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    MINDS UP RADIO- "THE ENLIGHTENED ONE SHOW " Lisa Jo Davis Angel Messanger

    in Spirituality

    Lisa Jo Davis is an advocate for spiritual growth and education. She is a spiritual intuitive who has the ability to help you find clarity and connect with your purpose as an Archangel Messenger. Her gift of discernment and communication began to set in after a near death experience brought her attention to the other side where the angels appeared to let her know she would survive and help others along on their path. Lisa was divinely guided to start a group where she was told she would meet the people who would be sent her way, helping the angels help her deliver guided messages they have along with their love light & T.I.M.E. stands for Theocentric Interactive Magnetic Energy. Lisa helps you feel a deep connection to your true self healing your heart, mind body soul and spirit, also helping you hear messages on your own, clearer for yourself so that you may know your truth and live the promised life ordained before your arrival. Lisa is also a healer, helps with chakra balancing and many other processes given to her through her for you.

     — with Lisa Jo Davis.

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    What is Enlightened Leadership?

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    Chai Chat returns with a totally NEW FOCUS!  We are now "Chai Chat: Creating New Worlds At Work!"  My NEW CO-HOST is Mary Rauchenstein, Creative Leadership Guru.  Mary is a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach.  She has held leadership positions in business for the past 30 years, with two decades at the VP level.   And I am, Victoria A. Vetere, PhD, HC, Enlightened Life Coach, Consultant, and author of the newly published Enlightenment Appetizers: A Taste of Enlightenment in Everyday Life (Balboa Press).


    Each show we will explore topics that will help us to create new wolds at work!  Today we will explore a term that is widely used, but often misunderstood, Leadership.  What is leadership?  When we think of leadership, what leaders come to mind historically, politically and from a business perspective?  What attributes must a leader have?


    Next we will dig a bit deeper and talk about Enlightened Leadership.  What is it? What distinguises a Enlightened Leader from the rest of the leadership pack?  And further, what are we looking for from our leaders, both culturally and politically?  Can they deliver this and what happens if they don't?


    Chai Chat will aire twice monthly, usually on Tuesday at 10am.  We want to hear from YOU!  Really.  So listen up, then pipe up!  Tell us what you think and what you want to know.  If we are going to "create new worlds at work," we are going to do this TOGETHER.  So let's get going.....

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    Welcome to the Enlightened 30 with Chuck and Mark Update on medical issue.

    in Culture

    Chuck will be clowning around and updating his current medical condition.  Love and light will be in the air tonight.

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    Ugly truth S2 ep 7

    in Current Events

    Current event

  • Ugly Truth S2 ep6

    in Current Events

    Current events

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    Ugly truth S2 ep 5

    in Current Events

    Top 3 diss records of all tim



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    Ugly truth S2 ep4

    in Current Events

    Is having friends of the opposite sex a no no

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    Ugly truth s2 ep3

    in Current Events

    Current event

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    UglY Truth S2 ep2

    in Current Events

    whats going on in the world toda

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    Welcome to the Thoughts of an Enlightened Maniac Show

    in Pop Culture

    Welcome to the debut episode of the Thoughts of an Enlightened Maniac Show, hosted by J. Rich. On this episode, J. Rich will introduce himself to the listening audience, as well as outline the direction of the show, and let it be known what can be expected by those who tune in. Listeners can expect to be informed, entertained, and allowed to voice their opinions on various issues. What will NOT take place are long drawn out whine sessions about how black people are "victims" of white supremacy with no hope for advancement. Listeners will also be blessed with the "Maniac Moment", where J. Rich will go into a flashback about some random event that happened in his life years ago. You won't want to miss that.

    Make sure to tune in, and share with friends........

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    S2 Ugly Truth Returns ep 1

    in Current Events

    Introducing our new co host

    What we have been doing during break