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    Welcome to the Enlightened 30 with Chuck and Mark

    in Paranormal

    This week we talk about forgiveness.  Forgiving can sometimes be tough, but if you try hard enough, you can open your heart, soul, and mind to anything possible.



    Don't forget you can get my new book:  Experiences From Beyond:  Death the Final Frontier today on Amazon.com.

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    Alchemy: Spinning Spiritual Straw into Gold!

    in Self Help

    As the beloved fable Rumpelstiltskin says, "Once upon a time in a distant land, a miller boasted to his king that his daughter could spin straw into gold. Intrigued, the king locked her up in a roomful of straw and told her, 'If you can spin this straw into gold by morning, you shall be my queen. If not, you shall die.'"  We are told that "the poor girl was at her wit’s end. She could barely spin wool, let alone straw, let alone into gold."

    What do we do when we are at our wit's end? When we feel overcome by exasperation and suffer from intense stress caused by external circumstances that show up as other people, life situations etc.?  We can either rise up and be, as Michael Beckwith says, "spiritually aerodynamic" or remain paralyzed in the suffering.  As he points out, it takes wind for the plane to ascend.  What's the wind you are currently experiencing?  Join us today as Michelle Dwyer and Jill LeBeau, co-hosts of The New Enlightened View, reconnect you with your inner alchemist so that you can respond to your challenges by spinning the "straw" into gold!

    Michelle Dwyer, Holistic Health Coach & Certified Nutrition Consultant
    Jill LeBeau, MFT, Spiritual Psychotherapist and Co-author of Feng Shui Your Mind

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    Rebroadcast: Shetaut Neter Thursday Evening Devotional (Ushet) at Sunset

    in Spirituality

    The Thursday Ushet at Sunset is a reflection of the Myth of Ra and Aset when Ra says, "I am Khepera in the morning, and Ra at noonday, and Temu in the evening." Thus this evening worship program will pay homage to the Supreme Being in the form of Ra-Tem or Temu the setting sun. Hotep

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    Shetaut Neter - GL Meditation with Asar Khnum Khepera Class 2 (Re-Broadcast)

    in Spirituality

    Meditation is the discipline of inward attention that leads one to discover the essential nature of Self...which is our own true essence, and which is abiding happiness and peace. The focus of this meditation series will be on the Glorious Light Meditation (GLM ) which focuses on the identification of the self with the Kemetic (Egyptian) creator, Ra.  With the GLM meditation you will be taught how to focus and control your concentration.  During this series,  the myth associated with the GLM, the words of power and the visualization associated with this meditation will be discussed.

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    The Top 5 Enlightenment myths busted!

    in Spirituality

     Have you given much thought lately to how maybe you are being led by well touted and accepted lies about how to attain enlightenment?  You can spend lifetimes of sincere pursuit of false or diluted information, only to discover after years of dedication that you are disappointed with your anticipated results.

    Does this serve your purpose or does it waste  your precious time and efforts?  Want to know if such wastefulness is interfereing with your progress?  Got a funny feeling something is 'off'' but you can't quite put your finger on it?

     Listen and free yourself from the top 5 lies very few people realize are lies about how ot realize and attain their Spiritual progress and Soul freedom, often called, gaining one's Enlghtenment or, as better understood from SELFGnosis viewpoint, as regaining your HOMECOMING reunion with your HIgher SELF.

    Remember, Gnosis cannot lie because it is Essential knowingness and experience beyond the concepts of knowledge or imaginings and hopes.

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Reality View Show

    in Entertainment

    Reality View show is based off of everday life, health awareness, spiritual enlightement of people, religions, facts or illlusions, gods, earth and great ancestors of our people. 

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    Are Psychic experiences Enlightenment?

    in Spirituality

    Lots of people have the idea that a Psychic experience or an alternate experience to their normal, everyday train of thought is possibly Enlightment.

     The Paranormal is most certainly interesting and exciting and not of the physical world and normal everyday experiences. So, doesn't that automatically make it part of Enlightenment?

    The key to understanding this question and its answer depends on what precisely defines Englightenment.  Is Enlightment soley whatever we want it to be?  Or is it something VERY SPECIFIC?

    To really enhance your insights, listen to last weeks show so you can be more involved in the Truth we continue to unfold for your benefit of having better than average Clarity!

    Join us, Will Gable and Sharon Quinn



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    RealitySpirituality - Guest Elizabeth Scala

    in Spirituality

    Elizabeth is a nurse turned coach and reiki master. She has gone through her own major transition: from physical health that was in the toilet, mental health that was like a roller coaster ride of emotional mood swings, and absolutely no spiritual health to where she becme happily, gratefully, and peacefully reside now- taking total care of herself every single day.
    Today Rebecca speaks with Elizabeth for her tips and strategies for finding inner peace and happiness, along with practical health tips for living well.
    Elizabeth is the founder of Living Sublime Wellness and you can visit her website at http://livingsublimewellness.com/.

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    Kosmaks Tone Zone

    in Spirituality

    High Frequency Remote Tonal and  Crystal Healing's
    Hormones and Harmony go hand in Hand
    In the beginning  there was light and sound. both have frequencies  I use my high frequency tones along with my crystal's and other stones to break up lower resonance to allow  Light to Come  into your being causing a  Higher energy enlightenmentl 
     Since 1982 I have been using my clairaudient, clairvoyant
    Clair sentient abilities along  with channeling Angels and Masters on client's, remotely breaking up their  emotional blockages of post traumatic stress disorder, and inner child pains and issues. Since Nov 2011 I have been working on a  International skype websight called Oranum under the name of Kosmak,I have helped clients on privately and in groups. .  A speech therapist  said my tones were a tool. Someone  deaf  could feel the tingles in his knees. Some one who had a heart Condition, stopped taking her heart medication and someone else  went off ADHD and anti depresant meds. I don't endorse going Off any medications   I am not a doctor.   . i also do Tarot Card Readings and channelings with Masters, Angels and loved who help  guide and heal people.   People when they  listen to my Crystal/tonal Healing's on You  tube under the name of  Kosmaks 100. ,Aches and pains are released along with  feeling  more  relaxed, and peaceful   (right Side of the brain). Instead of  the left side of the brainwhich has feelings of anxiety  (fears of the future)  and  depression  ( feelings of  guilt and anger turned inward). 

  • ABOUT ONENESS with Karen Neumann with special guest Daniel Scranton

    in Spirituality

    About Oneness is a weekly radio program focused on celebrating the ongoing conscious awakening of our planet and our realization of Oneness.

    Join host, author, lecturer, integrated channel and intuitive Karen Neumann each week as she presents a varied array of guests, discussions, channeled readings and study, whose aim is to expand the awareness of our own Truest selves and to tap into the truths of the Universe. The biggest truth being that of Unconditional Love.

    Karen Neumann is American originally from Charleston, South Carolina, now living in Europe in The Hague, The Netherlands, She is an integrated channel, medium, Reiki Master and metaphysical teacher. She has a varied and diverse background including that of being a singer, dancer and writer as well as working in the sport nutrition and fitness world. As a channel she brings the forward the information of her non-physical guides called Theos, whose message is always that of Oneness and Unconditional Love. This show for Karen is about integrating all her experiences and followi

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    Ti & Do=Second Coming of Father & Jesus Evolutionary Level Above Human cloud=UFO Lucifer=Space Alien

    in Paranormal

    Everything true and real is becoming evident but only for most ardent seekers as ALL truthes are also being co-opted as they always have, as allowed by the Evolutionary Level Above Human, archaically termed The Kingdom of God/Heaven/Nirvana/Englightenment/Overcoming. Atheism IS today a belief in nothingness. Global Warming is natural and is being tounted as human created by those who either can't or won't give credit where credit is due. FACT: Human's, nor space aliens (according to their own admission) did not create any of what we term nature - the planets, the stars, the moons, the elements, the systems, the genetic structures, the electromagnetic force/energy that permeates and instructs ALL things according to their design and application within their overall environment that IS limited in scope. Humans ARE powerful, but ONLY in potential of what they can become IF they individucally choose to ASK the CREATOR CREW are most clearly represented historically by those identified by the names/titles as Adam, Enoch, Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Elijah, Jesus, Ti and Do not by the religions that formed from their incarnations but by their core teachings of Love of the Lord with ALL, but while not with us physically Love our neighbors as ourselves which helps us rise out of our instinctual self centered animal behaviors into a selfless - service to the CREATION through the last phyiscal incarnation of that MIND(holy spirit) from the Level Above Human, termed enlightenment, overcoming, samadi, etc. Meanwhile Space aliens and discarnate (dead humans) seek to influence alive humans into their service which don't seem altogether evil EXCEPT in how they propose that this enlightenment can be reached without that real connection with the CREATOR CREW's reps that we won't have if we don't look/search external to ourselves directing our ASKING often and application as best we can which Is then the God within part. It's not done for us. It's not automatic. It takes leaps of faith.