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    The C.S. Podcast: Sean Engel interview (WR, NDSU commit)

    in Football

    Wide-Receiver out of Chaska, Minnesota, Sean Engel joins Chris Shanafelt on The C.S. Podcast to discuss why he committed to NDSU, the now 5-time defending FCS National Champions.

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    Musings of a Medium, Rudolph Valentino Speaks, Wayne Hatford, Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    Musings of a Medium: Valentino Speaks

    Have you wondered how automatic writing and mediumship work? How does someone connect with spirits on the other side? What commentary do they offer about their lives on earth, spirituality and the state of the world? Are "dead" celebrities available for dialogue with mediums? This week on Intuitive Transformatio Radio, Matthew Engel will chat with Medium and Author Wayne Hatford about that and more.

    Wayne Hatford is a medium, teacher and author dedicated to bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical worlds. He has written four channeled books: Rudolph Valentino The Untold Story, Going for Excelsior: Thriving in Seniorhood, Valentino Speaks: The Wisdom of Rudolph Valentino, and Letters from Janice: Correspondence with the Astral Plane. A life-long student of metaphysics and transformation, Wayne speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian, the same languages in which Rudolph Valentino himself was conversant. For more info, visit: http://valentinospeaks.com/

    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive-Channel, Executive Coach, Hypnotherapist Past Life Regressionist and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their Higher Potential since 1996. For more info and to sign up for his newsletter: www.matthewengel.com

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    Healing with the Angels, Joy Barker, Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    Angels are among us! They're available to support healing; they provide us with loving guidance and they work magic in many areas of our lives. How can you connect with angels? What messages do they have for you? This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with Angel Expert, Joy Barker, about that and more. 

    Joy Barker is an internationally renowned certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium, having received certification from Dr. Doreen Virtue.  She uses Angel communication, seashell divination and clairvoyant/clairsentient abilities to bring forth messages from deceased loved ones, divine guidance, healing, and spiritual wellbeing.  She is the host of Angel Talk Cafe With Joy:  www.blogtalkradio.com/Angel-Talk-Cafe Joy is also the Studio Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio.

    Having felt the presence of spirits in childhood, Joy later experienced a Divine intervention with Archangel Michael in a lifesaving event that influenced her to become certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner™. As a result of this personal experience, Joy has dedicated herself to teaching others how to live and communicate with the Angelic Realm. Joy’s metaphysical journey has taken her from enthusiastic student to international teacher. Joy resides in San Diego where she conducts private readings and teaches Reiki I & II, Angel Communication, Mediumship and Psychic Development.

    Matthew Engel is a Counselor, Psychic, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Executive Coach and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their higher potential for 19 years. For more info and to sign up for his newsletter: www.matthewengel.com

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    When a Pet Passes On, Spiritual Healing, Diane Xs Medium, Matthew Engel

    in Pets

    When a Pet Dies: A Ray of Hope and Healing in the Aftermath of the Loss of an Animal Family Member 

    Our animals are family members. When our animal children pass on, the loss is gut wrenching. Many people become depressed and society doesn't always understand. Today on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with Diane, The Xs Medium about the spiritual connections between humans and animals, the layers of grief when a pet dies and tools for healing this painful wound. 

    Known as the Xs Medium, Diane is a lifelong psychic/medium. As a young child she knew that there was something different about her. She studied mediumship and psychic development for many years and has trained with metaphysical masters Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette, Judith Lukomski, and John Holland. She has also completed coursework in "The Secret" and has interviewed Joe Vitale twice! Diane has a special interest in mentoring children with psychic/mediumship abilities. She is also a life-long animal lover and retired Veterinary Technician. For additional information about Diane's readings and multiple classes, please visit: heavenlymedium.com

    Matthew Engel, MSW, CHt is an Intuitive-Channel, Business Coach, Hypnotherapist, Counselor, Writer and Host of Intuitive Transfomation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their higher potential since 1996. He is also a life long animal lover. For more info and to sign up for his free newsletter, please visit: www.matthewengel.com

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    Kabbalah: Climbing the Sacred Ladder, Shulamit Sofia, Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    The function of the Kabbalah is to teach us that human beings hold the imprint of the Divine and have within them the capacity to bring the flow of light energy into this physical. Rooted in Judaism, the Kabbalah offers a platform for achieving love, joy, peace and purpose regardless of ones religious background. This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will chat with Author Shulamit Sofia about her new book, Climbing the Sacred Ladder. 

    Shulamit Sofia MSW is the President of Soul Strength Seminars and The Sacred Ladder, which she founded to give spiritual seekers a practical way to build spiritual muscle for coping with life challenges. Her Psycho-Spiritual method based on the Kaballah allows participants to shed emotional and mental baggage as they build soul strength. In addition to being an artist, college professor, therapist and writer, Shulamit Sofia was Founder and President of Caring for Children, an international non-profit that has helped hundreds of thousands of abused and traumatized children globally. An international speaker who has presented at the World Mental Health Forum, The Humanistic Psychology Association, The Child Welfare League and other conferences, Shulamit Sofia is also the author of a series of training manuals for professionals, paraprofessionals and parents, as well as “Psalms for a Sunny Day,” and “Climbing the Sacred Ladder: The Path to Love, Joy, Peace and Purpose.” soulstrengthseminars.com

    Matthew Engel MSW is an Intuitive-Channel, Executive Coach, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Writer, Inspirational Speaker and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their higher potential for 19 years. For more info and to sign up for his newsletter, visit: matthewengel.com

  • Astrological Themes Late 2015 - 2016, AstroBarry, Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    Astrological Themes: Late 2015 and 2016

    What do the planets have to say about finances, love, authenticity, impulses, areas where attention to detail may be needed, life goals and strategis, collective themes, topics on the news, gender roles, and more? Find out this week on Intuitive Transformation Radio. Matthew Engel will be chatting with Prominent Astrologer, Barry Perlman (AKA: AstroBarry) about what's in store for the rest of this year and into 2016 with regard to these juicy topics and much more!

    AstroBarry (Barry Perlman) is a San Francisco-based intuitive astrologer who’s been counseling clients worldwide for over a decade. Since 2002, he’s shared his astrological wisdom on his website where thousands of visitors enjoy his weekly “horoscopes that keep it real” and other writings. AstroBarry is known for his no-nonsense and witty approach to intepreting astrological charts, transits and life themes that impact individuals as well as society. He’s also Co-owner of The Sacred Well, a popular metaphysical shop in Oakland, CA. For more info, please visit:  astrobarry.com and sacredwell.com

    Matthew Engel is an intuitive-channel, past life regressionist, hypnotherapist, counselor, executive coach, inspirational speaker and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. With a compassionate, down-to-earth approach and sense of humor, he has supported thousands of people from around the world in activating their higher potential for 19 years. For more info and to sign up for his popular newsletter, please visit: www.matthewengel.com

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    Out of the Fog: Intuitive Life Transformation in Action with Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    Your heart is the gateway to living expansively. But obstacles in the form of life events, societal pressures and negative inner tapes can get in the way. By listening to the wisdom in your heart and spirit, you can make powerful changes in most areas of your life. Intuitive Life Transformation Specialist Matthew Engel is here to share tools and tips for transforming your life’s journey. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive Life Transformation Specialist, supporting thousands of people in activating their potential to live authentically, creatively and abundantly. Matthew has developed a uniquely comprehensive way of helping people break through barriers in order to take their relationships, careers, creativity, finance, focus, direction and self worth to new dimensions. He utilizes his sharp intuition in a range of services including: hypnotherapy, past life regression, intuitive counseling, psychic development and other seminars, executive coaching & business development. Matthew has been studying personal growth, astrology and metaphysics since the age of 13. He is a writer, inspirational speaker and radio host. Matthew has a Master of Social Work from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Oswego. He is available for consultations for individuals and businesses in by phone and in person in San Francisco. He's the host of Intuitive Transformation Radio on Blogtalk and the iTunes store. 

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    Riding Emotional Waves to Achieve Inner Peace, Matthew Engel, Joy Barker

    in Self Help

    Emotional waves crash along the shore of life for everyone from time to time. But many people are affraid of their feelings and avoid them altogether. When we shut down, we also deny ourselves of the authentic and heart-centered way of living that we came here to achieve. Today on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel and Joy Barker will discuss the necessities of getting real with our feelings and using them as guideposts for inner transformation - as well as practical tools to help you transform your way through challenging emotional experiences.

    Matthew Engel is a Counselor, Intuitive Coach, Executive Coach, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist. Professionally, he has supported thousands of people in activating their inner light and making positive change for 19 years. For more info and to sign up for Matthew's free newsletter, please visit: www.matthewengel.com

    Joy Barker is a psychic-medium, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (trained by world renowned Doreen Virtue), Spiritual Teacher, and Host of Angel Talk Cafe on Blogtalk. She is known for her loving, down to earth, and practical approach to healing and life transformation. For more info, please visit AngelTalkCafe.com



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    Dream Interpretation for Beginners, Diane Brandon, Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    How can dreams and understanding them benefit you? Are dream dictionaries useful for determining the meaning of dreams. Why are dreams so bizarre? Are all dreams significant? Why are dreams hard to remember? Are dreams related to intuition? This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio (at a new time), Matthew Engel will chat with Diane Brandon about her latest book, Dream Interpretation for Beginners: Understand the Wisdom of Your Sleeping Mind.

    Spiritually aware since birth, Diane Brandon does profound facilitating and healing work as an Integrative Intuitive Counselor. She specializes in Essence Reading, Personal & Spiritual Growth, Dream Interpretation, Meditation, Regression, Personal Empowerment, and igniting others’ inner potential and spiritual awareness. She focuses on Life Path and Life Purpose, relationships, career, children, passed-on loved ones, and general life questions. She has the gift of knowing and sharing the higher meaning of what we are dealing with in our lives. Diane is also author of the books, Intuition for Beginners, Invisible Blueprints: Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life, Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities and she is a contributing author to The Long Way Around – How 34 Women Found the Lives They Love and Speaking Out.  She’s currently writing her next book, Born Aware – Memories of Those Spiritually Aware Since Birth & What We can Learn. For more info, please visit: dianebrandon.com  dianebrandon.net

    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. For more info and to sign up for his newsletter, please visit: matthewengel.com

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    Quantum Physics & Psychic Predictions Unravelled, Walter Zajac, Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction and Your Future Unravelled: What is Quantum Physics? How do multiple realities weave together and come apart? What role do your thoughts and beliefs play in all this? Can you create your future? Is it pre-scripted? This week on Intuitive Transformaton Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with Psychic Walter Zajac.

    Walter Zajac is a highly-respected psychic medium, NLP practitioner, and Reiki Master, who has brought insight to thousands of people in over 40 countries worldwide. He has spent many years studying the great teachers of spirituality, metaphysics, the Law of Attraction, psychology, and has a layman's knowledge of quantum physics. His life has been filled with verified psychic phenomenon, verified shared near death experiences, and hundreds of dreams and visions that came true. Walter believes we are here on earth to overcome challenges, to experience contrast, we are here to love, to be happy, and to have fun. www.psychicwalter.com

    Matthew Engel is a Psychic-Channel, Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Executive Coach, Counselor and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their higher potential for 19 years. For more info and to sign up for his popular newsletter: www.matthewengel.com


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    The Energy of Abundance, Phyllis King and Matthew Engel

    in Spirituality

    What are the 3 Key Elements people must embrace to create abundance? What are the 5 Steps people must take to connect to love? What is the #1 thing people do to sabotage their prosperity? If people have no clue, how can they connect to life purpose? What is the energy game?

    A renowned radio host, author and speaker, Phyllis King is also known as the Common Sense Psychic (TM). She has dedicated her life to teaching others how to reconnect to their internal navigation to allow abundance in and to cultivate love and happiness. She does so by marrying practical and spiritual principles. 

    Phyllis has coached 10’s of thousands of people in 20 countries. She uses humor and compassion to deliver her information. As the Founder of the King Mastery Institute she trains others to become powerful coaches and mentors.

    Phyllis has her own rags to riches story. She walks the walk and talks the talk of practical success and spiritual awareness. She has had her own shows in Los Angeles on KLTK am 1150, San Francisco, KEST 1450 am, and on BlogTalkRadio. She has appeared on CBS TV and NBC TV and radio shows across the country. She has been published in over 70 print and online publications.

    Phyllis is the Co Author of Bouncing Back, with Dr. Wayne Dyer. Her new book, The Energy of Abundance, Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom for Achieving Anything In Life will be in bookstores in summer of 2015. For more info, please visit: www.phyllisking.net

    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive Counselor, Executive Coach, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Repressionist, Writer, Spiritual Teacher and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their inner light for 18 years. For more info and to sign up for his newsletter, please visit: matthewengel.com