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    Show #89: Discover Engage for Success & Get Involved!

    in Business

    Special Guests: Ruth Lawton, HR Director, Employee Engagement at GKN and Rob Bridges, Colleague Engagement at Boots UK

    Engage for Success is a not for profit organisation that is only successful because of the energy and contributions of the people involved.  Be it organisations who have seconded employees on a full or part time basis, our taskforce members, our volunteers who take on ad hoc projects or the Chairs and members of our sub groups.  

    We are holding an open evening on 10th December at RMG Networks (25 Old Broad Street, London) and on this week's Radio Show you can hear from previous secondees Ruth and Rob about how they and their organisations benefitted from their time with Engage for Success. 

    Host: Jo Moffatt

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    Show #75: Experiences of an Engage for Success Secondee

    in Business

    Special Guest: Rob Bridges, Engage for Success Communications Manager

    Rob Bridges is currently on a full time secondment at Engage for Success from his substantive post in the Learning & Development team at Boots. Fascinated with how and why people do the things that they do, Rob is passionate about working with teams and people to enable them to maximise their performance, as well as exploring how better understanding and engagement of people as individuals can make every manager, leader and organisation more successful.

    Rob talks about his experiences of being part of the Engage for Success Core team and how you and your organisation can benefit from secondment to the movement as well as how you can find out what's going on within the movement.

    Host: Cathy Brown

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    Show #19: David MacLeod - Co-Chair of Engage for Success

    in Business

    We review the main insights generated in employee engagement over the last couple of weeks, the conversations which have been stimulated by the movement and the future events and outputs to watch out for.
    Special guest: David MacLeod - Co-Chair of Engage for Success
    Hear the latest, send us questions on our Google+ page or even dial in to speak to David live!
    Hosts: Jo Moffatt
    Back channel: https://plus.google.com/communities/118419210283831602780/events

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    Show #63: Exciting times for Engage for Success

    in Business

    Cathy Brown, Exec Director of Engage for Success, will be talking about:

    The three objectives of E4S for the future
    Expected outputs from the current research groups
    New research directions
    Secondees to the Engage for Success team
    How you get involved!

    Host: Freddie Guilmard

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    Show #48: Christmas Wishes from Engage for Success!

    in Business

    We have a special Christmas Show for our last of the year. We have some carols, an interview with members of the Birmingham City Council Choir as featured on the BBC programme The Choir, some new year's resolutions, some shout outs to great engagement practitioners and an interview with a very special festive guest!

    This show is an extended show to fit in all the contributions that we have received. We have no idea how long it will actually last (certainly no longer than 2 hours!) but don't worry if you have to hop off and do something else, it will all be recorded!

    Special guests: Raffaella Goodby, Chantelle as well as another rather special festive guest!

    Hosts: Jo Moffatt, Jo Dodds and Cathy Brown

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    Show #36: Singing, a Tool to Encourage People to Engage

    in Business

    Special guest: Andrea Callanan of Sing & Inspire   “Why singing is such an amazing tool to encourage people to engage with themselves and others, and how we’ve successfully utilised singing in Sing & Inspire to impact and benefit businesses across the UK.”   We’ll be interviewing Andrea Callanan, co-director of Sing & Inspire. Andrea is a classically trained musician who’s been singing professionally for nearly 2 decades. Andrea has been teaching music for over 23 years and since 2000, she’s been a leading Voice Coach in the Welsh music industry.   Sing & Inspire was founded when Andrea and her business partner Georgina Jones realised the business benefits of this motivational training and married it together with Georgina’s business skill base and idea for motivational business choirs. Andrea’s experience with preventing and correcting vocal health problems with performers over the years also led to developing a vocal health training package for business which is needed so badly in voice heavy industries and is fast becoming an essential part of occupational health and wellbeing across contact centers   Host: Jo Dodds Back channel: https://plus.google.com/communities/118419210283831602780/events

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    Show #76: How to Use Business Resource Groups to Engage Employees

    in Business

    Special Guest: Nick Cresswell, Vice President, Peformance & Talent Management at Thomson Reuters

    Join us as Nick talks about the use of business resource groups, using the example of the Thomson Reuters 'Pride at Work' group, to engage employees.

    Host: Rob Bridges

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    Show #109: Engagement on the Agenda at Motivate Europe Live

    in Business

    Wendy Carter, Director, Inventive & Motivation

    Engagement, incentive and reward activities will be top of the agenda when the Motivate Europe Live conference and exhibition opens its doors on 22-23 April. Engage for Success Co-Chair David MacLeod will be opening the event with the latest update on the Employee Engagement Task Force.

    Join us as we talk with Wendy about what is happening at Motivate Europe Live and why engagement is so important to the agenda this year.

    Registration for Motivate Europe Live is completely free. Visit www.motivateeuropelive.com for details.

    Host: Jo Dodds

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    SF #200 - Success is Chaos

    in Motivation

    On this epic 200th episode of Success Freaks, chaos runs rampant!  Mordant & McFall illustrate Chaos Theory and discuss  how being ready for success means being flexible during chaos.  The chatroom asks, “How can we find peace in chaos?”  In this week’s Level Up, the guys play Good Cop/Bad Cop.  In On Beyond, we learn how to accept “I don’t know.”


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    Your Success Freaks men have published their very first book:

    Success Freaks Guide to Dream Hunting

    End Bumper Music:  Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer


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    Show #47: Communicate for Engagement Success

    in Business

    Special guest: Sean Trainor, Chair of the Communicate for Success Special Interest Group (SIG)

    The link between employee communications and business success is perhaps obvious when you look at the four enablers for success identified in the MacLeod report.

    The life in the day of an employee communications practitioner involves supporting leaders and managers articulate the purpose of the organisation and facilitating dialogue with front-line staff to make sure their voice is heard.  Recent research amongst practitioners demonstrates a desire to spend more time on these activities away from the humdrum of providing functional and operational updates.

    What is holding internal communications practitioners back from playing a more fulfilling role?

    What role will social media inside enterprise play and how is that likely to change the role of employee communications?

    These and other questions will be explored in the SIG Communicate For Success.

    Hosts: Jo Moffatt

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    Show #106 - Interview with Cathy Brown, Newly Appointed Executive Director

    in Business


    Cathy Brown, Executive Director, Engagement Success

    As Cathy said on her recent blog on our website, we've known her for a while (in fact Cathy was one of the first two secondees for EFS) but the nature of our relationship has just changed. Cathy was recently appointed as the new Exec Director for Engage for Success.

    That same blog has a video that she recorded to talk about, what we are affectionately calling, her 'manifesto', the content of a presentation that she gave at her final interview for the role, all about her thoughts and plans for the role and the movement moving forwards.

    Join us as we talk about the next phase of the movement moving further into 2015 and beyond.

    Host: Jo Dodds


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