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    The Name's La Guardia

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    Fiorello Henry La Guardia  was born Fiorello Enrico La Guardia) (December 11, 1882 – September 20, 1947) was the 99th Mayor of New York for three terms from 1934 to 1945 as a Republican. Previously he had been elected to Congress in 1916 and 1918, and again from 1922 through 1930. Irascible, energetic, and charismatic, he craved publicity and is acclaimed as one of the three or four greatest mayors in American history. Only five feet (1.52 m) tall, he was called "the Little Flower" (Fiorello is Italian for "little flower"). New York's Mayor /Tammany Hall In New York City, Tammany Hall had helped Democratic politicians maintain a tight grip on politics for years. In his 1929 bid to become mayor, La Guardia had been defeated by James J. Walker, an incumbent Tammany politician. However, corruption charges had cut Walker's term short, and La Guardia decided to run again in 1933. He won the election, becoming the first Italian-American mayor of New York City.Tonite we will learn about the lfe of Mayor Fiorello his accomplishments and how they apply today. Guest Ralph Rubinek and Doreen Finkle  nee LA Guardia
    For more about Mayor Fiorello please visit our website at http://www.studentsforabetterfuture.com/2015/03/19/the-names-la-guardia/ Sponsor Studentsforabetterfuture.com

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    Host Ruben Torres

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    The Ms Benita Show: Marvin Smith, Dorthea Ross-Patterson,EnRico & Julius

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    Marvin Smith wrote a book called Smoke No More! It will teach you how to stop smoking! Also Dorthea will be reporting the Tea in New York! Can't wait! Also EnRico Stratten-Bey & Julius Cannon! WE are gonna give you the TEA about our trip to Wendy Williams Show!

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    The Notes Behind The Music VI-The Band -SKROU

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    Members: Lead Vocals - Sam Kirou Guitars - JD Fine Bass - RC Ricci Drums - Enrico Bonatti What are you promotingThe band SKROU will be promoting their Debut CD as well as their Video's for "A Place To Shake" and "Rock It Away" … They will also be discussing their recent engagement with Rock Solid Entertainment in the UK. We will hear their new single Rock It Away.

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    New Music Inferno w/ Ayron Jones & The Way!!!!

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    Ayron Jones & The Way - Blues/Soul/Pop/Rock band from Seattle,WA...New Album "Dream" out now...Just wrapped up their West Coast Tour by playing Wine Amplified Festival(Las Vegas) & Joshua Tree(California)...Check out their music,videos & so much more @ www.ajandtheway.com

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    Josef Astor, Lost Bohemia: The Secret World Above Carnegie Hall

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    For more than a century, artists and musicians of all kinds lived and worked in the 170 studios built on top of Carnegie Hall. Today, it's all gone.

    The film "Lost Bohemia" by former resident Josef Astor, documents the lives of some of these artists, and their fight to save the historic towers. For 22 years, Josef Astor lived in Studio 845, a triplex in the Carnegie Hall towers, long the home of a fascinating segment of New York's Bohemia. A fine art and portrait photographer, he is also a filmmaker, and  the Voice of Leadership will be speaking with Mr. Astor about his documentary Lost Bohemia.

    According to the New York Times, Lost Bohemia is a sad and spirited elegy for the Carnegie Hall Studios, also acknowledging the famous ghosts who haunt the place, ranging from Isadora Duncan and Enrico Caruso to Marilyn Monroe and Martha Graham.

    "It is staggering to contemplate how much of New York’s cultural history is contained in the square feet Mr. Astor — known to his neighbors as Birdman — surveys. And it is infuriating, though not surprising, to witness how efficiently it is wiped away." 

    Lost Bohemia. A film by Josef "Birdman" Astor.

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    Political Animals---George Washington wasn't the first President-Who was!

    The two Presidents who died hours apart on July 4th  "The Republic Survives Thomas Jefferson lives"  Jefferson died later that same day 7-4-1826

    Is July 3rd the actual date of the Signing of the Colonies Declaration of Independence

    Future Topics--Colonists who fled to Canada

    Jack Cashell audio interview--"Why Major media ignores Conservative authors, Cashell has written and researched 10 books. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH CALIFORNINA---What's the matter with California's Media?

    Matthew Shepard political canoization exposed by gay investigative journalist, Nick Rommell gay San Francisco official who also exposed Matthew Shepard fraud,

    July 4th Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

    George M. Cohan   It's a Grand old Flag  rare audio--Enrico Caruso  "Over there"   John Philip Sousa His recording of "Stars & Stripes Forever"


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    USCHO Live! Season 2, Episode 8: Blasi, Galosi

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    Join hosts Jim Connelly and Ed Trefzger, writers for USCHO.com, for USCHO Live! -- our weekly college hockey talk show. Each show features a look at news around NCAA hockey, a look ahead at upcoming games and events, and conversation with people who coach and play college hockey and journalists who cover the sport.   Miami coach Enrico Blasi and Robert Morris associate AD and chairman of the 2013 Frozen Four local organizing committee will be our guests on a special Thursday edition of USCHO LIve! Dec. 6.   Join us for the conversation and information, Tuesdays from 8 to 9 p.m. ET. If you can't listen live, check out the USCHO Live! podcast. Be sure to visit the USCHO Live! blog at http://www.uscho.com/uscho-live/

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    Spotlite Radio Presents Host Marcus Edwards & Guest on 3/3/2014

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    Fabio Faerman at 10:00Am

    Dwayne Coley at 10:12Am

    Eric Lee at 10:48Am

    Gerald Walter at 11:24Am

    Ray Miller at 11:36Am

    Don Blasi at 12:00Pm

    Aaron Gottieb at 12:24Pm

    Gladys Frankel at 12:48Pm

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    Best known as Sgt. Greg Parker in Flashpoint, but Rico Colantino is one of the best character actor Hollywood has ever produced. 
    Rico attended the University of Toronto but transferred to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. He graduated from the Yale School of Drama.

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    Enrico Woolford of Capitol News join Roger

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    Enrico Woolford is one of Guyana's most creditible news broadcasters and journalists. Join Roger as he chats with Enrico to get greater insight in to latest news coming out of Guyana and his prospective on the climate there.

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    No Boundaries Radio Hour Welcomes Enrico Palmerino

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    The No Boundaries Radio Hour welcomes Entrepreneur Enrico Palmerino. A graduate of Babson College, Enrico’s passion for entrepreneurship has led to his successful growth of businesses that have done everything from custom ping pong balls for the TV series Deal or No Deal (PurePong) to manufacturing and holding several patents for cutting edge energy efficient lighting technologies such as LED’s and induction bulbs (ThinkLite). Having successfully grown an international lighting company with offices in the US, Europe, and S. America, he was named Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25 and Ranked #2 Among Best Young Entrepreneurs in America by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2011.
    When he’s not behind his desk, Enrico can be found skiing, playing tennis, mountain biking, and spending time with his family. “My continuous drive for perfection, execution, and improvement has lead to my entrepreneurial background. I constantly challenge myself to think outside the box, learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others, and am not afraid to admit when I’m wrong.  

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