rejection. How rejection will seek you out to destroy your “True Identity” by way of using it’s siblings; manipulation, control, people pleasing, envy and pride to enslave you from knowing your identity.

    Phyllis Smart is a native of St. Helena Island and currently resides in Beaufort South Carolina with her family. She is an Author of other books that inspires readers to be true to themselves. You would want to get her latest book as a stocking stuffer. 

                                                                                                           Call 347-857-1295

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    The Rise Of The Wombman

    in Culture

    responsibility of leadership.  Two areas of interest for me revolve around education and communities.  Because our children will not be told or taught about our history in the public school systems, I believe that it is our responsibility to create an environment where our kids are able to go learn about themselves and where they come from without having the heavy burden of being labeled or targeted because they are black.  There have been a lot of attempts specifically in the D/FW area to establish schools, but they either have low enrollment or administrative issues that close the doors.  Home school, alternative programs outside of the school system, and engaging parents in having more conversations with their children are all viable alternatives.

    Also being that an extremely high percentage of us identify with Christianity, there has to be a conversation about the Black Church and its lack of leadership and accountability, especially in D/FW.  The church is helping to brainwash and perpetuate the problem running rampant in our communities leaving us financially, emotionally, and spiritually broken.  If it is at all possible, we have to stop putting church leadership on a pedestal and start asking difficult questions, the Bible has done more to enslave and oppress us.  It teaches passive behaviors but we are in need of action behaviors that are going to move us forward... Kymberly A.